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Losing Weight With WIN is Simple... Mix the Powders and Drink!

What WIN Is:

WIN stands for Weight Loss Intensified Naturally. It consists of foods and supplements (three powders and two encapsulated supplements) that one consumes daily instead of other food.

Food powders — Mix 3 food powders together into water and drink that mixture instead of eating food, every three to seven hours (however often it takes to avoid hunger or loss of energy).


Supplements — Swallow 2 types of supplement capsules each day.

  • 6 OGF capsules
  • and 1 AID capsule

The Five WIN Components:

E7 or Ricotriene Powder

Green Powder Superdrink

Vegan Protein Powder

Antioxidant Booster

Immune Booster

Why WIN Is Helpful for Losing Weight:

The WIN food powders and supplements are designed to help one get into the fat burning mode and improve health simultaneously. The WIN strategy is based on a proven strategy of healing Hypothalamic Leptin receptors and normalizing Leptin in order to help one's metabolism stay in the fat burning.

weight loss progression manweight loss progression woman

Having a correct weight loss strategy is so important!!

  1. Have you tried diets in the past that didn’t work?
  2. Are you tired of diet products that contain chemical ingredients that (you know) aren’t good for your body?
  3. Do you want fast results?

If your answers to the above questions are yes, then WIN may be for you!

For many people, WIN is a fantastic way to lose weight quickly while improving health... whether one's weight loss goal is 25 pounds, 50 pounds, 100 pounds, 200 or more pounds, whether you're young or old, male or female.

WIN works because it helps reset the Hypothalamus - Leptin Metabolic Switch to help ensure fat burning day and night.

  • In a world of hacking at the leaves of the weight loss problem - WIN gets at the roots, which is the Hypothalamic Leptin switch!
  • Once the Hypothalamic Leptin switch is reset to "sensitive to Leptin" via the WIN protocol, fat burning proceeds, and one is more able to normalize weight and optimize health.
  • Generally speaking our customers report back to us that the WIN protocol has helped them lose weight quickly and healthily and much simpler and easier than they thought possible. This feedback includes that *many men are losing 0.8 to 1 pounds a day and *many women are losing between 0.3 - 0.5 pounds a day, while simultaneously improving all health markers. Note that *many people does not mean typical. Individual results will always vary widely. The WIN program is not appropriate for everyone. You should consult with your health professional before beginning a WIN experience.
  • WIN customers also report that the results received from doing the WIN program boosted their happiness and positive outlook significantly as their overweight condition became a thing of their past... and not of their future.

Unique Examples of WIN Weight loss:

Click on each tab below to see a real world example of WIN effectiveness in very short periods of time:

42 Year Old Former-US-Marine — Before WIN and 54 Days After WIN

Disclaimer: although this a real experience, it cannot be relied upon in predicting the results of anyone else. Your results may be different. No one should undertake to lose weight without the guidance of a physician who knows well the individual.

  • In 54 Days, this former-US-Marine and current University graduate student (in his last year of PhD studies in psychology) lost 58.4 pounds... while improving all his markers of health. His average weight loss was 1.08 pounds per day. His energy remained high the entire 54 days, in fact, it improved. During this time his blood pressure went down from 152/91 to 109/72. Also, his HDL/LDL ratios improved while his HDL went up significantly. Also, the TSH/T3 levels normalized. Three days a week, he played volleyball for two hours each time. Other than volleyball, he performed no exercise. His volleyball playing improved significantly because of the increase in energy and stamina he experienced. His day to day weight loss is shown below. Also, listen and watch Kent tell his experience with WIN via video.

33 Year Old, Former-US-Army Special Forces Soldier — Before WIN and 60 Days After WIN

Disclaimer: although this a real experience, it cannot be relied upon in predicting the results of anyone else. Your results may be different. No one should undertake to lose weight without the guidance of a physician who knows well the individual.

  • In 60 Days, this former-US-Special Forces member and current University student lost 57.3 pounds... His average weight loss was 0.94 pounds per day. During these 60 days, he continued to work full time as an industrial production-line mechanic during a night-shift, and he attended University classes during the day... allowing not too much sleep. His average resting heart rate reduced during this time from 70 to 56 beats per minute.
    *Latest update, fourteen days later... he's now lost a total 72 pounds.

35 Year Old Young Man — Before WIN and 22 Days After WIN

Disclaimer: although this a real experience, it cannot be relied upon in predicting the results of anyone else. Your results may be different. No one should undertake to lose weight without the guidance of a physician who knows well the individual.

  • In 22 Days, this young man lost 44 pounds... His average weight loss was 2 pounds per day (although if you only count the last 18 days, he averaged 1.6 pounds per day of weight loss). He did cardio exercise (1 to 3 miles of treadmill and 5 to 7 miles of stationery bike) each day of the 22 days. He drank three WIN shakes per day to achieve this amazing result. He now plans to weight lift extensively to build up muscle bulk.
Weight Loss Chart 22 Days Truman
truman before and after

35 Year Old Young Woman — Before WIN and 30 Days After WIN

Disclaimer: although this a real experience, it cannot be relied upon in predicting the results of anyone else. Your results may be different. No one should undertake to lose weight without the guidance of a physician who knows well the individual.

  • In 30 Days, this young woman lost 20 pounds (15 pounds of fat and 5 pounds of skin and supporting blood vessels as shown by a body analyzer). She says that she exercised about five times a week at the gym and is quite pleased because she always had plenty of energy for her demanding job and for exercise. She will be continuing WIN after the Holidays and will send us new pictures in another month or two.
Malisa Before and 30 Days After

65 Year Old Retirement Planner — Before WIN and 90 Days After WIN

Disclaimer: although this a real experience, it cannot be relied upon in predicting the results of anyone else. Your results may be different. No one should undertake to lose weight without the guidance of a physician who knows well the individual.

  • In just three months (90 days), our Retirement planner lost 100 pounds... while improving his health and lowering his blood pressure by 20 points. His average weight loss was 1.11 pounds per day. Before WIN he was not able to walk 300 yards without stopping to rest. After doing the WIN program, he went to Europe and walked miles every day and enjoyed feeling young and "fit" again. Later, he took up bicycling and now bicycles 20 to 30 miles each weekend with his wife. WIN transformed his life, forever!

74-Year-Old Who Came Out of Retirement for One Last Race — Pictures Before WIN and At the Race (90 Days After Starting WIN)

Disclaimer: although this a real experience, it cannot be relied upon in predicting the results of anyone else. Your results may be different. No one should undertake to lose weight without the guidance of a physician who knows well the individual.

  • Another example of WIN results can be seen with our 74 year old Boston marathoner who lost 90 pounds in three months. The impetus for him to utilize WIN was that he wanted to run the Boston Marathon for one last time (at age 74), but he had put on quite a bit of weight since his last marathon several years earlier. So, he needed to lose a significant amount of weight in order to be able to have a good chance of completing the race. With help from the WIN powders, he was able to lose 90 pounds so quickly that he calls WIN “magic”. He was featured in Boston Marathon advertisements.

17 Year Old Who Wanted to Be Skinny

Disclaimer: although this a real experience, it cannot be relied upon in predicting the results of anyone else. Your results may be different. No one should undertake to lose weight without the guidance of a physician who knows well the individual.

  • We can’t show our teenager's photos (she’s too shy), but at 17 years of age and 180 pounds of weight, she wanted to be skinny. So, she started taking WIN and in three months got down to 115 pounds. She loved being skinny and was able to change her life completely with skinny clothes and a “skinny” attitude. She has so much more energy than before WIN, during the many years when she carried so much fat. Now she feels light and in charge.


How and Why Does WIN Work For Many People?  

Click on each tab below to learn more about why WIN works so well.

fat burning versus fat storing
  • In order to stay trim and healthy over the long haul of life, one needs to maintain one's metabolism in the fat burning mode.
    • Fat burning mode simply means that the brain commands body cells to burn fat.
    • Sugar burning mode means that the brain commands body cells to burn sugar.
  • Being in the fat burning mode requires keeping one's Hypothalamus gland (metabolic control center in the brain) sensitive to the Leptin hormone (the amount of Leptin hormone in the body indicates how much fat is stored in the body). Unfortunately, Hypothalamic receptors for Leptin can become Leptin insensitive easily.
  • Once one's Hypothalamic receptors for Leptin are desensitized to Leptin then those receptors will erroneously report to the Hypothalamus gland in the brain that Leptin levels are very low (which, if true, would mean that one was starving). This incorrect communication creates a survival-focused response in the Hypothalamus gland (metabolic control center) wherein it signals the body to lower its energy expenditure, increase fat storage, and only burn sugar for fuel. This is exactly what is needed if one is really starving, but it is the exact opposite of what is supportive of good health and staying trim when there is no famine since fat stores would increase steadily.
  • The benefit of the WIN program is that it helps the Hypothalamus to regain the ability to sense Leptin so the Hypothalamus will signal for the cells of the body to function in the fat burning mode.

Having a sensitive to Leptin Hypothalamus enables:

Far easier weight management
Lower free radical production
Lower blood sugar
Greater health and longevity
Leptin Sensing is the Way the Brain Knows How Much Fat is Stored in the Body

To under­stand how the Hypothalamus manages the metabolic mode, one needs to first understand that there is a communication mechanism from fat cells to the Hypothalamus gland letting the Hypothalamus know if sufficient fat reserves exist in one's body (enough fat to outlast a famine or illness). This is a survival mechanism that is inherent to human life.

  • The Hypothalamus gland is the metabolic control center in the brain. leptin to hypothalamus
    • It contains receptors for a hormone (chemical messenger) called Leptin.
    • Leptin is made exclusively in fat cells and then circulates in the bloodstream.
    • The Hypothalamus Leptin receptors detect Leptin in the blood.
    • If the Leptin receptors are able to sense sufficient Leptin (which reflects body fat percentage) then the Hypothalamus knows that there is enough body fat for the person to survive a short term famine or illness. In this case, the Hypothalamus is happy, and signals for the high-energy, low-free radical-production fat burning metabolic mode.
    • But, if the Hypothalamus cannot sense very many Leptin molecules then the Hypothalamus will take that to mean that there is inadequate incoming food (meaning a famine or sickness)... and take steps to survive this famine or sickness.
    • The "steps" that the Hypothalamus will take to survive a famine include:
      • Signaling the thyroid, adrenals and cells of the body to lower basal energy expenditure (metabolic set-point) in order to store as many incoming calories as possible as fat.
      • Signaling the cells to burn sugar and store fat in order to build up fat reserves.
The Hypothalamus's Leptin Sensing is a Great Thing Because It Helps Us Survive Famine and Sickness

As long as the Leptin receptors in the Hypothalamus are sensitive to Leptin (rather than desensitized and unable to detect Leptin)  - the Hypothalamus Leptin feedback mechanism works great. It is constantly taking measures to ensure we have enough fat. Consider this example:

  • If one stops eating (for instance, if one is sick, or there is no food to be eaten), fat will continue to be burned for energy, until eventually, when there isn't very much fat left on one's body, Leptin levels will have diminished greatly because with much less fat, very little Leptin will be being made.
  • At some point, when Leptin levels are too low (because there is very little fat in the body making Leptin), the Hypothalamus will recognize the low Leptin situation,
  • and will signal for lowered energy expenditure and switch the body's metabolic mode to fat storing (sugar burning mode). The result of this is that energy expenditure will go down and fat reserves will start to be conserved.
  • Later, when the person starts eating enough food, fat reserves will be built up again because the person is in the fat storing mode and Leptin levels will start to go up.
  • Eventually, the Hypothalamus will recognize that Leptin levels are normal again, meaning the famine pr sickness is over and will switch the body back to the healthier, fat burning metabolic mode.
  • And, that's how the body maintains fat at a high enough level to outlast a famine or illness.

The Hypothalamic Leptin Switch Works Great... Except for When It Doesn't!

  • Leptin receptors can easily be damaged or desensitized to Leptin. When this happens, the metabolic control center in the brain called the Hypothalamus believes that one's fat storage is zero.
  • This causes the Hypothalamus to panic because the Hypothalamus then truly believes the person is starving to death.
  • The Hypothalamus will do everything it can to increase body fat storage. That includes lowering the body's energy set-point, signaling that cells should burn sugar only and try to store every possible incoming calorie as fat.
  • In this panic mode, fat storing will continuously occur and the cells of the body will primarily burn sugar — until the Leptin receptors in the Hypothalamus are repaired and Leptin is perceived as adequate, and the Hypothalamus exits its panic mode.
  • If Hypothalamic Leptin receptors are never repaired and remain desensitized to Leptin, then the Hypothalamus will continuously signal for fat storing until the cells of the body start refusing to make more fat. At that point, blood sugar will rise and Type 2 and 3 diabetes are next on the horizon.
  • So, desensitized Leptin receptors in the Hypothalamus are both a huge cause of health problems and a primary cause of inability to lose weight.

Here's How Leptin receptors get broken!

leptin receptors will be damaged
  1. Everyone knows that ear drums can break or smell receptors in the nose can break if sound is too much or smells are too strong. Similarly, if Leptin levels rise above a certain thresh-hold and stay high too long, the receptors for Leptin break or become desensitized to Leptin.
  2. The process of breaking Leptin receptors in the Hypothalamus starts as one accumulates body fat over the years. Eventually when one has accumulated sufficient fat that Leptin rises above the "breaking" point of Leptin receptors. Those receptors then become desensitized to Leptin, and the ability of the Hypothalamus to measure Leptin is gone.
  3. When the Hypothalamus cannot sense Leptin because of broken receptors, the point of no return for most people has arrived, because the Hypothalamus will direct the body (by raising insulin hormone levels) to store more fat when the body already has too much fat.
  4. Health gets worse from that point because individual cells of the body will start to resist the insulin signal (become insulin resistant). Then blood sugar will rise and sugar glycation will seriously damages tissues, cells and organs throughout the body.
  5. Trying to lose weight or get healthier when one's Hypothalamus is Leptin insensitive is like trying to swim upstream — difficult.
Once Leptin Receptors Become Desensitized to Leptin There Are Only Few Ways for Your Body to Come Back to Fat Burning, and Really Only One Viable Way for Most People.
  1. You could get pregnant. Pregnancy establishes fat burning (in order to protect the fetus), regardless of Leptin level.
  2. You could do high-intensity exercise every four hours. Intense exercise that uses up glycogen stores forces fat burning for several hours, regardless of Leptin level. (Most people do not have the physical conditioning to do this. And most people do not have the time.)
  3. You could add muscle mass via twice a week weight training. Even just two short sessions a week of weight training could add five percent more muscle mass over a period of a few years to one's body. That would help virtually anyone's body to increase the calorie burn rate sufficiently so that (coupled with sensible dietary changes) body fat percentages could be reduced enough to get Leptin levels below the receptor breaking point. (This is actually super healthy to do. It just takes a long time.)
  4. You could eat only one meal a day (eat for 1 hour a day, fast for 23 hours a day). This eating style works because it both reduces calories and eventually fixes Leptin receptors in the Hypothalamus (since Leptin levels will go down during fasting hours). It's not as fun, easy, safe, or as healthy as the next option, but it does work for the people who do it.
  5. You could continuously repair Leptin receptors in the Hypothalamus with WIN nutrition while simultaneously keeping blood sugar low. Low blood sugar is a hallmark of the WIN protocol because low blood sugar reduces production rates of Leptin. The WIN protocol also keeps cellular MTOR sensors happy by ensuring there are enough, but not too many, minerals and amino acids in your blood stream. This is important to help avoid hunger.

    Option 5 is do-able for most people with the caveat that one's blood sugar will be much lower than normal during the duration of the WIN experience. (Make sure that your wellness provider understands this and agrees to your plans.)

    • The WIN program helps repair Leptin receptors so that Leptin receptors can sense Leptin.
    • The WIN program keeps blood sugar low so that Leptin production is low.
    • The WIN program furnishes so many nutrients that MTOR cellular receptors will not create food cravings.

That's what makes WIN work so well. It's a WIN-WIN-WIN for people wanting to improve health while normalizing metabolic mode and fat storage.

The WIN program is the best way to lose fat weight because it works with your Leptin control system (your body's natural fat management system) called the Hypothalamic Leptin switch) to re-sensitize Leptin receptors in the Hypothalamus.

We explain this in detail in our free to download Leptin E-Booklet.

Why WIN Can Reestablish the Fat Burning Mode

  1. Low Blood Sugar: WIN powders provide tremendous nutrition, but VERY LITTLE sugar or carbohydrate. As a result, blood sugar will average out lower for the duration of one's WIN experience. Low average blood sugar is what allows fat cells to produce less Leptin, so that the Leptin receptors in the Hypothalamus avoid being damaged by blood sugar spikes.
  2. Gamma Oryzanol: E7 and Ricotriene are rich in Gamma Oryzanol compounds which immediately begin to heal Leptin receptors in the Hypothalamus. Once Hypothalamus receptors are healed and again sensitive to Leptin, and Leptin levels begin to stay low so that the Leptin receptors are not re-damaged, the Hypothalamus will start to continuously signal for the fat burning mode (as it did in one's youth) instead of signaling for sugar burning.
  3. No MTOR driven cribbing: The super-high amounts of nutrients in all five WIN ingredients nourish the body's cells better than they have been nourished before. This allows another type of sensor in each cell called MTOR to not signal for cribbing (a constant urge to hunt for food), which derails other diets that don't provide intense amounts of nutrients.
  4. Can be continued comfortably for weeks or months: If one stays in the fat burning mode long enough, then one can burn off excess fat (and return to an optimum weight, which for for most people is their high school weight).
  5. When one has burned up all the excess fat (IE, reached a point where Leptin is at 4 ng/ml), one can then choose to eat a Leptin friendly diet and discontinue the WIN program.
Additional WIN Facts:
  • The Gamma Oryzanol and Tocotrienols is Ricotriene (which is nearly half of E7 by weight) is able to help repair and re-sensitize the Leptin receptors in the Hypothalamus. (In fact, for people who are significantly overweight, doing the WIN drink with Ricotriene, instead of E7 (although not as tasty) may be even better than using E7, because that gives one twice the amount of Gamma Oryzanol and Tocotrienols.)
    • Once those Leptin receptors are re-sensitized, the Hypothalamus can detect the pounds of fat (and, therefore Leptin) that were in one's body all the time but were previously "invisible" and not being accessed for energy. Upon seeing the availability of that fat, the Hypothalamus can begin signaling for fat burning.
  • WIN's other numerous nutrients ensure that MTOR receptors are satisfied.
    • The MTOR cellular feedback loop focuses on minerals and amino acids. If one has too few amino acids or minerals the result will be that urges to eat will be generated. This is because MTOR receptors won't be sensing enough nutrition in the body. In both animals and people an unsatisfied MTOR feedback loop causes a desire to eat and a feeling of stress.
  • The result of living on the WIN powders and capsules is that the body learns to function again the fat burning mode, both day and night, and starts to "burn away" fat stores.
  • Interestingly, one's fat is exhaled as carbon dioxide... so that one literally breathes fat away. So, any deep breathing one does only helps.
  • The bottom line is that the WIN program helps one move away from metabolic syndrome towards healthy metabolism while burning up excess fat. The result can be totally life-changing.
  • WIN works for young and old!

The WIN Protocol is to Consume WIN Drinks and take a Few Supplement Capsules, Instead of Eating Any Other Foods

Before starting WIN, get approval from your doctor. Here's more information about how to successfully reestablish fat burning in your body.

Avoid a Stress Response by Taking Sufficient Servings

For the first five to ten days

  • Consume three to five servings per day. One needs to consume as many WIN drinks as needed to not feel hungry, tired, or anxious, otherwise, stress responses will prevent fat burning.
  • Fill your stomach with the WIN beverage (you can dilute it until the volume is enough to fill your stomach). It is MUCH BETTER to completely fill (even stretch) the stomach with WIN, rather than to sip the drink slowly over a few hour's time. Filling the stomach releases "stretch" hormones that are very satisfying to the brain.
  • Switching metabolic modes from sugar burning to fat burning occurs during during these first five to ten days. Some people switch more quickly than others due to faster repairing of the broken Leptin receptors in their Hypothalamus glands in the brain, or greater ability to remove sugar from the bloodstream (less insulin resistance), and/or less stress in their daily lives. Hint: not enough sleep creates an internal stress.
  • If you are hungry or unsettled during these first days, it may be that you aren't consuming enough WIN drinks, not sleeping well enough, or not drinking enough WIN beverage to fill your stomach. The more things you do perfectly right, the quicker you will switch to fat burning mode.

After the first five to ten days

  • Most people will consume three WIN drinks daily. However, some people have found they needed only two WIN drinks, and some very active people have found they needed four, or even five WIN drinks to maintain a state of "no hunger" (everyone is different). Space these drinks somewhat evenly apart. The goal is to never be hungry (so that you aren't in a stress mode). Most people consume three drinks per day. Some are completely full with only two WIN drinks per day. If you're still hungry after three drinks, do a fourth one. Always finish your last WIN drink between two to four hours before bedtime.

Example WIN schedules (feel free to adjust to your own personal clock).

  • Example for five servings: 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, and 7pm
  • Example for four servings: 7am, 11am, 2pm, and 7pm
  • Example for three servings: 9am, 2pm, and 7pm
  • Example for two servings: 11:30am and 7pm

More WIN Protocol Details

  • As far as the capsules, one should consume 6 capsules per day of OGF and 1 or 2 capsules per day of AID. It doesn't matter if one consumes them all at once or spaced throughout the day, but for "simplicity", most people take them all at once in the morning.
  • A WIN drink includes three different food powders and water as follows (powder amounts can be adjusted based on body size):
    • 16 to 32 ounces of water. Filling the stomach is more satiating (satisfying) for your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind likes a full stomach and will generate less urges to eat if you stretch your stomach. So, the amount of water in each WIN drink depends on whether you want a stronger taste in your mouth or a fuller stomach.
    • 1 Scoop (22 grams) of E7 or Ricotriene. The Gamma Oryzanol and Tocotrienols in RicoTriene or in E7 is super important to repairing damaged Leptin receptors.
    • 1 to 4 tablespoons of Vegan Protein — larger persons use four tablespoons, smaller persons can use as little one and a half tablespoons per serving. (Hechoco = Hemp with Chocolate, Richoco = Sprouted Rice with Chocolate or Ricocu = Sprouted Rice with Cupuacu) — choose whichever protein/flavor you like best.
    • 2 to 4 teaspoons (a little less or a little more than one tablespoon, according to your body size) of GPS — this ingredient supplies minerals, antioxidants, nutrients galore.
    • Please note that one can use 3 or 4 tablespoons of Ricotriene and a small amount of Monk Fruit (to taste) instead of E7.

Persons under 130 pounds can use the smaller amounts of powder as shown above. It is always important to have at least as much nutrition as your body needs... extra nutrition won't be a stress, to your body, but too little nutrition will be a stress. So, smaller and/or less active people are candidates for using the smaller serving amounts.

The Whys For Each WIN Component

Click here to see why each component in WIN is important.

Advanced WIN Tactics

For persons in a high stress life.

If you are super-stressed, your cortisol and adrenaline will make it harder to switch to fat burning. Some tactics for overcoming this include:

  • Vitamin D3 - during the winter almost everyone has stress markers because of lack of Vitamin D3, which is the single most important hormone/vitamin on earth. It controls about 10% of all chemical reactions in the body.
  • Earthing - removes cortisol while sleeping.
  • Walking barefoot outside - again removes cortisol.
  • Adrenal resilience - a supplement that significantly helps lower cortisol and other stress hormones.
  • Laughing - is always a best medicine.
  • Sleep - yeah, almost nothing works better than a good night's sleep.

For an Under Functioning Thyroid

When the thyroid doesn't function well, one's energy set-point will be less than optimum for fat loss:

For persons with a severely damaged hypothalamus

When the Hypothalamus Leptin receptors are severely damaged or constantly damaged by high blood sugar, getting cells to switch to fat burning can take longer and/or be more difficult.

For persons with damaged enterchromaffin cells (common with leaky gut):

How Many Bags of Each WIN Food Powder or Supplement Do I need for a Month?

Each bag of WIN powder has a different number of servings, and so lasts a different amount of time. That means they won't run out at the same time. Also, depending on body size, and activity, and nutritional status, one may wish to take relatively more of one powder than the other.

A canister of Seven Essentials (E7) or Ricotriene contains thirty servings. At three servings per day, one canister will last 30 days. At about $60 per canister, 3 canisters a month would cost $180 a month.

A bag of Vegan Protein contains about 60 tablespoons. For an average size and average-activity person, a bag provides 30 servings (at two tablespoons per serving). Someone over 200 pounds would need between 3 and 4 tablespoons pg provides 30 servings (at two tablespoons per serving). Someone over 200 pounds would need between 3 and 4 tablespoons per serving. So, at a cost of $25 per bag (and average of 3.5 bags a month) that's about $88 a month cost.

A bag of GPS has about 200 teaspoons. That's 93 servings at two teaspoons per serving, which is 31 days at three servings per day. At $55 per bag, and 1 bag per month that's $55 per month in cost.

An OGF bottle contains 180 capsules and an AID bottle contains 60 capsules. At a rate of 6 OGF capsules and 2 AID capsules per day each will last a month, for a cost of $70 per month

  • With the above averages in mind, the the total cost will be around $385 per month for most people for three servings of WIN per day. Of course, that cost is offset by the amount of food one doesn't eat each month. This amount could be less for smaller persons and a little more for very large persons.


WIN Ordering

On average, WIN products are consumed at the following rate:

  1. E7 / Ricotriene - canister lasts 10 days (3 per month needed)
  2. Vegan Protein (Hechoco, Richoco, or Ricocu) - bag lasts 10 days (3 per month needed)
  3. Green Powder Superdrink (GPS) - bag lasts 30 days
  4. Original Glutathione Formula (OGF) - bottle lasts 30 days
  5. Advanced Immune Defense (AID) - bottle lasts 30 days

Optionally, the following items may improve one's WIN experience:

  1. Monk Fruit - Liquid or Powder (purpose is to sweeten Ricotriene or E7)
  2. Embla Arginine - Cardio Care or Pro (purpose is to thicken muscles)
  3. Methlyate (purpose is to improve mood and sense of well-being by increasing Sam-E)


What is in a One or Two Month WIN Kit?


Order a WIN Kit

Select One or Two Month Kit: 
E7 Flavor: 
Vegan Protein Choice: 

Add Individual WIN Products to Your Shopping Cart

Add E7 or Ricotriene To Your Shopping Cart

Most people need 3 E7 Canisters per month.

Add Vegan Protein to Your Shopping Cart

Most people need 3 bags of Vegan Protein per month.

Add Green Powder Superdrink (GPS) to Shopping Cart

Most people need 1 bag of GPS per month.

Add Original Glutathione Formula (OGF) to Shopping Cart

Most people need only 1 bottle of GPS per month.

Add Advanced Immune Defense (AID) to Your Shopping Cart

Most people need only one bottle of AID per month.

Add Monk Fruit to Your Shopping Cart


Ricatein Powder

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 3 to 4 Tablespoons (14 to 18 grams)
Calories Per 12 Grams: 54
Ingredients: 100% Soluble, Stabilized Rice Bran

Hechoco Powder

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 2 Heaping Tablespoons (16 grams)
Calories Per 15 Grams: 60
Ingredients: Organic Raw Hemp Powder, Organic Raw Chocolate Powder, Organic Raw Coconut Sap

Richoco Powder

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 2 Heaping Tablespoons (16 grams)
Calories Per 16 Grams: 60
Ingredients: Organic Raw Brown Rice Protein, Organic Raw Cocoa Powder, Organic Raw Coconut Nectar and Organic Coconut Milk powder

GPS (Green Powder Super-drink) Powder

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 1 Tablespoon (8 grams)
Calories Per 8 Grams: 25
Ingredients: Carrots, Beet, Wheat-grass, Alfalfa-grass, Barley-grass, Oat-grass, Rice Protein, Acacia, Aronia, Gojiberry, Black current, Camu Camu, Blueberry7, Cranberry, Bilberry, Maqui, Pomegranate, Lucuma., Coconut Milk, Pine Pollen, Astragalus, Kelp, Ginger, Turmeric, Organic Alga DHA powder, Minerals, Probiotics

WIN - Frequently Asked Questions


What Do We Mean by Fat Burning or Sugar Burning Mode?

We are referring to the predominant fuel that is being burned in the cells of one's body to make ATP (the energy that powers cells).

Cellular mitochondria can burn fat or sugar on a sustained basis. Some people are quick to point out that cells can also burn glycogen, ketones, protein, or creatine. But, actually, ketones are modified fat, glycogen is stored sugar, proteins are broken apart into sugars and the sugars burned, and creatine primarily assists (turbo charges) and can only be burned for a few minutes at maximum (like after-burners on a jet, creatine doesn't burn log). So, the bottom line is that mitochondria will predominantly be burning fat or sugar for sustained energy.

  1. Being in the fat burning mode simply means that most of the energy powering one's cells is obtained by burning fat.
  2. Being in the sugar burning mode means that most of the energy powering one's cells is obtained by burning sugar.

Why Do the Words WIN and Hypothalamic Leptin Feedback Mechanism Get Used Together?

The Hypothalamic-Leptin Switch is a human survival mechanism that regulates the amount of "energy" (fat) stored in the body. Working with this switch that is inherent in all human beings ensures much easier weight normalization. The way the Hypothalamic-Leptin switch works is:

  • Leptin molecules are created in fat tissue and circulate in the blood to the brain where they are sensed by the receptors in the Hypothalamus.
  • If sufficient Leptin molecules are sensed by those Hypothalamus receptors (sufficient is a serum Leptin level approximately between 4.0 ng/ml and 9.0 ng/ml), the brain is happy and signals for fat burning, which is the high energy and healthy metabolic mode.
  • On the other hand, if insufficient Leptin molecules are sensed (less than 4.0 ng/ml), or if the Hypothalamus is unable to sense Leptin molecules at all because its receptors have become desensitized to Leptin, then the Hypothalamus gland will believe that a famine is occurring and will put the body in a fat storing mode (also called a sugar burning mode). This fat storing mode also results in the lowering of the thyroid energy set-point and many other unhealthy responses, all designed to minimize energy usage and maximize fat storage, in order to outlast the perceived famine.

Now, here's the "rub":

  • When Leptin levels go too high, the receptors in the Hypothalamus "break", that is they become desensitized to Leptin, and cannot sense it anymore.
  • High Leptin levels and resultant desensitized Leptin receptors are common for the majority of sedentary people who have accumulated substantial amounts of adipose fat. Therefore, a great many people perpetually exist in the fat-storing mode, which makes burning fat and losing weight very difficult (since their Hypothalamus believes (due to broken Leptin receptors) that the body has zero stored fat) and therefore is in danger of starving to death.

Thankfully, if Leptin receptors in the Hypothalamus are repaired and Leptin levels are sufficiently reduced so that the receptors don't get repeatedly broken or desensitized, then one's body can quickly get into the fat burning mode so that weight loss proceeds rapidly.

What Do the WIN Powders Taste Like

There are a variety of flavor options. Chocolate is the favorite, but other flavor options are available.

Can I Do the WIN Program if I'm Diabetic?

This is not a question we can answer. We will say that some diabetics, including Type 1, have done the WIN program successfully. However, all medical questions need to go your medical professional. Anyone who has or may have blood sugar challenges or other medical situations, should work with a wellness professional before, during and after doing the WIN protocol.

What we know about diabetics who have done the WIN program is that they have been very careful about their blood sugar going too low. Blood sugar is a problem all the time for diabetics. Those with diabetes who have done the WIN program typically consumed numerous servings a day of WIN (every three hours or so) and some ate small portions of food plus the WIN drinks in order to maintain blood sugar levels in a range that was okay with their doctors.

How Long Can A Person Stay On the WIN Program

We're not sure. So, make sure you work with a medical professional. We've had people go five months many times with no reported problems. Keep in mind that everyone is unique in some way. We have unique epigenetics (gene expression), gene transcription defects, environments, and stress factors. Therefore, general answers don't work individually. We have no reports back on longer periods than five months.

Explain More About Why the WIN Program Works So Well?

The WIN Program works so well because it promotes the fat burning metabolic mode. These are the main goals of WIN:

  • Heal Hypothalamus Receptors — the first goal of the WIN protocol is to heal damaged Leptin receptors in the Hypothalamus. It does this primarily through the healing power of Ricotriene.
  • Decrease Leptin — the second goal of the WIN protocol is to decrease the production of Leptin in fat cells so that the body will continuously operate in the fat burning metabolic mode. Lowered Leptin levels will be the result of low blood sugar since Leptin production goes down as blood sugar goes down.
  • Avoid Counterproductive Responses — Finally, the third goal of the WIN protocol is to avoid counter productive responses in each cell of the body. There are nutrient sensors in each cell of the body called MTOR. These nutrient sensors detect a variety of nutrients circulating in the blood. If circulating levels of minerals or amino acids are out of range (too high or too low), those will be detected and the cells will turn off cellular maintenance or go into a stress mode. Typical dieting does only two of the above three things, and often allows the body to go into a stress mode (due to insufficient incoming minerals, amino acids, etc.).

It is the intense amount and variety of nutrients in WIN that help to prevent stress responses while, at the same time, enticing the body to get into a fat burning mode. WIN works because it repairs Hypothalamic Leptin sensors, lowers Leptin production through low blood sugar and prevents stress responses by providing balanced amounts of nutrients.

Why Aren't WIN Weight Loss Graphs in a Straight Line?

Virtually no type of progress in the real world goes in a straight line. This is particularly true of weight loss.

The body is balancing many things while it burns fat, such what to do with skin and blood vessels that are not needed when the underlying fat tissue is burned up. For instance, the proteins in the skin and blood vessels need to get autolyzed (disintegrated into amino acids and sugar) and this takes time to accomplish. Also, the body is managing stored toxins. The two main places where toxins are stored in the body are fat and water (just below the skin). While on the WIN program, as fat is burned up for energy, toxins (that were previously stored in the fat) are released into the blood. The body will quickly, and temporarily store these toxins in retained water beneath the skin (the retained water has weight and so weight fluctuates as toxins are stored. Gradually the toxins will be processed out of the body. Finally, when retained water is expelled because it is no longer for storing toxins, body weight will drop suddenly (instead of in a gradual manner).

What if I "need" to eat or drink something at a social event because I don’t want to appear to be anti-social by refusing food and drink?

Participate with a glass of water or celery stick. In most cases, this will satisfy the requirement to be sociable. If truly, you must eat more at a particular occasion, then eat a small amount of protein and salad greens (but, don’t eat the croûtons, dressing or fruit).

Be warned - a rather small amount of carbs or sugar (including fruit sugar) can put a complete stop to the fat burning mode and cause the stress and delay of several days in getting back into a fat burning mode.

What if I need to do extreme physical labor while doing WIN — will I find it difficult to work as hard as needed because of the scant calories in the WIN powders?

Most people, while doing the WIN protocol, carry out a normal active lifestyle, including construction work.

If, however, the calorie burning demands of the tasks to be done are extremely high (an intense gym workout, or a 40 mile competitive bike ride in the mountains, for instance), and your body hasn’t become an efficient fat burner, it could be possible for you to run out of energy. So, when preparing to do especially demanding work, you should be preemptive by taking two extra servings of the WIN powders or an even better option would be consuming Parent Omega Oils (they will keep you in fat burning mode while giving a lot of extra energy). Learn more at

If one is sweating a great deal, there is also the issue of replacement of electrolytes. Electrolyte loss can be a significant challenge for anyone, whether they are doing the WIN protocol or not. To replace electrolytes, there are many types of electrolyte or mineral products. We recommend one without added sugar. Kona Deep Sea Minerals or Body Genesis would be excellent or just some sea salt in water.

How did WIN come to be?

The WIN program was designed at the request of friends who had tried to lose weight by juicing but found the juicing daily grind to be too difficult. There was tremendous effort spent in buying the vegetables, juicing them, cleaning up the juicing machine, putting the vegetables back in the refrigerator and cleaning the kitchen. Also, the juices didn't taste very good unless fruits were added which slowed down weight loss.

  • A major goal for WIN was to supercharge the body with to help MTOR receptors in all cells to be satiated, so that no cribbing urges were felt. Another goal was to make it easy and quick — avoiding all the effort of buying and juicing numerous exotic fruits and vegetables (and the onerous cleanup afterwards). WIN uses numerous vegetables and low-sugar fruits that are picked at the peak of nutrient content and immediately dried at low temperature so that no nutrition is lost. This is why WIN is much better than juicing in terms of nutrients.
  • The final goal of WIN was to follow the dietary suggestions from Ron Rosedale (longevity researcher who discovered the relationship between serum Leptin levels and metabolic mode, fat burning or fat storing) in regard to lowering blood sugar so that Leptin production would be decreased in fat cells, while maintaining adequate but not excessive amounts of amino acids, in order to avoid both MTOR driven survival urges or down regulation of cellular maintenance).
  • All these goals were realized in the final version of WIN.

After Reaching One's Target Weight, How Does One Avoid Rebounding?

The most important thing that needs to be done to avoid rebounding is to continue with the WIN protocol until Leptin levels "come down" to the low side of the fat burning range.

The fat burning range is 4 to 9 ng/ml. So, the target zone would be between 5 and 6 ng/ml. The reason for continuing with WIN until reaching the low side of the fat burning range is that Leptin levels fluctuate during the day based on blood sugar. By being on the low side of the fat burning range, even if one eats food late at night, blood sugar levels and Leptin levels (which will rise significantly at night) will remain below 9. This is important because if Leptin levels go above 9, the high levels will start to re-damage Leptin receptors which can re-instigate fat storing (sugar burning) mode. Avoiding this is important to avoid rebounding.

The likelihood for Leptin to rise above 9 ng/ml is highest when one eats large evening meals and doesn't get enough sleep. So, make it a habit to stop eating four to five hours before you go to sleep... and if you want to eat a large evening meal... make it a Leptin friendly meal.

What Things Can Deter the Benefits of the WIN Protocol?

Actually, that is a great question. Here are some of the answers:

  • High levels of cortisol that will result from anxiousness, jealousy, pain, fear, grief or lack of sleep will impede results. That's because the body reacts to cortisol to "force sugar burning" and fat storing. Therefore, in the face of high cortisol, one needs to meditate, touch the earth (earth grounding reduces cortisol), watch comedies (laughter is a best medicine because it reduces cortisol). Also, chocolate reduces cortisol and the WIN products have plenty of chocolate - so just drinking an additional WIN drink will help immensely.
  • Sleeping earthed will help reduce cortisol levels.

Please explain Leptin and the Fat Burning Mode "Better"?

Leptin is a chemical messenger molecule, that can be likened to an odorous chemical. The Hypothalamus gland "smells" the Leptin molecule in circulating blood. If the Leptin smell is too strong Leptin receptors in the Hypothalamus can become damaged (insensitive to Leptin)... just like the nose can become insensitive to smells that are too strong (like dirty diapers or sulfur). If Leptin receptors are damaged, they must be repaired or else they will not be able to sense Leptin and the body will go into a fat storing mode and quickly gain weight. That's why the Leptin protocol ought to be continued until blood levels of Leptin are in the fat burning range, and preferably on the low side of the fat burning range so that the Leptin receptors won't be easily damaged again if blood sugar temporarily rises (increasing Leptin production temporarily, too).

How Does One Know if He or She Has Reached a Low Normal Leptin Range

One could get Leptin tests from a medical doctor in order to know one's Leptin levels (unfortunately, insurance won't pay for it). A less expensive way is to not monitor Leptin, but to monitor body fat percentage, since this can be done much more easily or even one's shape compared against photographs of typical figures at the various body fat percentages. Since Leptin is made in fat... keeping minimal amounts of body fat is a reasonable goal. Men should maintain body fat percentages between 10 and 15 percent. Women should maintain body fat percentages between 17 and 22. Levels that are lower than that will result in too low a level of Leptin (triggering fat storing mode). And levels that are higher than this can result in too high of levels of Leptin on those occasions when one eats late at night. So, keeping body fat levels at a low, but not excessively low amount is the smartest tactic. One can get body fat percentage measured at a local gym or at many health food stores.

Advanced and Best Tactics for Maximizing Fat Loss

WIN was designed to work for everyone, including those who cannot exercise, nor allocate time for the following of complex instructions. In other words, WIN was made to be simple — just mix the powders and drink, and take the capsules.

However, for cases where someone's body is resisting going into the fat burning mode, or for people whose thermostat has adjusted down to a low basal rate, or for people who just want to accelerate and improve on WIN, the following tactics can be used to turbo-charge fat loss, overcome metabolic switching problems, or remedy basal metabolic set-point challenges:

  1. Getting switched over more quickly to fat burning can be helped by taking Embla Arginine at the end of the day on an empty stomach. This will directly help resensitize those receptors and will help increase levels of Human Growth Hormone, which will thicken muscles, help one sleep better and help reset (sensitize) the Hypothalamus even faster. Thickened muscles means a higher calorie burn rate each day and the better one sleeps the more fat burning occurs, also. So, this is a tactic that some people really like to use. Arginine also helps improve cardiovascular function (an extra plus).
  2. Ensuring a high metabolic set-point can be achieved by saturating the body with Atomic Iodine — no one is ever allergic to atomic iodine, and more than any other single element of nutrition, atomic Iodine has the ability to make sure that the thyroid gland is operating in a high energy output mode.
    • 95% of North Americans are low in Iodine... therefore, for 95% of these people, adding Iodine is a very smart thing to do in order to ensure a high metabolic rate.
    • For the other 5% of the population, supplemental Iodine won't hurt nor help, as the supplemental Iodine will go unused and just be eliminated from the body.
    Since an under performing thyroid will limit significantly one's energy burn rate, supplementing with Iodine could very well be the needed impetus to more rapid weight loss. Learn more about Atomic Iodine. A bottle of Atomic Iodine is therefore a great investment for most people.
  3. Fat loss occurs at higher rates if one engages in deep breathing and drinks plenty of water — that's because fat leaves the body primarily as exhaled carbon dioxide. It follows, therefore, that deep breathing and consuming plenty of water will result in faster elimination of fat.
  4. Remove wastes from the body and lower stress by sleeping more - sleeping more increases fat loss and detoxification. Toxins are stored in water beneath the skin. Detoxifying the body means the body will let go out of that water, and extra weight. The research is there... seven to nine hours of sleep means that you lose water weight and will burn off more fat than if you only sleep five or six hours.
  5. Reducing stress means lowering blood sugar and leptin production which translates to an easier time staying in the fat burning mode. —high levels of stress hormones that interfere with fat burning will result from anxiousness, jealousy, pain, fear, grief or lack of sleep. Solutions: one can meditate, go outside and touch the earth barefoot (or sleep on earth grounding products) or Sleeping earthed will help reduce cortisol levels., watch comedies (laughter is a best medicine because it reduces cortisol). Also, chocolate reduces cortisol and the WIN products have plenty of chocolate - so just drinking an additional WIN drink will help immensely.
  6. Glycogen (stored sugar) depleting exercise — this would be any exercise done for at least 40 minutes that causes a sustained rapid heartbeat, huffing, puffing and sweating (in other words, your body has to work at a good pace for 40 minutes). How this helps is that when glycogen (stored sugar) and blood sugar are both used up in these exertions, then the body is forced to burn fat to continue those exertions. Once the body is solidly in the fat burning mode, the body will continue to burn fat for quite some time after those exertions are ended (until glycogen stores are replenished in a few hours). So, vigorous exercising is a great way to force several hours of fat burning to occur. The goal is to get the body to accept fat burning as the new norm.
  7. Cold baths and showersIce baths and cold showers can increase good fat (brown fat) and increase burning off of bad fat (white fat, adipose tissue). As a caveat or warning — make sure that you go slowly — after having been approved for cold temperature sessions by your wellness professional.

Why Are These Products Included in the WIN Protocol?

  1. E7 (Seven Essentials)Ricatein or Ricotriene/Ricatein — Soluble, Stabilized Rice Bran. Ricotriene or E7 (which contains Ricotriene) is very good at helping to restore sensitivity to Leptin receptors. Ricatein is high in Gamma Oryzanol, a tissue healer and Tocotrienols (a cousin to Vitamin E) that heal all types of tissues and both Insulin and Leptin receptors. Such healing is key to ensuring the desirable fat burning metabolism that enables fat to be easily burned for energy. E7 and RicoTriene also help heal damaged gastrointestinal tissue and nerve tissue.
  2. Organic Vegan Protein — either Hechoco, Richoco or Ricocu, Any of these protein sources are great in terms of providing high quality, easily digested protein to maintain the body's daily cellular repair and operational processes. Hechoco is a hemp sourced protein (with excellent Omega Fatty Acid profiles), while the proteins in Richoco and Ricocu are sourced from great tasting, sprouted brown rice. These proteins are either flavored with Chocolate or Cupuacu. Hechoco and Richoco are flavored with Chocolate (Cocoa) and Ricocu is flavored with Cupuacu (which has a completely non-Chocolate and quite interesting taste). For most people, nothing beats chocolate.
  3. GPS (Green Powder Super-drink) — this food powder contains a plethora of nutrient rich vegetables, berries, herbs, enzymes and dairy-free probiotics. By including it in the WIN program, one is ensured of a huge variety of minerals and nutrients so that one's health and energy remain high.
  4. Original Glutathione Formula (OGF) — this powerful supplement boosts glutathione levels by up to 400%, quenching liberated toxins and free radicals quickly so that one feels great while burning up pounds of fat each week. The main cause of fatigue in the human body is excess free radicals and toxins. OGF helps ensure that free radicals and toxins are more quickly eliminated from the body.
  5. Advanced Immune Formula (AID) — another powerful supplement designed to keep your body totally healthy while fat is being burned like crazy. It especially helps ensure that liberated-from-fat-toxins don't do exit damage to cell membranes by helping cell membranes to be as healthy as possible.

A Leptin Friendly Diet means:

  • Eating foods that keep blood sugar low so that sugar doesn't spike and damage the Hypothalamus which would cause the body to switch back to a fat storing, sugar burning mode.
  • Most people eat a Standard American Diet which will over time return a person to a sugar burning, fat storing mode.
  • The main secret of a Leptin friendly diet is to eat a considerable amount of vegetables, moderate amounts of protein and very little — most of the time, no carbohbydrate rich foods.

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