HOH_CarThe 5 Habits of Health

Question: If you could have only one car
that absolutely had to last your entire lifetime,
would you take care of it?

Answer: You would maintain it very well!!!

Ergo, you should take very good care of the one and only body you will have.

We recommend five habits of health that will help ensure that your body stays as healthy as possible for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!

  1. Think about your health and stay current on health issues.
    Health science is doubling its knowledge every couple of years. If you’re behind the latest truth, you lose life span and quality of life.
  2. Burn fat as your primary fuel source.
    The single greatest determinant of our longevity is which fuel we burn, fat or sugar. Don’t be a sugar burner.
  3. Practice internal cleanliness.
    Just like with any machine, keeping your body clean inside makes it last longer.
  4. Stock your nutrient pantries.
    Most people get so little nutrition that by 30 they are functioning in a constant deficient state.
  5. Be active.
    You need to stay maintain muscle mass and bone density by “working” your body.

If you don’t implement the above health habits in your life, then:

No one should care about chronological age... it’s the biological age that matters. We can be biologically 100 years old at 50 years, or biologically 50 years at 100 years. It’s our choice... determined by how well we take care of our one and only body!

Your goal could be to have your natural force unabated at 120 years of age.

You could be a contemporary of your great, great, grand children.

You could be writing your memoirs at 130 years of age.

If you implement the five habits of health in your life, then you are on a path that leads to a longer and healthier life.


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Rhetorical Question

If you don’t take care of yourself, who will?

Rhetorical Answer

Doctors, drug companies and death beneficiaries will take care of you.
But, you probably won’t find their kind of caring to be to your liking.

Our Health Axioms:

  • Health is a personal choice.
  • Health comes from constant and never-ending maintenance.
  • A clean digestive/
    eliminatory tract is the foundation of health.
  • Avoidance of unhealthy foods and environmental poisons and also proactively eating nutrient dense foods are the disciplines that add years of healthy living.

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