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PEOs® gelcaps and liquid

Parent Essential Oils® (PEOs®) — Brian Peskin's Formulation of Unadulterated Omega Oils from Organic Seeds. It is A Plant Based Alternative to Fish Oil, that is Far Superior to Fish Oil!

If you're consuming Fish Oil or Adulterated Seed Oils - STOP! You're undermining your health!

What Parent Essential Oils (PEOs®) Is:

It is a mixture of unadulterated, organic Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids derived from Flax Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Seed Oil, High Linoleic Sunflower Seed Oil, and Pumpkin Seed Oil. The ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids is 2.5:1 as suggested by the world's leading fatty acid researcher Brian Peskin. PEOs® are proudly made in the United States of America and every component sourced from organic growers in the USA.

Why You Should Be Consuming our Parent Essential Oils (PEOs®):

  • The main reason to consume PEOs® is to live as healthy as possible (healthspan) for as long as possible (lifespan) by helping oxygenation of cells to occur optimally.
  1. Parent Omega oils in PEOs® enable optimum cellular oxygen and increased tissue health everywhere in the body.
  2. Parent Omega Oils (POOs), such as found in PEOs®, are imperative to lowering risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and virtually all other modern health challenges because those health disorders grow out of and/or become worse without adequate "cellular oxygen".

The Oximeter Trap


Oximeters are very useful, but can fool people into thinking all is well. For example, people generally assume that if they have an oximeter reading of 98 or more, then their oxygenation is fine. That's not necessarily true because if one hasn't consumed enough Parent Omega Oils then oxygen may not be readily transferring from the bloodstream into the cells. Cells without enough oxygen do not function correctly, leading eventually to degenerative disease.

  • We cannot say this enough — the presence of Parent Omega Oils in cell membranes helps to increase oxygen content in the cell interior. Derivative Omega Oils do not help increase cellular oxygen.
  • And conversely, adulterated Omega 6 oils (processed vegetable oils) work in the opposite direction — they lower oxygen content in cells. That's a big reason to avoid vegetable oil (it's adulterated and especially so when cooked).
  • Bottom line: Unadulterated Parent Omega Oils increase cellular oxygen. So, MAKE SURE YOU'RE GETTING UNADULTERATED SEED OILS such as in PEOs®.

Living without the habit of consuming Parent Omega Oils daily is tantamount to choosing to have low cellular oxygen and choosing the consequent, increased likelihood of experiencing low oxygen level caused diseases.

Parent Essential Oils® (PEOs® from Plant-Seeds) Help With:
improves cardiovascular health and reduces inflammation

Improved cardiovascular health and reduced inflammation

rejuvenates skin and reverse cellulitis

Helps rejuvenates skin and reverse cellulitis

increase energy, stamina and endurance

Increased energy, stamina, and endurance

helps relieve arthritis and swelling

Helps relieve arthritis and swelling

improves mental clarity and focus

Improved mental clarity and focus

reduces cravings for carbs and naturally satisfies the appetite

Reduces cravings for carbs and naturally satisfies the appetite

fewer headaches and mood swings

Fewer headaches and mood swings

helps lower blood sugar and diabetic neuropathy

Helps lower blood sugar and diabetic neuropathy

reduced lactic acid during workouts

Reduced lactic acid during workouts

Why You Should Not Be Consuming Fish Oil Daily
Consuming fish oil daily is not good - it gives an overdose of derivative omega oils that the body must get rid of, and at the same time derivative omega oils won't help increase oxygen in cells!

fish oil is not the way

It takes 17 pounds of fish to make one fish oil capsule. Eating two to three capsules of fish oil daily requires the killing of 34 to 51 pounds of fish (that's bad enough), but, also there was no health gain for you. Instead, you overdosed yourself on derivative omega oils. It's like hearing that aspirin is good for the heart, and deciding to take 50 aspirin tablets a day (which is bad) instead of one (which would have been good).

Let's repeat that! — Consuming an amount of DHA/EPA in fish oil that requires killing 17 pounds (1 capsule), or 34 pounds (2 capsules) of fish, gives you an overdose of DHA/EPA and it's promoting the depopulating the ocean of fish for no gain!

The way people get sucked into this fad and bad habit is as follows:

  • Scientists know that derivative omega oils such as EPA and DHA are essential for brain functioning.
  • Scientists know that the human body converts only small amounts of parent Omega oils into derivative Omega oils.
  • Ergo everyone jumps to the conclusion that eating lots of derivative omega oils is a good thing — so the body doesn't have to work so hard to convert parent omega oils into derivative omega oils.
  • This idea is wrong in two ways. First, we only need very tiny amounts of derivatives that the body is designed to make. Second, killing so many fish is bad for the world's ecosystem.

The rationale for this is similar to:

  • A well-meaning person observing a chicken trying to peck itself out of its eggshell in order to be born.
  • That well-meaning person tries to help the chick by cracking open the egg and pulling the check out, so it doesn't have to struggle for many hours to get out on its own
  • Unfortunately, instead of appreciating the help, the chick dies.
  • That is because the effort of pecking it's way out of the egg is what gives the chick the strength and lung capacity to survive.
  • Similarly, your body functions better if it is required to make its own DHA and EPA from Parent Omega Oils supplied in the diet and doesn't grow lazy by being given a handout.

Here are the realities about Omega Oils — the parents and the derivatives:

Parent Omega Oils, such as found in PEOs, are essential fatty acids. They are chemically speaking called Alpha Linolenic Acid and Linoleic Acid. They are found in seeds, nuts, grasses, vegetables, and other foods. They are called essential because life cannot exist without them, and most importantly, they cannot be made in the body, but must be consumed in the diet. They are the essential lipid materials from which human cell membranes are made.

Derivative Omega Oils, also known as EPA and DHA, commonly found in fish and algae, are not essential to be eaten. They are not essential to eat because the body can manufacture them from parent Omega oils. Many people live their entire lives without eating fish oil. Derivative omega oils are needed ONLY in minor amounts in the body and are continuously made as needed by human cells out of parent omega oils. So, eating derivative omega oils is totally optional.

Many proponents of fish oil supplementation point to the very small conversion rates of parent omega oils to derivative omega oils in the human body as proof that fish oil supplementation is good, since the brain needs those derivative oils and since fish oil supplementation alleviates human cells of working to make those derivative oil conversions. They fail to inform the people whom they are misleading that:
  • Small conversion rates from parent omega oils into derivative omega oils reflect the fact that the human body only needs very tiny amounts of derivative omega oils.
  • They also fail to inform their audiences that effective conversion of parent omega oils into derivative omega oils will naturally occur in people whose cells have adequate amounts of catalyzing nutrients, especially Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Magnesium, and Zinc.
  • If an individual doesn't have enough derivative Omega oils in their body the reason is not that they haven't been swallowing enough fish oil, but rather than they haven't consuming enough catalyzing nutrients (especially minerals) and undamaged parent Omega oils.
  • The above spotlights the "erroneous thinking" of fish oil proponents who would rather kill half the fish in the ocean in order to increase people's derivative Omega oils unnecessarily rather than have people eat seed oils and common nutrients that would ensure their bodies could naturally make all the derivative Omega oils that are needed by their bodies. Also, these erroneous thinking would have people forego the parent Omega oils that provide numerous benefits that derivative omega oils don't provide.

Although derivative Omega Oils can be made from parent Omega Oils, the reverse is not true.

  • Parent Omega Oils have a FAR broader range of health benefits than do the derivative oils. If one consumes only derivative omega oils then one will miss the substantial benefits of the parent Omega oil such as described below:
    • From Wikipedia: Omega essential fatty acids, or EFAs, are fatty acids that humans and other animals must ingest because the body requires them for good health, but cannot synthesize them. Only two fatty acids are known to be essential for humans: Alpha-Linolenic acid (an omega-3 fatty acid) and Linoleic acid (an omega-6 fatty acid). When the two EFAs were discovered in 1923, they were designated "vitamin F", but in 1929, research on rats showed that the two EFAs are better classified as fats rather than vitamins.

      From Pub-med: Omega fatty acids are primary cell membrane constituents. They have biological activities that act to influence cell and tissue metabolism, function, and responsiveness to hormonal and other signals. Omega Oil biological activities may be grouped as regulation of membrane structure and function; regulation of intracellular signaling pathways, transcription factor activity, gene expression; and regulation of the production of bio-active lipid mediators. Through these effects, fatty acids influence health, well-being, and disease risk.

  • PEOs® improve cellular oxygenation by incorporating into cell membranes and facilitating oxygen transfer. Fish oil doesn't — in fact, fish oil as well as common vegetable oil makes oxygen flow across membranes less efficient.
  • PEOs® improve the integrity and functionality of cell membranes. Fish oil as well as common vegetable oil doesn't.
  • PEOs® combat the carcinogenic effect of trans fat oils and adulterated Omega oils in the diet (virtually all vegetable oils sold in grocery stores are adulterated). Fish oil doesn't.

Very importantly if you care about our world — NO FISH ARE KILLED to make PEOs. It takes 17 pounds of dead fish to make a single fish oil capsule, or about a half ton of dead fish to produce one bottle of fish oil supplement. Destroying billions of tons of fish or krill to make an inferior Omega Oil supplement to PEOs® is bad for the ecosystem at the very least. Killing so many fish to make a supplement that is not as good as our seed oil complex is not being a wise steward of our beautiful earth. Eating PEOs® is FAR better for both you and our world.

17 lbs of dead fish to make one fish oil capsule

brian peskin

Brian Peskin brought the knowledge of the importance of Parent Omega Oils to the world.

PEOs is the acronym Brian Peskin coined to describe the two essential parent Omega Oils (Alpha Linolenic Acid and Linoleic Acid) from which derivative Omega Oils can be made in the body. These oils come from seeds, nuts, flowers and grasses. They are termed Essential Fatty Acids because the body cannot make them. They must come from food. Brian was going to call them POOs (Parent Omega Oils) to distinguish them from derivative omega oils, but to emphasize their essentialness to life, he coined the acronym Parent Essential Oils® or PEOs®.

Undamaged Parent Essential Oils are critical to cell membrane integrity and cellular oxygenation!

One of their essential functions is to enable cell membranes to attract oxygen into the cell interior. About 50% of cell membrane molecules are parent omega oils. Their unsaturated molecular structure improves oxygen movement. Without ample, undamaged omega oils in these membranes, oxygen isn't able to move through cells at optimal rates in order to asdfasdfsgive optimum cell oxygenation.

PEOs® basic functions are as follows:

  • PEOs® increase levels of cellular oxygen. Without enough PEOs® in cell membranes to help transport oxygen through the cell membrane, blood oxygenation saturation can be high, yet cellular oxygenation low. Rhetorical question: does it matter much if oxygen doesn't get into your cells? Or is that similar to putting food on your spoon but not swallowing it?
  • PEOs® boost immune function, hormone creation and energy creation.
  • From undamaged PEOs® one's cells synthesizes derivative omega oils such as DHA and EPA that have essential roles in the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

PEOs are Organic, Optimized in Ratio, Tested, and Never Oxidized!

In Terms of Modern Health Challenges, PEOs® are the Single Most Important Type of Food That Should be In Our Diets — — More Important Than Minerals!

Let Brian Peskin Teach You About Parent Essential Oils (PEOs) and Why They Are Important in Everyone's Life

hidden story of cancer
PEO Solution Book

PEOs® Increase Cellular Oxygen - Which is an Important Factor in Avoiding Poor Health

Oxygen inside cells helps cells to function optimally and avoid the situation described by Dr. Otto Warburg as the prime cause of cancer, namely cellular oxygen content so low that cells revert to glycolysis (sugar fermentation) for making energy. Low cellular oxygenation leads to cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's, Chronic Fatigue, and more.

Parent Essential Oils (PEOs) are oxygen attracting oils (made from vegetable seeds) that incorporate into cell membranes throughout the body and help cellular oxygen levels to be high. The presence of PEOs® in cell membranes ensures that oxygen from the bloodstream flows freely into cells.

  • PEOs® are a major component of cell membranes (the protective layer around every human cell). Maintaining the linings of the cardiovascular system in optimum health requires an ample supply of unadulterated Parent Omega Oils. Unfortunately, most people's diets are woefully inadequate in regard to these unadulterated oils which means their cells may often not have enough oxygen inside them to function as well as they should.
  • After discovering the connection between low oxygen in cells and the consumption of modern vegetable oils and the cellular oxygen enhancing effect available through eating unadulterated Parent Omega Oils (or Parent Essential Oils) Brian Peskin wrote his first book about PEOs® entitled "The Hidden Story of Cancer". This book explains the connection between not eating PEOs® and not having enough oxygen content in cells and the connection between low cellular oxygen and cancer.
  • Brian Peskin's second book, detailedly explains the scientific link between insufficient Parent Omega Oils and Cardiovascular disease.
  • Since Cancer and Heart Disease are the two leading causes of death and disability in the world, it behooves everyone to get with the PEOs® habit.

Be sure to watch the videos with the science behind the value of PEOs.

How Parent Essential Oils Support Health:

Boost Immunity

Allows for maximum intake of oxygen into your cells, which is the key to fighting off viruses and various infections/diseases!

Mental Clarity

Achieve incredible energy, boost your mental clarity, and increase your focus! (Lipids Improve Brain Structure)

Preventative Health

Shown to help create a body that is less likely to experience two of the most prevalent and debilitating illnesses that society currently faces.

Improved Fitness

Increased oxygen absorption boosts your energy levels to have more stamina and recover faster from workouts

Detoxify Your Body

Toxins produced can easily be safely eliminated through your lymphatic system as nature intended...

Rejuvenate Your Skin

Glowing, healthier, younger-looking skin, hair, and nails. (Smooth cellulite, faster wound healing, and stronger hair & nails)

Heart Health

Proven to help prevent heart disease and reverse cardiac-plaque build-up by 30% or more in 90-days.

Hormone Balance

The lipids in PEOs® are the building blocks for male AND female hormones. (Testosterone, Estrogen, Etc.)

PEOs® increases Cellular Oxygen — Enabling Higher Function in Every Way

The fact is the humans are oxygen-dependent creatures. All of our cells and everything in the human body relies on oxygen and works better with ample oxygen. Eating Parent Essential Oils ensures that one's cell membranes are built out of oxygen attracting Parent Omega Oils, instead of damaged, oxygen-resisting oils. Thus, by consuming PEOs® daily, your cells will have more oxygen in them, to increase energy and vitality at the cellular level. Daily improved health is a great reason for eating PEOs.

Ample cellular oxygen is a KEY for avoiding many of life’s greatest and most devastating health challenges. Many (probably most) people do not understand that the way to keep cellular oxygen high is to daily consume Parent Omega Oils and to avoid adulterated oils. Because they don’t know this, millions of people have suffered and are currently suffering, needlessly, the consequences of inadequate cellular oxygen.

More PEO Benefits:

  • Appetite
    • Less Cravings
    • Less Hunger
    • Better Appetite Fulfillment
  • Heart Health
    • Flexible Arteries
    • Clean Arteries
    • Faster Blood Flow
    • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Beauty
    • Healthier, Smoother Skin
    • Stronger, smoother nails
    • Less Dandruff
    • Less Cellulite
    • Healthier, Faster Growing Hair
  • Diabetes
    • Less Sweet Cravings
    • Maintenance of Optimal Blood Sugar
    • Less Neuropathy Type Symptoms
  • Anti-Inflammation
    • Less Joint Stiffness
    • Faster Healing
    • Less Stress
  • Hormones/Endocrine
    • Better Sexual Function
    • Smoother Pregnancies
    • Less PMS
    • Fewer Headaches
  • Brain Health
    • Better Clarity
    • Sharper Focus
    • Improved Memory
    • Less Cellulite
    • Diminished ADD & ADHD
  • Endurance
    • More Energy
    • Less Fatigue
    • Greater Intensity
    • Faster Recuperation
17 pounds of fish killed to make one fish oil capsule
  1. It takes 17 pounds of fish to make one fish oil capsule. Think of all the fish killed in making a bottle of fish oil. Such a large-scale slaughter of fish to get a result that isn't even as good as seed oils is, in our opinion, somewhere between stupid, wasteful and immoral.
  2. When you consume fish oil capsules besides killing 17 pounds of fish per capsule, you are giving your body a huge overdose of derivative fatty acids, and messing with your body's internal intelligence of what is the right amount of omega atty acid derivatives (EPA and DHA) that it actually needs. A tiny bit of the fish oil will be well used (about 1/10th of one capsule at most.) All the rest of the excess derivative oils contribute to excess free radicals in the body and accelerated aging. None of the benefits of the parent omega oils are obtained. You are essentially killing fish needlessly and paying your precious money to grow old faster. Seed oils are the far better way to get omega oils.
  3. PEOs® come from seeds and expressing their oil causes no death. The oil is expelled and the rest of the seed used in other foods. So, there is no waste and killing involved. With seed oils, one's body can get all the benefits of Parent Omega Oils, for skin health, hormones, etc. And, the person's body can make just the right amount of derivative oils that it needs. There is no getting energy spent by the eliminatory systems in getting rid of excess derivative oils.
dr robert kagan

I previously wrote you about the remarkable cause / effect relationship in reversing plaque volume in a (smoking) patient taking conventional treatment (i.e. statins, aspirin, Co-Q10, etc.). In reading over [the patient’s] scans I have never seen such a remarkable result. When he [the patient] stopped the product, the plaque came back!"

dr clive fields

- Clive Fields, M.D. (Family Practice)

The most thoroughly researched nutritional program that I have ever seen. My patients have also noticed their energy levels have skyrocketed..."

dr steve helschien

- Steve Helschien, D.C. (USA) Founder: Level 1 Diagnostics (Cardiovascular Disease Prevention)

As far as I am concerned the top three supplements everyone should be taking are PEOs, PEOs, and PEOs!"

dr steve helschien

- Brian N. Vonk, M.D. (Board certified: Internist, Cardiologist, Radiologist)

"Impeccable research and novel insights of sheer genius. This knowledge is priceless for your future health.”

dr kelvin lindgren

- Kelvin Lindgren, M.D. (Otolaryngologist/ENT)

"Thanks to you and your discovery, he (the patient) is back to playing golf, walking the course. All medical professionals need to know about the science behind this product."

dr angel della pietra

- Angelo A. Della Pietra, M.D., D.O. (Family & Integrative Medicine)

""Physicians and their patients around the world owe you a big ‘thank you.’... I am strongly recommending this information to all my patients.”

dr angel della pietra

- Angelo A. Della Pietra, M.D., D.O. (Family & Integrative Medicine)

"This corresponds to a seventy-three (73%) effectiveness rating. The average improvement in arterial flexibility was 9 years improvement meaning the average subject utilizing the formulation (EZTREK™ precursor) had a cardiovascular system with the arterial flexibility of a subject representative of nearly a decade younger."

dr bernard majala

- *The late* Bernardo C. Majalca, N.D. (Stage Four Cancer Researcher)

"This is undoubtedly a breakthrough of biblical proportions.”

Many people go through life with high blood oxygen saturation and not enough oxygen in their cells. Sadly, their quality of health and longevity suffer.

Most people and most doctors, for that matter, believe that having high blood oxygen saturation is the only issue in terms of being oxygenated. They think if your blood saturation of oxygen is good, then all is well. That's an incredibly dangerous misunderstanding.

That kind of reasoning is similar to believing that if there is food in the cupboard and in the refrigerator of someone then the person owning that refrigerator and cupboard must have a full stomach. And, that isn't true, because the person has to get the food out of the cupboard or refrigerator and eat it in order to get a full stomach. (What if they're bed-bound, how are they going to do that?)

So, having a high oxygen saturation level, like like having food in cupboards and refrigerators is really good, but just as a person has to eat food in order benefit from food, a cell has to intake oxygen for it to do the cell any good. Oxygen needs to go from circulating in the blood to being inside the cells. Unfortunately, if cell membranes are built from damaged omega oils or if there are insufficient undamaged omega oils in cell membranes oxygen transfer from the blood into the cell will not occur sufficiently.

Deep breathing and oxygen supplementation put oxygen into your blood

but not into your cells

PEOs® puts oxygen into your cells.

And... into the cells is where oxygen must go!

oxygen has to go through cell membranes
  • In today’s, processed and fast food world it is common for people to have plenty of oxygen being carried around in their blood stream and yet have insufficient oxygen inside many of their individual cells because THE CELL MEMBRANES (that surround and enclose those cells) have become resistant over time to the diffusion of oxygen across that membrane into the cell interior
  • This is because consumer grade vegetable oils (IE damaged omega oils) have been consumed over a long period of time and have incorporated into some, many or even most of their cell membranes.
  • We must eat ample amounts of undamaged omega oils (IE Parent Essential Oils) to overcome this problem of insufficient oxygen inside cells.
  • Low cellular oxygen is a significant health problem bad because oxygen deficiency inside the cell is a prime cause of cancer and numerous other health challenges.
Modern Vegetable Oils Damage Health

The Polyunsaturated Vegetable Oils Manufactured and Sold in our Modern Era Undermine Health and Should Be Avoided as Scrupulously as One Avoids Cigarettes!

Few people understand the assault on health that results from modern vegetable oils!
  • Modern vegetable oils (unlike unprocessed vegetable oils from previous eras) undermine human health over time. The “unapparent” reason for this is that modern manufacturing methods (in an effort to delay rancidity) alter vegetable oils so that they no longer attract, hold and transfer oxygen into cells as well as do fresh, unprocessed vegetable oils.
  • When these altered or damaged vegetable oils incorporate into cell membranes (oils make up a large part of cell membranes), the membranes, thereafter, resist oxygen transfer from the blood into the cell, just like the processed oils resist the entrance of oxygen so that they won't go rancid easily. This adversely affects cell oxygen content and health and it does so far a long time (many months) because once adulterated or damaged omega oils incorporate into cell membranes they do not leave that membrane until the cell undergoes apoptosis and regeneration (which often is many months later). So, adulterated vegetable oils get stuck in your cell membranes for months and lower the health of that cell for many months.
  • Conversely, Parent Essential Oils (or PEOs), incorporate into cell membranes and increase oxygen transfer rates.
  • Since it's not easy for most people to totally avoid vegetable oil, one should purposefully counter the damage caused by modern vegetable oils by eating more undamaged Parent Essential Oils each day than processed oils.
  • A big problem is that most people consume almost no fresh unprocessed seed oils.

Brian Peskin Believes That Modern Vegetable Oil Manufacturing Methods Are a Big Cause of Modern Chronic Disease

In saying this, no one believes that modern oil manufacturers were nefarious or evil in creating edible oils that undermine human health.

Undoubtedly, this was innocently done in an effort to make their oils stay “fresh” smelling longer — so they could sit on store and kitchen shelves longer before smelling rancid. Nice smelling oils attract more purchases by conscientious food preparers... and more profits.

Manufacturers' processing methods, however, do reduce vegetable oils capacity to absorb and hold oxygen. Holding oxygen is what what makes vegetable oils become rancid. So, reducing the oxygen holding of vegetable oils is key to manufacturer's efforts to make their oils smell fresher. They just didn't realize that these oils would incorporate into cell membranes and "block" cellular uptake of oxygen.

The Modern Manufacturing Steps That Unwittingly Created a Cancer Epidemic in the World
machines to process oils

The brown colored steps below are the ones that alter chemical bonds within the oils so that the oils no longer hold oxygen very well:

  1. Start with Seeds, Beans, Nuts, Fish or Krill (often these are not organic and not free of pesticides)
  2. Wash
  3. Squash, Mash or Grind
  4. Solvent Soak (hydrocarbon solvent)
  5. Remove solids (boil off at approximately 300° F.
  6. Mix with Water to Separate Solids from oils
  7. Spin to Remove Solids
  8. Add Alkali (like lye or drain cleaner) and mix well.
  9. Spin to remove more particles
  10. Bleach at 230° F.
  11. Filter
  12. Steam treat at 450° F.
  13. Vacuum out water
  14. Chill and filter again
  15. Add preservatives and anti-foam agent
  16. Package

The ability of parent omega oils that you eat to absorb, hold and transfer oxygen is essential to your health.

Fifty percent of the bi-lipid cell membrane of your cells are made from those oils. When a person eats adulterated vegetable oils, those damaged oils will incorporate into a person’s bi-lipid cell membranes and their presence in the cell membrane will lower the transfer rate of oxygen going from the blood into the cell interior. Lowered cell oxygen results in poor cellular function, leading to cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's, etc..

It would be best to eat no modern polyunsaturated vegetable oil. Since that probably isn't possible. Eat as little of them as you reasonably can. And, eat lots of PEOs® to make available to your cells those undamaged oils that will enable high rates of oxygen transfer.

cell membrane bi lipid layer made of peos

In Our Modern Age, Getting Unadulterated PEOs® Can Be A Challenge!

In our modern world, most of the food we eat is processed or cooked.

Unfortunately, processing and cooking ruin PEOs .

Which is why eating PEOs® daily is SO HELPFUL!

Whether we cook the foods that contain the Parent Omega Oils, or eat vegetable oils that were made in a manner that damaged them, the PEOs® will be damaged and truly bad for our cell membrane health and cellular cytoplasm oxygen content.

If damaged PEOs® are consumed, the adulterated PEOs® will still incorporate into cell membranes, but instead of improving oxygen transfer into cells, they will impede that transfer of oxygen. What that means is that consuming adulterated vegetable oils may undermine one’s health significantly — in just a few decades of consumption, affecting adversely the entire health of one’s body, from one’s brain and cardiovascular system down to one’s feet and toes… as they incorporate into cell membranes and reduce cellular oxygen content, one cell at a time.

It is the scientifically-supported position of Brian Peskin and other nutritional scientists that the greatest contributing cause to our modern cancer and cardiovascular pandemic is the consumption of damaged vegetable oils. Perhaps, no other food has as much an overall health damaging effect to a population of people as do modern, “processed for longer shelf life” vegetable oils - because of the damage that processing does to PEOs, and the consequent reduction in cellular oxygen in people.

We look forward to a coming day when the knowledge of the value of PEOs® will be as common as the knowledge of the value of Vitamin C… when virtually all people on earth will understand that the prime cause of cancer and many chronic diseases is low cell oxygen… and that the most important way to prevent low cell oxygen is to frequently consume the undamaged, delicate, oxygen attracting oils called Alpha Linolenic Acid and Linoleic Acid which are found in raw vegetables, seeds, nuts, flowers, green leafy vegetables and grasses. When we finally reach that day that people generally understand the importance of Parent Essential Oils, suffering from the greater destroyers of life called cancer and cardiovascular disease will belong to the annals of history (just like scurvy). Certainly, the cause of cancer is not mysterious for those who have read either of Brian Peskin's watershed books.

sharing science

Scientific Publications About Parent Essential Oils — (LA and ALA)

Disclaimer: these scientific studies/discussions are provided for the purposes of stimulating awareness and understanding of how Parent Essential Oils are believed to affect cell oxygen content and overall health. No information herein is approved by the FDA; nor does this information represent a consensus of scientific opinion and is not to be construed as any kind of product claim or as labeling information for our products. This information is simply part of the totality of ongoing research in regard to the effect of lipids upon health and must remain completely separate from our product information. This scientific research must NOT be relied upon in predicting health outcomes.

Starting at the Beginning — Dr. Warburg Discovered 80 Years Ago That Cancer Results From Low Oxygen… Which Begs the Question, How Can Human Cells End Up in A Situation of Low Oxygen?
  • Dr. Warburg demonstrated, 80 years ago, that a 35% plus reduction in cellular oxygen causes any cell to either die or to turn cancerous.
  • Likewise, in an amazing experiment conduct by the Americans Goldblatt and Cameron in 1953 further confirmation was obtained that Dr. Warburg’s cancer/hypoxia (low oxygen) connection was true. This experiment was conducted over a 2½-year time frame. They exposed heart fibroblasts in tissue culture to intermittent oxygen deficiency for long periods and obtained transplantable cancer cells. In the control cultures that they maintained without any oxygen deficiency, no cancer cells resulted.
    • Goldblatt, H; Cameron, C. Induced malignancy in cells from rat myocardium subjected to intermittent anaerobiosis during long propagation in vitro. J. Exp. Med. 1953 97, 525-552.
  • Comment: Dr. Warburg may have known 80 plus years ago that low cell oxygen was the prime cause of cancer, but he didn’t know that when manufacturers “engineered” vegetable oils to have longer shelf life, by reducing their affinity for oxygen, they would unwittingly launch a cancer epidemic. The understanding about the danger to health that results from processing and cooking oils was not achieved until Brian Peskin made this connection recently, while on a quest to help his wife’s health improve.
Only Recently Have We Learned How to Increase Cellular Oxygen — by Consuming Parent Essential Omega Oils.
  • A 1995 study was conducted with eight master athletes to look at the effect that exercise has upon preventing low cell oxygenation (hypoxia). Interestingly, it was found that consumption of parent essential oils for six weeks significantly increased the amount of oxygen that would go into cells — meaning that the PEOs® reduced hypoxia.
Improved Arterial Flexibility Results From PEO Supplementation — IOWA Study
Diabetic Ulcer and Chronic Wound Healing Are Improved with PEO Supplementation
  • The effects of PEO supplementation shown in terms of case studies involving diabetic ulcers and chronic wounds. PEO supplementation resulting in vastly improved healing times.
Mitochondria Function Better - With PEO Supplementation
Glycolysis: Regulation, Processes and Diseases
Failure of Long-Chain, Derivative Fish-Derived Omega Oils To Improve Health — While Short Chain, Parent Omega Oils Don’t Fail!
Fish Oil Doesn’t Slow the Progression of Coronary Artery Disease
  • A 2002 article in the medical journal Cardiovascular Research (54:1830190. 2002), titled “Effect of dietary supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids on progression of atherosclerosis [plaque buildup in interior of arteries] in carotid [heart to brain] arteries,” by Angerer, P., et al., * details the results of a randomized trial undertaken with the primary objective to clarify the effect of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on cerebral arteries or stroke was undertaken. Contrary to what we have been told about the supposed positive benefits of fish, fish oil supplements, and omega-3 here are there findings: Both fish oil groups and the control groups showed close to equal atherosclerosis progression (that is getting more clogged).
    • In simpler words, fish oil did not stop thickening of the artery. To the contrary, the artery wall got thicker (which is bad) with fish oil ingestion! “In this group of selected patients with documented coronary artery disease, omega-3 PUF [polyunsaturated fatty acids[ given for 2 years did not demonstrate an effect on slowing progression of atherosclerosis in carotid arteries as measured by ultrasound.”
    • In the above study, 1.65 grams per day of fish oil supplement were taken. What this study means (our opinion) is that fish oil is useless at trying to stop an existing “arterial clog” from getting worse. In other words, fish-oil doesn’t work.

Blogs - Stories About Using Parent Essential Oils

blogs experience teaches all things

Please note that these stories/blogs about Parent Essential Oils use are NOT typical — they’re just individuals who have chosen to talk to us about their results. These blog entries in no way constitute scientific validation and therefore, they should not be relied upon for predicting any one else's results. It is important to know that we don’t vet their accounts. So, we don’t know what other factors may have been involved. This means that you must not believe that you can “go and do likewise”... and get similar results. The blogs/accounts are simply people sharing their happiness with the Parent Essential Oils in a caring kind of way. We hope that their stories could give you ideas for further research and for you to talk about with your wellness professional. But, you, without a medical professional assisting you, must not rely upon individual accounts or anecdotes when facing a health challenge, but rather you should see a licensed, medical provider who can evaluate and recommend according to your unique situation and condition. See our full disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

I Became A Believer

I became a believer in PEOs® when after taking 4 PEO soft gels before beginning a 28 mile cross-country bike race, I finished the race with no joint pain and no muscle cramps. In fact, at the end of the 28 miles, I could have kept going while my companions were completely spent. This was the first time I had finished without being in pain in 4 years of bicycle racing.

If that wasn’t enough, after just two months use of PEOs, after a routine medical checkup, my doctor asked me in a very serious way what I had been doing differently? Because I have been running slightly high on my cholesterol for several years, I expected to be told that my cholesterol had become worse and that I needed to go on drugs to reduce it. Instead, he told me that my cholesterol had come down 40 points, with my good cholesterol being higher and my bad cholesterol being much lower. I told him the only thing different that I had been doing was supplementing with PEOs.

Patrick S

Dramatic Results

At 70 and after having a serious spinal injury one of my challenges is intensifying my physical workouts. I am intent on rebuilding lean muscle mass and endurance. Cramping and pain from lactic acid buildup during aggressive workouts plague everyone and especially people my age. Since consuming Parent Essential Oils before my workouts and again later in the day, I have seen dramatic results. My recovery is amazing even when I have gone way too far and past common sense.

Hank H

Sharper Mind

Since using these parent oils for the first time now I can tell that my mind is sharper. It’s been about a week since I started taking them and have been able to notice the difference. Very encouraging.

Sue C

No More Eczema

I just wanted to provide some feedback on one patient that I implemented the use of PEOs® for atopic dermatitis. He had been taking 6 grams of fish oil per day as he was on some bizarre, weight- lifting-crazy, low-fat diet where the only fat he took was fish oil. I stopped his fish oil (of course!) and started PEOs® in combination with good skin care and some mild topical steroids…. After fifteen doctors, seven years of severe, almost debilitating, eczema was gone in two months. An absolutely fabulous case!! Made my day!!

Dr. Jonathan Carp, M.D.

Blood Pressure Normal

High blood pressure has been my problem for a long time. I have been on medication for this and my real desire is to not take this any longer. After just one week of using Parent Essential Oils my blood pressure is reading normal! This is the first time I have seen a ‘supplement’ have this kind of effect on me. I am very encouraged.

Corene C.

More Energy

I knew that if you guys recommended these PEOs® I would probably be pleased with the outcome. I was still surprised that I could tell a definite increase of quality energy after taking them even the first time. As a retired electrical engineer I analyze things quite well and I am excited about using the parent essential fatty acids long term.

Marcie R

The best one thing in the World to take

It is hard to convince me that something works. I get few things and then test them in every way I can. These have passed all test well above what I expected. They absolutely work in many many ways.

Chuck B

It Will Change Your Life

I have been taking PEO now for several years. And I can say that taking PEO has changed my life for the better. I have MS, and taking PEO has made a profoundly positive impact.

Richard M

The Product Makes a Difference

I have used PEOs® for over a year, close to 2 years now. I tested with/without. The difference in general well-being is clear. Without doesn't feel good. With, does feel good. I bought PEOs® for a friend of mine who's got kidney cancer, waiting for surgery. He told me that since he's been on PEOs® (about 3 weeks), he has seen obvious signs of relief. He's more alert, he thinks better, he feels much less tired during the day... It makes a huge difference for him as he runs a business and his illness prevents him from being on top of his game. PEOs® help him keep his business under control and make him more operational.

Phil C

Migraines Greatly Reduced

My husband has suffered from migraines for 30 years. They seem to come from foods, lack of sleep, weather pressure and stress. As soon as he started taking these PEOs, the severity of his migraines began diminishing. After months of consistently taking these, he has now gone from 2 to 3 a month to having only one since August. I will be honest when he showed this product to me I thought it wouldn't work because nothing else has. I am happy to say that I am a believer now. The quality of his life has improved because of this and I am very happy for him. We love this product!

Jodi G

Awesome product!

This item was bought because I was having issues with my skin. Not only has it fixed it, it has made me feel twice as good and my energy level is through the roof! I love this product and I will never stop taking it!

Pat C

Like Night and Day for my Dog

My dog has had this little over a week and he is a different dog. He will be 13 in January, 2020, and had become sluggish. He is active and happy since taking the oil. I am so impressed and I love it! Thank you!

Donna D

PEOs® are Great!

My mom [age confidential :-)] and i (age 60) have been taking the liquid PEOs® for four months now, at twice the recommended dosage for our weights. My mom's heels stopped their painful winter cracking, her elbows stopped being leathery, i had a 1/4" high blister from a burn and it healed rapidly with no scar, my hair was coarse and now it's soft and smooth. These all happened within the first 2 months. We're amazed and looking forward to what else PEOs® will do!

Laura S



Alden B

Best supplement I have ever taken!

I'm 85-years young and have been taking PEOs® about 12+ years now. I play golf at least 3 times a week and I notice a difference in energy. I am in perfect health considering my age and what I see my friends in. I'll never not take them!!!!


No. 1 Supplement

Since I began using the Oxygen4Life PEOs, over four year ago, I’ve added increased energy, endurance, and strength. I’ve also developed smooth, hard nails and I no longer bruise easily. My blood pressure is down to normal and I don’t suffer with headaches, colds or the flu. Because of these observations I have to conclude that the PEOs® are indeed providing me with the “missing link” to an energized and disease-free life! I believe PEOs® truly are essential and they are definitely my number one supplement.

Dev Jensen


MILLIE Is my 16.5 year old 14 pound dog. She started have mobility issues. Her hip went out of joint. At any given time she would have up to three legs not working at the same time. Watching her suffer broke my heart. I started feeding her PEOs® with her wet dog food every night. I started with two capsules and now she gets 4 each evening. It has made a tremendous difference. She now dances like a puppy while she is waiting for her food. All her legs work all the time now. It has extended her life, because I would put her down before I watched her be in constant pain. She is now very mobile. Thank You. BTW - I also take 6 capsules every night - my fingernails are normally extremely soft, but the PEOs® make it possible for the to grow a little because they are stronger. I can not forget to tell you about BAKER, my 35 lb dog. He has seizures. The last seizure he had was in July 2017 because I started given him 2 capsules with his dinner and that seems to have stopped the seizure.

Dianne H

Gold Star Results

Just wanted to let you know... it's been 8 months or more since I started your PEO program. All of my recent tests have come back with Gold stars!! Everything... cholesterol, lipids, etc. Thank you for such a great product. I have told everyone I know... and loaned out PEO Solution many times. Thanks very much

Roger C

Breathing Through My Nose

I am 61 years old and in fairly good health. However, most of my life, since about 12 years old, I suffered with a condition of difficult breathing through my nose. I just couldn’t breathe normally. I had to breathe through my mouth all those years. After taking your oil formula I was able to breathe through my nose freely for the first time in 49 years. I actually feel like an entirely different person. It’s just exhilarating for experience the use of my nose again.

Elbie J

Frequently Asked Questions About Parent Essential Oils (PEOs) Products


They are the two, short-chain, polyunsaturated fatty acids, that are essential to life, which are known as Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), and chemically named, Linoleic Acid (LA) and Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA), also commonly known as Parent Omega-6 and Parent Omega-3.

They are NOT to be confused with the derivative oils, also known as Omega oils, or simply fish oil.

Parent Omega Oils, or Parent Essential Oils (PEOs) are found in varying amounts in seeds, grasses, flowers, nuts and other plants.

PEOs® cannot be made by the human body from other nutrients. Therefore, they must come from the diet.

Parent Essential Oils (PEOs) is a term coined by Brian Peskin to distinguish these two particular Omega oils from derivative Omega, long-chain EFAs that the body can make if there are sufficient of the unadulterated parent oils (PEOs) in the cells from which to make them. In other words, other Omega oils are NOT ESSENTIAL.

Brian Peskin considered using the name Parent Omega Oils (POOs), but the abbreviation didn't sound right, and didn’t include the concept of “essential to be eaten” in that the body cannot make them.

Again, Parent Essential Oils are essential in two ways.

  1. First, they MUST COME FROM FOOD and cannot be made by the body.
  2. And, second, they are essential in the sense that human life is not possible without them.

To work properly in the cells and tissues of the body, Parent Essential Oils MUST be unheated, MUST be (chemically) unprocessed, SHOULD be organically raised and MUST be very carefully handled so that they maintain full physiologic functionality.

Virtually all the polyunsaturated, grocery oils that people consume today contain adulterated (IE “non-correctly-functional”) versions of Parent Essential Oils. This is a huge problem because these adulterated oils are insidiously damaging to health — we say insidiously because their damage often isn’t noticed for years or decades.

The primary way that adulterated or damaged Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are harmful is that they are no longer fully functioning Parent Essential Oils and will, therefore, no longer readily hold and release oxygen. All EFAs, except for these two parent oils (ALA and LA) are correctly termed EFA “derivatives”. This includes the most common derivatives such as Arachidonic Acid - AA, Docosahexaenoic acid - DHA, Eicosapentaenoic acid - EPA, etc.


We call modern grocery store oils adulterated because they have been changed in a way that they no longer hold and transfer oxygen well. They were purposefully engineered by food oil manufacturers to do NOT HOLD oxygen in order to delay the onset of rancidity in order to increase their shelf life (and profits).

Thus, in the pursuit of what they think is a higher quality product, modern manufacturers purposefully prepare their vegetable oils for the market in a way that makes the oils resistant to acquiring, holding and releasing oxygen. They do this because oxygen is what causes vegetable oils to go rancid and to smell bad.

For purposes of maximizing profits, vegetable oils need to smell good so consumers will “like” them and buy them again, and again. In other words, the manufacturers’ goal of ensuring that vegetable oils smell fresh for as long as possible (which is innocent enough) is a real problem to people’s health, since those “longer-shelf-life oils” will incorporate into our cell membranes and do in our cell membranes what they do in the bottles at the grocery store, namely, they will resist the transfer of oxygen through them (in this case from the blood into the cells).

Not only do these adulterated vegetable oils resist oxygen transfer through the cell membranes, but they, also, resist sugar going through the cell membrane, so sugar stays in the blood stream longer — and blood sugar levels rise. If one consumes modern grocery store oils over long periods of time, one has set the stage for diseases that are caused by low cellular oxygenation and increased blood sugar such as Cancer, Heart Disease, Parkinson’s’, Alzheimer’s etc.


Heat changes chemical bonds in oils, resulting in oils that no longer transfer, hold and release oxygen well. Heat is one of the problem in modern manufacturing methods, but the high heat of cooking (especially frying) is even worse than the damage done by manufacturers to prepare there oils to be sold. So, when one cooks and fries vegetable oils, one is doubling down on the negative consequences. We believe that this is why states in the United States with “Southern Cooking” which are famous for frying foods in vegetable oil (making those oils oxygen resisting oils), have the highest Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease rates.


Yes, PEOs® are the proper oils for the body to use build cell membranes that function optimally in all ways. Many health challenges are associated to faulty membrane function. This includes Multiple Sclerosis, hardening of the arteries, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and more.

We recommend that you do not leave cell membrane health to chance because health is the result of many small and simple things, that together add up to health and longevity. We believe that one of those simple things is eating Parent Essential Oils so that you can be sure you have healthy cell membranes.


The following cold-pressed, untreated, organic oils:

  • Organic Flax Oil
  • Organic Pumpkin Oil
  • Organic High Linoleic Sunflower Oil
  • Organic Evening Primrose Oil
  • Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

These oils were chosen because they have high content of the Parent Omega Oils called Linoleic Acid (Parent Omega 6) and Alpha Linolenic Acid (Parent Omega 3). The purpose of the Coconut oil is to help prevent oxygen contact with (and therefore degradation of) the Parent Omega Oils. The oils were combined in particular ratios to get to a 2.5 to 1 ratio of (Parent Omega 6 to Parent Omega 3).


Yes. Unlike most commercial oil supplements, our PEOs® are produced in small, carefully monitored quantities. The oils have no pesticides and have organic certification.

Beyond that, the way you measure whether an oil is good or not is what’s called the PV (Peroxide Value, which is an indicator of free radical damage). We buy only organic seeds, or organic oils. The seeds are crushed to our specs, using a cold pressing methods. We then measure peroxide values of the constituent oils.

  • The individuals oils are pressed and kept in drums that are covered with a nitrogen blanket, which simply means we cover them with a layer of nitrogen gas, which keeps them from being exposed to the oxygen in the ambient air. Oxygen causes oils to degenerate, so we use nitrogen to keep them fresh. After we blend the oils we ship them to the encapsulator.
  • We use an encapsulator that does pharmaceutical grade encapsulation. In our case we use two-part hard gel-caps. We use a hard gel-cap because it’s more impervious to transmission of oxygen than vegetarian caps. With a two-part capsule there will be a bit of gas at the top end of the cap. You can’t avoid that, so what we do is use a nitrogen flush procedure so that the gas that you see in the capsule is nitrogen, not oxygen. That further reduces the opportunity for the oil to oxygenate or oxidize.
  • After the process is done, the capsules cure and then we measure the again for Peroxide Value (PV) and we typically see a very low PV for our product which is obviously what matters. Typically the PV is around 4-6. The slight variation is because we are dealing with agricultural products that vary. Also, we use coconut oil as a natural preservative to help inhibit oxidation. Obviously organic oils can oxidize very easily and so we have to be careful in every way possible.

That’s our process and you can rest assured that you receive "parent" oils, not the harmful overdoses of "derivatives," as found in so many commercial products. FYI: we have tested product after one and a half years and we found that PV never rose higher than 9–10 which is still relatively low.

As a comparison, if you were to go into a grocery store and pick up some sunflower seed oil in the normal clear glass bottle, you would find numbers ranging to well over 20 or 30 and, therefore, an inability for them transfer oxygen.

Also, we have tested the PV values of the oils in our solid white opaque bottle. The PV is same or better than in the capsules and holds a low PV value longer than in the gel capsules. Learn more at this website.


Yes. We recommend a minimum amount of one capsule per 40 pounds of body weight. Double that amount would be even better, especially during times of extra healing. Consuming more than that would probably give no additional benefit, but would simply provide extra calories in the form of easily metabolized fat.

The above translates to between 4 and 8 capsules per day for a 160 pound person.


Fatty acid derivatives such as EPA and DHA are known to be essential to life. Most doctors do not understand, however, that a person doesn’t need to supplement with these derivative oils, because the body can make them from the Parents Omega Oils. In other words, although they are essential to life, they aren’t essential to eat. Many groups of people don’t eat fish, but are perfectly healthy.

People may not eat enough undamaged Parent Oils and as a result may not be producing enough EPA and DHA derivatives. Instead of suggesting that people supplement with fish oil, and because excess fish oil is counter productive to extending life, doctors should be suggesting that their patients supplement with undamaged Parent Oils. That would be a better solution. They just don’t understand this.

Because diets have moved away from raw plant foods in the last 50 to 70 years, many people do not get enough of the unadulterated Parent Omega Oils (LA and ALA). Therefore, their bodies do not have enough undamaged parent oils from which to create derivatives. For this reason, many people do benefit from supplemental DHA and EPA, but, only in very small doses (a few- milligrams not like the supra-pharmacological gram doses in fish oil supplements). The excess amounts of derivative oils are at least a waste of money or may be counter-to-ones-health.

Doctors have been confused by studies that show that fish oils act like steroids in the body, benefiting persons with arthritis symptoms. Neither steroids, nor fish oil are particularly good for long term use.

Doctors, also, hear that fish oil helps to lower lower triglycerides in the blood. Doctors don’t seem to learn, however, that fish oil has no effect on heart-disease caused mortality. Their goal shouldn’t be a good blood test, but a good patient outcome, i.e. less heart disease. In the long run, getting the parent oils is always the better solution than taking the derivative oils. Fish oils could be used either short term, or in 1/50th the dosage amount that is normally recommended.

So, again, what is not understood by most physicians is that Omega derivatives can be (and are) made in the body, from the parent EFAs, on an “as needed” basis in extremely limited quantities, as long as the parent oils are consumed in an adulterated form. Therefore, consumption of EFA derivatives from food is not necessary.

What is also not understood by most doctors is than any temporary benefits are really not worth long term bad effects.

Widely popular fish oil supplements consist entirely of the derivatives, DHA and EPA, and in such large, supra-pharmacological OVERDOSES, that they overdose the patient, causing some benefit (the tiny amount that is needed), but also, causing damage due to the overdosed amounts. Paradoxically, fish oil provides no Parent EFAs for cells to use to build cell membranes.

Few, if any, physicians ask to see the ”normal standard” values of physiologic DHA/EPA amounts in tissue and plasma compared to the parent PEO amounts in tissue and plasma. When they discover the truth of how little DHA and EPA there should be in relation to how much they have been administering, physicians are shocked and dismayed that they have been (unknowingly) harming their patients.


The body only needs minor amounts of Omega derivative oils, which it makes from the Parent Omega oils.

Your body cannot use all of the Omega derivatives that are in fish oil/krill/oil type of supplements. Similar to the idea that small amount of aspirin each day helps health (such as a baby aspirin), but 50 extra strength aspirin tablets a day would too much, excess Omega derivatives create free radical damage and stress within the body.

Excess Omega derivatives are simply aging accelerators since they are easily oxidized (because of their easily damaged double bonds). When incorporated into our cell membranes these derivative oils contribute to hastened membrane per-oxidation (free radical damage).

When you consume Parent Omega Oils, such as PEOs® are, the body will make small amounts of derivative oils from the parents — only what the body needs. There will be no huge excess amounts of Omega derivatives in your body to hasten aging in your cells. This is why fish oil supplements should generally be avoided, placing them in the same category as antibiotics or steroids in terms of how long they should be used (if one is diagnosed as deficient). Please note: if one is deficient in Omega derivatives, the reason is because one is not eating enough undamaged Parent Omega oils. The right way to get Omega derivatives is to let your body make them from the parent oils. And, again, if for some reason, a person wants to supplement with Omega derivatives, it should be for a short time.

Another reason to avoid consuming useless and perhaps harmful fish oil is that it takes 17 pounds of fish to create one fish oil supplement bottle. Consuming fish oil means killing substantial amounts of fish for nothing. You're better off eating the Parent Omega oils from seeds and letting the fish live! The fish are better off, too!



Sure, but first the principle: All seeds, grasses and nuts contain LA and ALA (Linoleic Acid and Alpha Linolenic Acid) which will become part of cell membranes and attract more oxygen into the cells’ interior. Two things are important:

  • First that no damage has happened to the oils. This means PV values (peroxide values) less than 6. Most grocery oils have PV values in the 20s or higher. It also means keeping the oils refrigerated and stored in opaque containers.
  • Second, the ratio of LA to ALA should be in the range of 2 to 4. That’s because we need much more of the LA (and we consume to much adulterated LA in our modern world, that we need to eat more of it.

Now, here’s our list: (good, neutral, bad):

Oxygen Friendly Oils (will increase cellular oxygen):

  • Organic Blend of Parent Essential Oils (already in a 2.5:1 ratio of LA to ALA)
  • Organic, Cold-Pressed Evening Primrose Oil
  • Organic, Cold-Pressed Pumpkin Seed Oil
  • Organic, Cold-Pressed Flax Seed oil
  • Organic, Cold-Pressed Safflower Oil
  • Organic, Cold-Pressed High Linoleic Sunflower Oil
  • Organic, Cold-Pressed Walnut Oil
  • Organic, Cold-Pressed Almond Oil
  • Organic, Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil
  • Organic, Cold-Pressed Sesame Seed Oil

Oxygen Neutral (will not increase nor decrease cellular oxygen):

  • Coconut Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Animal Source Saturated Oils (Dairy, Meat, Poultry, Ghee)

Oxygen Resistive (will lower cellular oxygen):

  • Fish or Krill Oil and Omega 3/6 Supplements
  • Rice Bran Oil
  • Standard Grocery Oils - Corn, Soybean & Canola
  • Shortening
  • Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils


Yes... it tastes like seed oils, which some people like and others don't like. For those who don't want the oil taste, there are the capsules.


If kept cool, they're good for a year or two beyond the stamped expiration date. Kept in the refrigerator, they could be good for two or three years more.


You can do that, and that could be a fun and healthy thing for you to do.

However, this might not be practical for many people due to the effort involved in buying, mixing correctly a fresh oil blend. It certainly entails a lot of time to research where to buy quality oils (you'll need ones that are not made for consumers via methods that damage their ability to hold oxygen). Also, they must not have been sitting on store shelves in clear bottles (where light photons will degrade them). You need to blend them in small amounts that you can use them up before they degrade. You may find that you are spending considerably more time, effort and money than you you want, especially, when you quickly swallow our ready-to-go PEO soft gel capsules and check that important “to do item” off your daily list with virtually no effort.

So, if you do go the time-consuming route, you need to make sure that you do purchase “undamaged” oils:

  • Make sure that the oils you are buying are packaged in dark bottles and stored in the refrigerator.
  • Ask for tests of the oil's Peroxide Value.
  • And, don't make too much of your oil blend or it is likely that the oils PV (free radical damage) will become excessive before you use up what you have prepared.

Keep in mind that most vegetable oils, besides being processed incorrectly, are not refrigerated and their PV values are very high (between 20 to 30) which means that they are damaged and will not support oxygen transfer to the cells and will age your cells. So, your biggest problem will be finding good oils to use.

If that isn't enough, you will need to balance the oils in terms of Parent Omega 6 and Parent Omega 3. The human body needs much more undamaged Parent Omega 6 than Parent Omega 3. Brian Peskin recommends a 2.5:1 ratio of Linoleic (Parent Omega 6) to Alpha-Linolenic (Parent Omega 3) Acids. Each oil contributes its own ratio of LA to ALA. If the ratio of Parent Omega oils you consume is unbalanced to the Parent Omega 3 (ALA) side, i.e. less than 2.5:1 ratio, then your body will age more rapidly than it should. If the ratio is unbalanced to the Parent Omega 6 (LA) side, i.e. greater than 2.5:1 ratio, then oxygen diffusion into your cells will be less than it should.

Also, remember that not everyone likes the taste of these oils. They have a different taste than what many people are used to. With the PEO soft gels, you don’t taste them.

And, of course, the Peskin Parent Essential Oil blend of oils that we offer on this web site is protected from oxidation or free radical degradation by nitrogen, Vitamin E and coconut oil inclusion. Remember that free radicals are a prime causing of human aging. This free radical protection of the oils in PEOs® is obtained by utilizing a dark colored bottle, encapsulating in hard gel capsules (and sealed in nitrogen) and mixing the oils with coconut oil and Vitamin E. These steps protect the easily damaged Parent Essential Oils from oxidation.

Bottom line: It is possible that you may end up spending more money blending the oils on your own than just buying the Parent Essential Oils or that the oils may go rancid, especially, if you aren’t storing them in opaque bottles, mixed with the right amount of coconut oil to aid in minimizing oxygen degradation.

A most important question — Why are more people than ever getting cancer?
  1. Medical science says that the PRIMARY reason is because modern medicines and surgeries enable people to live “long enough” to get cancer… IE cancer is inevitable for anyone who lives long enough.
  2. Brian Peskin says that the PRIMARY reason behind cancer is the consumption of adulterated vegetable oils and the resultant incorporation of those oils into cell membranes which then reduces oxygen levels in the cells.
Who and what will you believe?

Are you going to believe the pharmaceutic/medical industry which says that Cancer is inevitable if you live long enough or are you going to believe Brian Peskin (and a growing list of progressive health researchers) that Cancer is most often caused by an avoidable dietary mistake?

  • If you believe the former, then you will do nothing and just wait until cancer "attacks".
  • If you believe the latter, however, then you will take action to ensure that you don’t make the dietary error that Brian Peskin believes is at the root of the modern cancer epidemic, which mistake is to consume adulterated vegetable oils and to not consume enough raw, unadulterated vegetable oils.

The main truth taught at this website is that eating adulterated vegetable oils is harmful to health because it reduces cellular oxygen levels and eating unadulterated Parent Essential Oils (aka undamaged Parent Omega Fatty Acids), which are abundantly found in Raw Seeds and many plants, is a huge and main key for maintaining adequate cellular oxygenation — in view of avoiding cancer and other health problems resulting from low cellular oxygenation. Therefore, eating Parent Essential Oils is a foundation habit of habit.

The Relationship Between Cell Oxygen and Cancer!
otto warburg

Dr. Warburg learned (more than a century ago) that if oxygen content in a cell is reduced by 35% of its oxygen requirement then such a cell will stop trying to use oxygen to meet its energy needs and will start to rely, instead, on glycolysis (fermenting sugar anaerobically, a primitive survival mechanism) to gain energy.

otto warburg

Dr. Warburg observed that for a cell to meet its energy needs through glycolysis of sugar is, ultimately, so disruptive to cellular health that a cell cannot stay long in this glycolysis metabolic state before it becomes a cancerous cell and soon becomes unable to return to normal oxygen metabolism. This low oxygen state is what Dr. Otto Warburg calls the prime cause of cancer.

brian peskin

Brian Peskin’s first great contribution to the topic is that consuming adulterated vegetable oils lowers cellular oxygen levels by making cell membranes less permeable by oxygen .

Previously, it was not understood that vegetable oils would incorporate into cell membranes and resist oxygen transfer through cell membranes.

brian peskin

Brian Peskin’s second great contribution is that eating unadulterated vegetable oils (PEOs) increases cell oxygen transfer into cells and increases the odds of avoiding, not only cancer, but many other modern diseases for which low oxygen as a contributing cause (such as Cardiovascular Disease, Alzheimer ’s and much more).

The discovery of these two principles regarding PEOs® is monumental in importance.

It Would Have Been Hard for Dr. Otto Warburg To Imagine...

... that modern food preparation processes would damage delicate polyunsaturated oils and turn them into oxygen-resisting oils, which after replacing oxygen-attracting polyunsaturated oils in cell membranes, lowers cell oxygen and unwittingly launched a modern epidemic of cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, etc.

We're grateful to Brian Peskin for this important understanding!

Brian Peskin
Hidden Story of Cancer Book
PEO Solution Book

By reading and understanding either of these watershed books, it will become plainly evident to you that

  • Cancer, heart disease and many other chronic diseases are the “to-be-expected” result of eating modern “processed for long-shelf life” vegetable oils, partially hydrogenated oils or any adulterated or cooked polyunsaturated oil.
  • Eating modern vegetable oils is as unhealthy as smoking cigarettes, over-eating sugar or not exercising.
  • Conversely, eating unadulterated polyunsaturated oils, aka Alpha Linolenic Acid (Parent Omega 3) and Linoleic Acid (Parent Omega 6) is the single healthiest practice anyone can have.

In his two books, Brian Peskin has laid out the whole matter of how polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) or vegetable oils either destroy or empower your health in his two groundbreaking books that explain how and why one's health depends on whether the vegetable oils that one eats contain damaged or undamaged Parent Essential Oils (PEOs).

  1. Brian's first book about PEOs, "The Hidden Story of Cancer" went through six printings and is now out of print.
  2. It has been replaced by Brian Peskin’s new book, the “PEO Solution”, co-authored with Dr. Robert Rowen.

Brian lectures constantly worldwide on the health damaging properties of modern vegetable oil and fish oil and the health improving properties of Parent Essential Oils (aka Parent Omega Oils or undamaged seed oils).

A summary of Brian Peskin’s ground breaking research is as follows:

Parent Omega Oils (PEOs® as Brian calls them) are essential to health and cannot be manufactured by the body.

  • They are an essential resource from which other fatty acids and hormones are manufactured and they must be obtained from one's diet.
  • These essential oils are chemically known as Alpha Linolenic Acid (Parent Omega 3 or ALA) and Linoleic Acid (Parent Omega 6 or LA).

Insufficient oxygen within cells is a contributing or prime cause to many modern diseases such as Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Parkinson’s, Dementia, etc.

The amount of oxygen existing inside a cell depends indirectly on the presence of undamaged (oxygen-carrying) Parent Omega Oils (which Brian calls Parent Essential Oils) in cell membranes.

  • Oxygen levels inside cells are dependent on Parent Omega Oils because without ample amounts of those Parent Omega oils in cell membranes, oxygen transfer into the cell occurs at lower rates, if at all.

Parent Omega oils can either be damaged (adulterated) or undamaged. If damaged, then they are not beneficial, but, rather, harmful to health, by virtue of the reduction of cell oxygen they cause. Parent Omega Oils can be damaged as a result of

  • high heat of frying, boiling, baking (food preparation)
  • high heat or chemical processing involved in manufacturing steps of commercial oil preparation and bottling
  • light photons going through clear bottles (which is why oils should be put into dark bottles and kept in cupboards or refrigerators
  • or simple degradation over time

The delicate nature of polyunsaturated oils requires careful, purposeful handling to avoid damaging them.

  • Damaged omega oils ought not to be consumed because the damaged oils will incorporate into human cell membranes and reduce the ability of the cells to obtain optimal amounts of oxygen from the blood.
  • The more that one consumes adulterated vegetable oils, the more that the oxygen content of the cells of one’s body will be reduced from what it would otherwise have been if those adulterated oils hadn’t been consumed. In other words, damaged polyunsaturated oils should be “viewed” as being a long-term destroyer of health, similar to cigarette smoking, and avoided.
  1. When damaged vegetable oils are consumed and incorporate into cell membranes, the resulting hindrance or resistance to oxygen transfer will continue for the entire life of that cell (meaning 3 - 5 months)... until a new cell is created (periodic cell replication) and if the new cell membrane is able to be constructed from undamaged Parent Essential Oils. This is why undamaged Parent Omega Oils should be eaten daily... so that the millions of cells being created each day will be built from undamaged Parent Omega Oils.
  • Undenatured Parent Omega Oils (meaning raw, uncooked, not chemically processed Linoleic and Alpha-Linoleic Fatty Acids, found in many seeds, nuts, grasses and plants) will incorporate into cell membranes and upon doing so they will increase the cells ability to obtain oxygen from the blood… leading to less likelihood of the above mentioned diseases and increased likelihood of health and energy. Therefore, they should be consumed regularly.

Parent Essential Oils Products Ordering Form

We always offer the lowest prices on PEOs, including quantity discounts.

If you buy PEOs from Amazon you'll be paying too much. Our prices for PEO gelcaps are: one bottle for $35.95, two bottles for $34 each or 4 bottles for $30 each. That's significantly less than Amazon prices, and you're supporting a small business.



Parent Essential Oils Supplements Facts

PEOs® softgel supplement facts
Parent Essential Oil Gelcaps

How to Use

We recommend taking one capsule for each 40 pounds of body weight. Additional capsules (beyond that amount) are not necessary, but could provide one with clean, quick burning fuel.

It is best to divide the total amount of capsules to be taken into two doses (morning and evening).

Example: a 160 pound person would take 2 in the morning and two in the evening while a 240 pound person would take 3 capsules in the morning 3 in the evening.

Refrigeration after opening a bottle is not necessary, but is encouraged for those who don't use up a bottle within a month, in order to keep product as fresh as possible.

PEOs® softgel supplement facts
Parent Essential Liquid

How to Use

We recommend taking 1/4 teaspoon per 40 pounds of body weight. Additional amounts (beyond that amount) are not necessary, but could provide one with clean, quick burning fuel.

It is best to divided the total amount of PEO liquid to be taken into two doses (morning and evening).

Example: a 160 pound person would take 1/2 teaspoon in the morning and 1/2 teaspoon in the evening while a 200 pound person would take 3/4 teaspoon in the morning and 1/2 teaspoon in the evening.

Refrigeration is not necessary, but the storage temperature should be less than 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

PEOs® softgel supplement facts
Parent Essential Liquid

How to Use

We recommend giving your pet 1/8 teaspoon per 12 pounds of body weight. Additional amounts (beyond that amount) are usually not necessary, unless in a recovery mode after illness or injury.

It is best to divided the total amount of PEO liquid to be taken into two doses (morning and evening).

Refrigeration is not absolutely necessary unless the product will not be completely used up within 3 months. Also, the storage temperature should be less than 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Ultra Mito Restore - this energy infused oil-blend of 44 powerful ingredients helps restore damaged mitochondria to youthful state again. It can help give you the energy you need, the sleep you need, the healing you need because it restores mitochondria to peak operating condition, giving one the energy of a teenager again.
  • Coconut Powder - good for brain, skin, digestion, etc. And, it tastes great.
  • Embla Arginine - boosts human growth hormone and nitric oxide and helps repair damaged endothelial cells (cardiovascular linings) so that the arteries are more elastic (young). If you want to anti-age, this will help you do it!
  • Single File Water - with Single File Water, beet root nutrients enter cells up to six times faster than with distilled, R.O. filtered or tap water. The Single File Water unit lasts for 40 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should Pregnant Women Mothers Consume Fish Oil?

In our opinion, a pregnant mother (or anyone else) could take an eighth of a capsule of fish oil daily and receive benefit and no harm. More fish oil is not better and PEOs® is a far better choice for a pregnant mother or anyone else.

  • It should go without saying that ample oxygen is good and a lack of oxygen is bad.
  • Fish oil does nothing to improve cellular oxygen.
  • On the other hand, PEOs® does help improve cellular oxygen; and PEOs® offer numerous other health benefits that fish oil cannot provide.
  • With PEOs® and basic nutrients in one's daily diet, one's body will make the amount of derivative oils that one's body needs.
  • In addition to PEOs®, we highly recommend that a pregnant or nursing mother consume extra minerals each day. Minerals are the most important foundation of health. Countless enzymatic reactions in the body depend on the presence of minerals.

Why Do we Talk About PEOs® Incessantly

  1. Because parent omega oils are a critically important component of cell membranes (nearly half of cell membrane molecules are parent omega oils). Omega oils are essential to cell-membrane integrity, for governing what goes in and out of cells, and they are the raw material from which derivative omega oils such as EPA and DHA (essential to brain health, immune health, and skin health) are created. One must get parent omega oils from the diet. They cannot be made inside our bodies. Few people eat enough parent omega oils to maintain truly optimum health.
  2. Because modern vegetable oils are virtually always adulterated omega oils that do not facilitate enough oxygen diffusion through them, modern people often have low cellular oxygen. Those people who eat considerable amounts of modern vegetable oils are more prone to oxygenation-deficit diseases such as Parkinson's, Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimer's, etc., and to lessened levels of energy. The way to have lots of oxygen in one's cells is to avoid modern, adulterated vegetable oils and to eat plenty of omega rich oils in seeds, nuts, flowers, and Brian Peskin formulated Parent Omega Oil rich supplements.
  3. Because people mistakenly believe that omega-derivative-rich oils (such as fish oil) are healthy and that by taking them they're doing a good thing for their health That is not true. Derivative omega oils are not the same are parent omega oils. By taking fish oil, they not getting enough of the parent omega oils they need for cell membrane health. That's analogous to thinking that one can build a house with nails and pipes and wires, while leaving out the wood, studs, dry-wall, bricks, and cement. In this comparison, fish oil would be like the nails, pipes and wires and the parent omega oils would be like the wood, studs, dry-wall, bricks, and cement. Your health requires parent omega oils (the real cell membrane building materials), not just the specialized derivative omega oils.
  4. Because adulterated and derivative omega oils aren't very beneficial to human health and because fish populations in the oceans are seriously damaged by slaughtering fish to make fish oil, fish oil is a plague not a blessing. Unless people get the message that vegetable oils and fish oils are bad for human health and our world ecology, they will keep doing the wrong thing. That's why we incessantly decry modern vegetable oils, fish oils, and urge people to eat to Parent Omega Oils from raw seeds, flowers, and nuts.

Do Vegetable Oils Scare You?

vegetable oils are killing you

They should!

... because grocery store vegetable oils lower your cells' oxygen content! The lower your cell oxygen goes, the more likely you are to experience low energy, low metabolism, heart disease, cancer and unhappy health challenges.

Please Keep in Mind Always

Ample cellular oxygen is a KEY for avoiding many of life’s greatest and most devastating health challenges. Many (probably most) people do not understand that the way to keep cellular oxygen high is to:

  1. to avoid adulterated oils found in processed vegetable oils
  2. consume Parent Omega Oils in raw seeds, nuts or our PEOs® supplement

Because most people don’t know this, millions of people have suffered and are currently suffering, needlessly, the consequences of inadequate cellular oxygen.

  • Adulterated Vegetable Oils are among the most insidious and most health damaging foods (when eaten for a long time) that a person can eat... because their adulterated fatty acids incorporate themselves into cell membranes and slowly, and imperceptibly reduce the flow of oxygen through those cell membranes. So avoid foods that contain cooked or processed vegetable oils.
  • Fish/Krill/DHA-EPA Omega Oil supplements do not provide the oxygen enhancing benefits of Parent Essential Oils and, at the same time, they increase free radical damage in one’s cells, aging one’s tissues more rapidly than would otherwise occur. Ergo… no long-term benefit… only harm. See this recent report showing the damage of fish oil supplementation. PEOs® are the right way to go!
  • Unadulterated Linoleic and Alpha Linoleic Oils From Vegetable Oils are among the most health promoting and beneficial foods (over the long haul) that a person can eat. Unfortunately, most people do not press their own seed oils at home, and so they get damaged vegetable oils from grocery stores that harm them. That's why we recommend people ensure the integrity of the EFAs they are eating, either by eating ample amounts of raw seeds, nuts and grasses or by supplementing with a PEOs® supplement that is proven to be integral and unadulterated.

How Parent Essential Oils (PEOs) Increase Cellular Oxygenation

PEOs® are the two particular polyunsaturated (Omega) vegetable oils, known scientifically as:

  1. Linoleic Acid (LA) (Parent Omega 6)
  2. Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA) (Parent Omega 3)

They are are short-chain, “oxygen-attracting” oils. They are found in seeds and plants. They are important for a couple of reasons, but the one we are focusing on is that they readily intake, hold and release oxygen. It is important to understand that oils make up 50% of the bi-lipid membrane that surrounds each cell in the body. Ideally, up to a third of these oils will be PEOs, which help oxygen readily move from the bloodstream into the cell. These two oils cannot be made by the body and so must come from the diet, which is why Brian Peskin has coined the phrase, Parent Essential Oils (PEOs), for referring to them.

Oxygen — Inside the Cell is Paramount to Health!

Having optimum amounts of oxygen within human cells enables the creation of optimum amounts of energy in cellular mitochondria. Ample oxygen is essential to both cellular fires and campfires. Just as a campfire doesn’t burn well without oxygen, so, too, without enough oxygen, cellular mitochondria have a difficult time burning fuel (carbohydrates or fats) to make energy for the cell to be healthy.

Total health is the result of the cumulative health of one’s cells. Therefore, ensuring optimum cellular energy by ensuring the adequacy of cellular oxygen is near the absolute top of any list of health priorities that one should have.

The most important way to ensure ample cellular oxygen is to ensure that one’s cell membranes are constructed from the two, thin, “oxygen-attracting” oils that we call Parent Essential Oils.

The single most important thing that a person can do to avoid cancer related health issues in the future is to regularly consume PEOs® (either from food or from the extracted oil) because doing so gives the most likely result of having ample levels of cellular oxygen

Derivative Oils

In addition to their importance in cell membranes (for increasing cellular oxygen), PEOs® are used by the body to make other derivative oils that the body needs. Two of well known derivative oils that the body makes from PEOs® (as needed) are the derivative Omega fatty acids, DHA and EPA (cold water fish are especially rich in these two oils).

DHA and EPA Omega fatty acids have become well known. They are long- chain, Omega oils, that are required for many biochemical functions in the body. (Please note, however, that contrary to the current fish oil fad, it is not very wise to supplement with the derivatives. It is better, wiser and healthier to eat the Parent Essential Oils and let your body make however many derivative fatty acid molecules it needs.)

Most people eat so little unadulterated Omega Oils that not only is cellular oxygen lower than it should be, but also their production of derivative oils is low. Both of these could be countered by eating unadulterated Omega oils each day.

There exist two challenges with eating enough functional PEOs® to meet the body’s requirements for them. Those challenges are:

  1. Getting enough of both Parent Essential oils — since Parent Omega 6 (LA) and Parent Omega 3 (ALA) function as a tag team, both of them are needed. Since PEO food sources are unbalanced in their amounts of these oils, it is paramount to eat a variety of PEO containing foods, in order to get enough of both of them. If for instance, you eat mostly flax seeds you'll have way more than necessary of Parent Omega 3 and not enough Parent Omega 3. Conversely, if you eat mostly pumpkin seeds, you'll have the opposite, too much of Parent Omega 6 and not enough Parent Omega 3.
  2. Ensuring that the PEOs® one eats have not been adulterated — through heat, light or chemical processing. This is quite a challenge since processed oils are all damaged. Parent Omega oils are very easily damaged and so altered or cooked PEOs® do the opposite of enabling optimum cell oxygen — they hinder the transfer of oxygen into cells and undermine health, especially when done day in and day out.

Get Our Free Report on PEOs

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Get our free 53 page Report - a preview from Brian Peskin’s book “Chapter 6: The Power of the Parents, Understanding Parent Essential Oils.”
abes oils

Your Pets Need PEOs, too!

The same mixture of seed oils that is known as PEOs® is available in a pet version, for your beloved animals — in the liquid format. Each bottle of Abe's Oils contains 4 ounces.

For maintenance, a pet should take 1/8 teaspoon for each 12 pounds of body weight. During a time of health recuperation, after illness or injury, it's a good idea to double or triple that amount, either in a single serving, a by repeating that serving size two or three times a day.

Abe's Oils provides the same health benefits for animals that PEOs® does for humans, namely improvement of oxygen transfer from the blood into the cells, improving immune function, improving energy, hormone creation and protection against aging of cardiovascular systems. Thus it makes your pet less likely to experience a chronic disease. So, if you love your animals, then Abe's Oils is a must for their daily diet.

Abe's Oils was named after one of our beloved pets.

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PEO Ratios of Human Tissues

Omega products that emphasize Omega 3 (IE, have a high proportion of Omega 3 to Omega 7) ignore that the body is mostly Omega 6 (as shown in the above table) and that much of the dietary Omega 6 people eat is adulterated Omega 6.

Our product seeks to provide ample amounts of both unadulterated Omega 3 and Omega 6 while addressing the lack of Omega 3 in most people's diets. The ratio 2.5 to 1 was calculated by Brian Peskin to be the best ratio for most people people based on the above factors.

The importance of omega oil participation in transportation of molecules (such as oxygen) and nutrients from the blood through the cell membranes INTO the cellular cytoplasm has led some scientists to declare that the most important foods to consume regularly are omega oil rich foods from plants, as long as the omega oils are undamaged and therefore able to move that oxygen through the cell membranes. Additionally, undamaged omega oils can be converted by cells into essential-to-life, derivative omega oils (while damaged omega oils cannot).

We are also coming to understand that the unhealthiest and most important foods to avoid are omega oil rich foods where the omega oils are damaged because these oils go into cell membranes and block the transport of nutrients and molecules (such as oxygen) needing to go from the blood into the cells.

This all boils down to eating uncooked, undamaged, unprocessed-with-chemicals-or-heat vegetable oils and to eschew cooked, damaged, or processed-with-chemicals-or-heat vegetable oils (IE, all vegetable oils for sale at grocery stores).

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