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The key to health is eliminating toxicities and deficiencies! - Dr. William R. Kellas

Healthy Living Blogs

Healthy-Living is owned by wellness advocates who want to stimulate people to think about and do something to preserve their health before they lose it. Since other people's experiences are interesting and motivating we encourage everyone to share what they have learned in regard to personally being healthy. This will help more people think about what they could do better regard to their or their family's health. We believe sharing information is caring. However, shared information is not the same as scientific information. Shared experiences in the field of health are only offered to give others motivation to think about their health and to do further research, and are not health benefit claims.

A most important blog at Healthy-Living is "Dr. Kellas Speaks".

dr william r kellas

This blog contains the wisdom of one of the most sought out natural healers on earth.

Dr. Kellas is an avid student of health, with doctoral studies in Biochemistry and Naturopathy. Dr. William Kellas is an author and doctor of nutritional biochemistry, a well-known wellness professional, owner of a multi-disciplinary wellness clinic, radio-talk-show host and world-wide lecturer on the subject of health.

  • PhD - Nutritional Biochemistry
  • Dr. Kellas is co-founder of the Center for Advanced Medicine in Encinitas, California
  • For 14 years he was the host of a radio talk show called"Health Talk - A Second Opinion”

Dr. Kellas’s interest in health began when he was given a no-hope diagnosis by the medical establishment and decided to study natural healing. In addition to avoiding the wheelchair verdict of the medical establishment, Dr. Kellas has shared his knowledge of natural healing with countless people.

Dr. Kellas has authored / co-authored three books on health entitled:

  • Surviving the Toxic Crisis
  • Thriving in a Toxic World
  • Toxic Immune Syndrome Cookbook

Dr. Kellas is famous for saying:

At the end of the day, enjoying health isn’t all that complex... it is a matter of eliminating toxicities and deficiencies.

Easy to say, "get rid of toxicities and deficiencies", yes. But, very hard to do in our busy world with stress, sleeplessness, deficient soils and pervasive toxicity. That's why Dr. Kellas has given countless talks on health, written books on health, and founded a clinic to help people with their health. In this Dr. Kellas Speaks blog, you can easily benefit from all that experience and know-how.

Listen to Some of Dr Kellas's Talks on Health

Dr. Kellas lecturing to a select audience about the God-given ways of health - Part 1 - 44.34


Listen to Dr. Kellas lecturing to a select audience about the God-given ways of health - Part 2 - 38.51


Listen to Dr. Kellas being interviewed by the owner of "Balance Magazine" as to his healing philosophies. Very interesting interview. - 68.38

Question and Answers by Dr. Kellas

  1. "Health is a matter of eliminating toxicities and deficiencies."
  2. “One's health will never start to improve until one gives up on vitamin isolates and turns to food.”

Unquestionably, the answer is minerals.

If a person can afford to spend only a little money beyond his/her basic groceries, that money should be spent on minerals.

For this reason, Deep Sea Minerals was the first health supplement product I brought to market in 1986. It is a premier mineral supplement for two reasons:

  1. Deep Sea Minerals are very assimilable, getting completely assimilated into the blood stream in less than two hours
  2. Deep Sea Minerals are free of toxic, heavy metals and man-made pollution.

I would single out sugar in the blood and intestines where it feeds microorganism growth as being the most prevalent toxic condition and the one that causes the most health deterioration.

However, I believe that heavy metals are the most immediately, dangerous toxicity that we deal with at the clinic. Along with that, I would emphatically state that dental work is the primary source of heavy metals and that people should not permit dentists to install any dental work containing mercury or nickel.

Chemical pollutants, harmful microorganisms, and self-pollution from poor digestion, leaky gut and less-than-perfect metabolism.

  • pesticides

    Chemical Pollutants include pesticides, solvents, petrochemicals, food additives and other chemical suppressors of bodily functions.

    Such chemicals are damaging to the cells of the body and especially damaging to cell membranes. Chemical pollutants get stored in our fat, joints, liver, and retained water (below the skin). Chemicals are imprisoned by the body in these locations to keep them out of circulation so that they do less damage to the body.

    Exercise, sauna (sweating), chelation therapy, boosting glutathione levels, chlorella consumption are the best means of removing these dangerous pollutants from our body. It is essential to drink large quantities of water and take large amounts of antioxidants when undergoing a regimen to remove chemical pollutants from the body. It is advisable to have a knowledgeable health professional assist in chemical detoxification.

  • Harmful Microorganisms


    Microorganisms include parasites, fungi, bacteria, viruses and mycoplasmas.

    The primary way people get parasites, virus, mycoplasmas and bacteria is being in areas where people and animals that have these microorganisms are, and then when in those areas allowing unwashed hands to touch the face. Also, eating undercooked food, drinking UN-pasteurized liquids, and walking barefoot are common ways of becoming infected.

    Root canals and cavities are incubators and strongholds for bacteria. Contrary to what dentists will tell you, the fact is that bacteria live in the porous, dead teeth that result from doing root canals, as well as beneath fillings in living teeth. The wastes from these bacteria are harmful to one’s health.

    I believe that the traditional dentist is the most dangerous health professional on earth and advise you to choose a progressive dentist who understands these matters.

    Rinsing your mouth daily with concentrated Aloe is a good practice for keeping oral bacteria down. The primary source of fungi are eating foods that aren’t absolutely fresh and eating high carbohydrate/sugar foods.

    Doing an Eight-Day Cleanse at least once or perhaps twice a year is a great habit to have as it will reduce microorganism populations greatly. The Eight Day Cleanse not only cleans the small and large intestines, but also cleans our capillaries and lymph, reducing allergens as well as microorganisms (this is way beyond what other cleansing programs do.)

    Individual components of the Eight Day Cleanse, namely the concentrated Aloe, Cleansing Enzymes, and Parasite Cleanse products can be used to keep bad microorganisms in check without doing the full cleansing program.

  • Self-pollution from poor digestion, leaky gut and faulty metabolism

    leaky gut

    Self-pollution from poor digestion, leaky gut and faulty metabolism is another large source of toxins within the human body. What we are referring to is damaged digestive systems that contribute to internal body pollution by not completely breaking down foods into nutritional molecules that the body can utilize to maintain itself, as well as byproducts of metabolism such as homocysteine and free radicals.

    Perfect digestion occurs when a perfect food (mother’s milk, for instance) is digested by a stomach and bowel that is working properly (a baby, for instance) and is turned into energy by perfect mitochondria (that haven't yet been damaged). Later on in life, especially after antibiotics change the natural flora composition in the bowel, foods don't get perfectly digested and assimilated and can become toxins instead. The bowels can become a very harmful chemical factory if they become occupied by harmful organisms. Mitochondria can become damaged these toxins and by a lack of antioxidants and produce excessive amounts of free radicals.

    Our bodies have a finite capacity to produce enzymes that break food down into usable components. If our enzyme production has diminished through eating cooked and processed foods, then less enzymes are able to be provided during digestion, and so more food is left incompletely broken down and in a toxic state.

    When incomplete digestion is combined with leaky gut (caused by microorganisms damaging the intestinal lining) toxins are able to more freely enter the bloodstream and pollute or toxify the body.

    A solution to not polluting the body in the ways described above is to utilize enzyme supplementation with all meals of cooked foods and to periodically clean up one’s digestive tract and bowels with the Eight Day Cleanse.

    As digestion becomes damaged over the years, more and more Homocysteine (toxic amino acid) will build up in peoples' bodies. Homocysteine is byproduct of less than perfect protein metabolism. Homocysteine is very damaging to endothelial cells, resulting in hardened arteries over time and to mitochondria, causing mitochondria to start producing more free radicals from imperfect energy conversion.

    Supplementing with Methylate Me will help lower homocysteine levels (which will help avoid endothelial cell damage). Glutathione supplements will also increase cellular production levels of Glutathione (the body’s master antioxidant), which is, also, a Thiol and potent detoxifier of the body and brain. Methylate Me also improves levels of SAm-E, by converting homocysteine into methionine which converts to SAm-E. SAm-E is a wonderful mood enhancer with none of the side effects of SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors).

The key concepts for nutrition are variety and nutrient dense. No single food contains all the nutrients needed. We ought to focus on minerals, nutrient dense foods, essential oils, fiber, antioxidants and probiotics, in that order:

  • Minerals - since food is often deficient, we need to supplement. There is no other way unless one lives in areas that have not been over farmed, which means away from civilization.
  • Nutrient dense foods - in our thought process, we need to think the question, “are the calories in this food worth the damage that the calories will do to my health?”. Burning calories always makes free radicals, uses up minerals and proteins. Our foods need to come with a lot of nutrient tools such as vitamins, proteins, phytonutrients antioxidants and essential oils, or we can be sure that food is causing more damage to health than giving nourishment.
  • Essential fatty acids - fish oil, borage oil, flax seed oil - these oils are extremely important as they are essential to formation and maintenance of cellular membranes.
  • Antioxidants - protect us from free radicals that cause disease and aging. We’ve got to eat many times more antioxidants than most people eat if we are going to neutralize the free radicals that constantly attack our cells.
  • Vegetables - source of numerous proteins and phytonutrients - the key is variety.
  • Non-gluten forming grains - also, are a source of numerous nutrients.
  • Fiber - slows down sugar digestion and absorbs free radicals, thus protecting us from diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  • Probiotics - since we don’t eat from our gardens anymore and since we don’t eat many fermented foods anymore, we need to add into our diets the good bacteria that are so helpful to our intestinal system.

About Seven Essentials and RiSoTriene which Dr. Kellas brought to market.

Because most people don’t get the variety of nutrient dense food that they should, Seven Essentials is highly recommended. It provides the equivalent antioxidant protection of of 42 servings of vegetables in each serving of Seven Essentials. It provides minerals, RiSoTriene (a perfect grain food, being the stabilized, soluble nutrient dense outer-layer of rice) essential fatty acids, proteins, probiotics, fiber and is a great source of the nutrients that most of us miss in our daily diets.

The reason is that I live in a real world.

Eating primarily raw food is a great theoretical idea, and for those unusual people who can do it, that’s terrific.

For most people, however, eating primarily raw food is not in the realm of possibility, mostly because we are doing other things with our lives than just trying to live longer.

Simply put, we lack the time, money or labor resources to safely and reliably get all of our needed nutrition from raw food sources. But, because we still need raw nutrients, that’s where Seven Essentials comes in. With Seven Essentials, we get the raw nutrients our body needs in a concentrated format that we can fit into our busy lives.

Even so, E7 will comprise only a small portion of the food we eat each day. Since, much of that other food will be cooked or processed in a way that loses the natural enzymes that would help digest that food, and since eating such food results in a depletion of enzymes from one's body, there needs to be a way to eat cooked food without suffering from our body's finite capacity to produce enzymes.

So to assist one in having the enzymes needed to break down cooked food efficiently, we have created an enzyme product that works in all pH ranges and that is well balanced for all types of meals. I would say that creating our enzyme product is probably the most difficult task we have ever done. Only God does biochemistry right, the rest of us just guess at it. We have “guessed”, evaluated and worked on this enzyme product for many, many years. It contains 17 enzymes, liver boosting foods and good bacteria, to help digest our food more perfectly. It also contains botanicals that stimulate production of gastric juices and additional botanicals to kill bacteria and fungus in the gut before they damage gastrointestinal linings and undermine digestion. We have named this product Cleansing Enzymes because it keeps the body clean from a buildup of partially digested foods particles that become allergens and toxins.

With Cleansing Enzymes, we get all the enzymes needed to extract nutrition from cooked and processed foods. This is vital because cooked and processed foods do not contain the enzymes needed to be digested. Those enzymes were destroyed in the cooking process. Without those enzymes they are only partially digested in our guts and the partially digested food enters the bloodstream and creates havoc. Partially digested food molecules are seen as allergens and toxins by our body and create numerous health problems down the road. Therefore, we need to supplement our meals with Cleansing Enzymes to ensure complete digestion of foods.

(No one should expect any results similar to shared experiences below. They are simply one person's experience or belief. There may be other factors involved in good health outcomes. See our full disclaimer regarding shared experiences.)


Blood Sugar and Weight Loss As Affected by the Eight Day Cleanse - 35.54


Dr. Kellas - discusses his insights into the rewards that come from doing the Eight DayCleanse - 38.00


A great experience with the Cleanse - 2:03.


One person’s experience with losing over 25 pounds with one eight day cleanse and then continuing on to lose a total of over 150 pounds through repeated Cleanses - 4:36.


Cleanzym (part of the Eight Day Cleanse) helps clean out gastrointestinal fungus- 1.56


Individual Experiences:

Being a successful chiropractor. I am always approached by people in the Health Industry from various companies and asked to look at products to sell or promote. People have approached me to sell vitamins, Essentially Yours oils, Nikken magnets, Noni Juice and many others. Finally, I came across a company with incredible all natural nutritional products and wanted to share my experience of them with you.

While I've tried various products through the years, I could never tell if they were really doing anything for me or not. I am relatively healthy, but have concerns, like many people, about my heart. My father died from a heart attack at the early age of 46. He did not have high cholesterol, but he did have a high triglyceride problem.

So for the first time, I decided to "test" these new products and track my blood levels to see what they were doing for me and to me -- on a cellular level. I was completely amazed.

Here are “actual” before and after results and pictures of my blood cells, showing clumping before doing the Eight Day Cleanse and no clumping after doing the Eight Day Cleanse. The whole difference was the Eight Day Cleanse.

  • My Cholesterol came down 52 points to 167 — a 24% DECREASE!
  • My LDL level came down 42 points to 105 — a 29% DECREASE!
  • My Triglycerides down 24 pts to 71 — a 25% DECREASE!
  • My blood cells stopped clumping together:
  • Before Eight Day Cleanse:
  • After Eight Day Cleanse:  

Dr. Mark S.

Hi, my name is Stephen D. and I just finished the 8 day cleanse. I would consider myself to be a relatively healthy person with an interest in juicing, eating raw foods, super-foods, and experimenting with a variety of nutritional supplements. Despite my healthy diet and daily yoga I have had an area of persistent psoriasis on my shin for the past 2.5 years. In these past few months I have really been focusing on healing this health issue and I discovered that gluten sensitivity and perhaps leaky-gut syndrome may be contributing to the skin problem. I am at the low end of the weight spectrum, so losing weight hasn't been a problem for me, I actually have trouble gaining weight!

I had tried a 2 day water fast and noticed that it helped improve my skin, so the concept of this 8 day cleanse which would have the effect of a 40 day water fast, while allowing me to eat and taking much less time really appealed to me.

So I ordered the 8 day cleanse. I noticed really only on the first day of the cleanse having detox symptoms, which to me were moderate. I had a mild "head sensitivity," which I could feel as toxins being released from my neural centers, combined with mild muscle ache, but by day two most of that was non-existent. I drank a lot of fluids and found the meals to be pleasant, though a little hard to eat for 8 days straight. I really enjoyed the steamed cabbage with olive oil, salt and lemon and enjoyed a lot of steamed broccoli as well. Broiled asparagus and squash is what I usually ate for dinner. I actually used up the E7 by day 7 and found it to be delicious! I like how this program works a lot and would recommend it to others and try it again.

There were times when I felt very very clear and clean and this program has coincided with a multitude of positive life changes for me. My skin has cleared to some of its best levels without steroid cream, mostly all of the roughness and irritation has subsided. The cleanse has helped me overcome sugar issues, and helped with intestinal detoxification and healing with the cleanzyme and aloe, and any possible parasites with the parasite formula. I feel very clean, healthy and positive as a result!


"My 8th day was yesterday. The only negatives I had while on the 8 Day Cleanse were an intense 3-day caffeine headache and I craved eggs the whole time. Funny, huh? I lost 20 pounds as of this morning and felt great the whole time. I love the Seven Essentials (a first, believe me, I've never used powdered shakes of any program before). My energy level is incredible, but my stamina is lacking. Anyway, today, I'm going to keep up the good work. I'm going to begin eating slowly (eggs!) and continue the "after" program. I'm very impressed with this program. I don't know how to tell if I lost any parasites, but I did have one tiny miracle happen. I had a bump under my skin on my face. It felt like a blackhead but it never surfaced. I've had it for around 5 years. When you would touch it, it would kind of roll around. Okay, enough gross descriptions. Well, it's gone. It never surfaced - it LEAKED through my skin and smelled like sour milk. That might not impress some, but I was amazed and have told everyone I know.

While the twenty pounds might not mean anything to most people, it's the 2nd miracle. My thyroid doesn't function and I am allergic to the corrective prescription. So, I've gone from very skinny to very fat in the last twenty years. Every year, no matter what I do, I gain a few pounds. I fast occasionally, but never have lost more than 2 pounds of water weight. This time, I lost 20 pounds! I never expected weight-loss. What more could you ask for? I feel great.

Needless to say, everyone is asking how I'm losing so much so fast. Thanks for contacting me. Will let you know when we get things up and running.”

- Judy N.

I just finished the 8 day cleanse, having started off barely able to walk, not able to stand for more than a moment, and weighing close to 400 lbs.

I have had NO side effects, except for a complete lack of interest is food after the 4th day. I have lost at least over 25 lbs. and an entire dress size in just 8 days. You must realize that I am not the normal obese person. I have held a ND degree for 15 years, raised an entire family of 8 on home birthing, NO drugs, no immunizations, and only gourmet foods. My husband and 8 children are fit and healthy. Never seen doctors for anything other than bone setting. But concerning my "un"-health, I have had an overload of Candida, worsening over the years since the birth of my second child (only one born in a hospital that picked up "thrush" from a nurse and spread it to me!!) and losing weight every year became harder and harder, as always I was concentrating on everyone else. I have never succumbed to any kind of "dieting" philosophy or fads, and have enjoyed otherwise strong constitutional overall good health from eating very healthy foods. Until lately, my weight did not slow me down or bother me, other than my self-esteem, for which I had no time anyway. I read your cleansing information, understood immediately the healthful benefits, but was moved to action by the time frame offered for substantial change. Amazingly, I have had so much energy and clear headedness, I can't believe it, nor can my family. So, I am now on to continuing this Seven Essentials intake. After a months time, I intend to do the 8 day cleanse again and so on, until I reach my healthiest place for me, whatever that may be. The best part of all this is that without being able to move at all, I had so little hope of getting enough energy to MOVE to exercise. Now, with this loss already, combined with the extra energy, I look forward to adding moderate exercise to my days ahead.”

Lois D.

I recently purchased your 8 day cleanse and was very surprised at how well I felt when finished. I have completed several cleanses in the past, but have to agree that I think yours is one of the best.

Becky B.

Just finished the Eight Day Cleanse. It was great... am ordering Seven Essentials now.

Tia H.

I've actually finished the cleanse and it went really well. I only lost about 6 pounds but I'm not grossly over weight. I felt fantastic whilst doing the cleanse and am staying on the similar regime of eating.

Regards, Bronwyn D.

I am very impressed your product and especially so as regards how my cravings for sugar have decreased. I now feel that being clean internally is achievable at last! Thank you!

Lana H.

At 74 years of age, I did the Eight Day Cleanse with absolutely no problem. My total cholesterol dropped from 373 to 227 in just eight days as a result of doing the Eight Day Cleanse.

Kenneth R.

I have suffered from painful Rosacea for many years. As a result of doing three Eight Day Cleanses during a period of 40 days, I lost 35 pounds permanently . My legs no longer swell like they used to. I no longer experience the pain that I used to have in my face, scalp, nose, ears and I have nearly weaned myself off of taking daily antibiotics in order to help control the Rosacea.

Susan C.

I had such a good experience with it, that I had several coworkers do your Cleanse.

Sonia C.

I just want to say that the Eight Day Cleanse was marvelous... I feel stronger, lighter, cleaner, healthier and my digestion (no heartburn) is better now (two weeks later) than it has been for years.

Diana R.

(No one should expect any results similar to shared experiences below. They are simply one person's experience or belief. There may be other factors involved in good health outcomes. See our full disclaimer regarding shared experiences.)


Individual Experiences:

I love this blend of nutrition!! Nice job you guys!! ALOHA!!

Brad I. Hawaii

It was May 2004; one day before my fortieth birthday when we got the news that devastated our lives. My daughter Taylor, twenty-one months old at the time, was just diagnosed with Type 1 (Juvenile) Diabetes.

At the time of her diagnosis, Taylor's blood sugar was dangerously high at 897! She was rushed to Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital in Orlando and placed in the pediatric ICU. Over the course of the next ten days, the doctors worked to stabilize Taylor, and my wife and I learned everything we could to better care for our daughter.

Since leaving the hospital in May of 2004, Taylor's blood sugar levels have been extremely unstable. She can peak in the 400's only to have her sugar level drop into the low 30's forty minutes later. Until recently, Taylor was getting up to 7 shots a day (she has already had 1,990 shots and her finger has been pricked 3,240 times since the middle of May 2004 when she was first diagnosed. At that rate, should would have had 40,825 shots and her fingers would have been pricked 65,700 times by the time she is 18.)

But luckily, we have found something that is helping. Upon learning of the plight of our daughter, a friend introduced us to Seven Essentials... Taylor absolutely adores the taste... and, we love the results. Taylor has been drinking Seven Essentials twice a day for eight weeks now, and incredibly, her blood sugars seem to be stabilizing. Gone are the days when her blood sugar levels drop a whopping 360 points inside of 40 minutes. Gone are the unexplainable peaks into the 400's. Taylor's numbers have consistently been in the 190 to 240 range. In fact, we have even started reducing the number of shots Taylor gets on a daily basis.

Is Seven Essentials a diabetes cure? No. But, what it is doing is helping us manage Taylor's Type 1 diabetes better. It is helping keep her blood sugars stable, allowing us to reduce the number of shots Taylor needs during the day.

If you, or someone you know has Type 1 diabetes like my daughter Taylor, I urge you to give Seven Essentials a try. You have nothing to lose... except, maybe a few insulin shots during the course of your day. Sincerely,

Tim C. - father of a Juvenile diabetic and Seven Essentials believer.

I am quickly becoming a Seven Essentials addict. I mix about 1/2 scoop Chocolate Seven Essentials with about 3/4 C. low-fat yogurt and about 1/4 C. sliced almonds. It is better than ANY Chocolate pudding I have eaten... and super healthy.

Sharon E

My husband had a PSA test result of 17 and prostate surgery was suggested by the doctor as being a possible course. After eating Seven Essentials for six months, his PSA went to 1 and we are thrilled.

Peggy A.

I started taking Seven Essential shakes almost a year ago. I have noticed a significant difference in my health since then. At first, I took the shakes for a diet. I dropped ten pounds for vacation and then I continued to use them for health purposes. Previous to Seven Essentials, I had been hospitalized 3 years in a row and was always getting sick. Some of the things I have been hospitalized for are dehydration from the flu, pneumonia, and other viruses of unknown origin. I am thankful to say this is the first year in a while I have not been put in the hospital. If I do get a mild cold it only lasts for a few days and that is such an amazing thing for me. I swear by Seven Essentials and will continue to take it everyday! Thank you!!!!

Lindsay S.

I have had high blood pressure for many years and been taking medications for it. After a few months of eating Seven Essentials, my blood pressure has stayed much lower and I am now off of all my medications.

Byron F.

I saw a result almost immediately with eating Seven Essentials. I had more energy and didn't feel the need to eat chocolate or stuff myself with the wrong things. Seven Essentials supplies all the nutrients that the body is crying out for. After that I suppose it was a couple of months for my face to start going back to it's old shape and my arms firming up, also my breasts. It’s nutrition also seems to have strengthened my nails and thickened my hair so that it doesn't fall out like it used to. I have also stopped taking St. John's Wort to pep me up, I just don't need it any more.

I have been taking it now since May last year, 9 months, and feel 20 years younger. So I face every day in a much happier state of mind. I don't care what anyone says, if you look good, you feel good and ready to face the world, and because I have had a second chance at the age of 58, I really appreciate it.

Anne J.

I’m a long term multiple sclerosis sufferer. I can’t afford to eat Seven Essentials very often, but, I order a canister every four or five months. While that canister lasts I feel better than I do at any other time. I wish I could afford it all the time. It is simply the best food supplement I have ever known.

Melvin B.
Karen E7 Testimonial

I’m 33 years old, and one year ago I had no energy, I ached all over, and I was 25 pounds overweight. I felt at least twice my age. I felt terrible! I was diagnosed with [unnamed condition] by my Neurologist. He told me that exercise and nutrition were my only hope. I left his office and went to the health food store, where the owner recommended Seven Essentials. He said to drink it twice a day and it would increase my energy and provide the vitamins that my body was lacking. I started drinking it every morning with lots of water, within six months I lost 23 pounds. It has also helped with the stomach problems I’d had for years. Last year I could hardly walk across the street and now I walk two miles and bike. I feel so much better. I haven’t gone a day without my Seven Essentials; I take it everywhere I go. People tell me that I must eat really well because my skin and eyes look great, but my “diet” hasn’t changed much. Because Seven Essentials is so filling and it provides my body with the nutrients it needs, I just eat less now. I know it’s my Seven Essentials that makes me look and feel better than ever. I love to tell people about Seven Essentials because it truly has helped me feel better and enjoy life again! Thanks for Seven Essentials!!!!!!! Sincerely,

Karen A.

When I first got on Seven Essentials, I had been struggling with depression for 10 years. I had been on and off Prozac for that entire period. I was always trying to find a way to get off it for good.

I was also on allergy medication for chronic year round non-specific allergies. I was the annoying kind of person who always sounded stuffy had a never ending runny nose.

I was 47 years old, took vitamins from another company and worked out every morning. So I was not really expecting to see a whole lot of results with the Seven Essentials. After just one week, I felt so much better. After a month, I tossed out all my prescription medications. I know I'll never be depressed again.

Mennifer C.

(No one should expect any results similar to shared experiences below. They are simply one person's experience or belief. There may be other factors involved in good health outcomes. See our full disclaimer regarding shared experiences.)


Dr. Kellas explains why Risotriene is so much better than vitamins - 1.56.


Dr. Kellas explains why Risotriene helps improve health so much - 1.37.


Customer Talking About Her Risotriene Experience - 2.34.


Customer Taking About Diabetes and Risotriene - 2.40.


Customer Taking About Risotriene and MS - 42.18.


Individual Experiences

My son is 3 1/2 years old and takes the RiSoTriene either by spoon or in a drink. He loves it and it helps his immune system. Our entire family knows the positive difference when we take this perfect food into our bodies.

Vincent F

I have had a chronic skin problem on my hand that has been treated by many specialists with no success. I have tried about every ointment and every technique available. About two weeks after using the RiSoTriene the severe itching stopped and now my skin is like velvet. I also feel much stronger - it's wonderful!

Ruth M

When initially using RiSoTriene, I felt as if I had the flu for about three weeks, but I was just too cheap to throw it away. I figured I had paid for it, so I would eat it. I am glad I didn't quit because in the fourth week I began to feel better than I had in several years. The all of the sudden one day my energy returned! I would rather die than give up RiSoTriene. I’m a former multiple sclerosis sufferer and today I have no symptoms. RiSoTriene was part of the nutrition that made the difference for me.

Joanne F

I am a lot more relaxed and feel good about myself, and I also have a lot more energy. My wife says that I am not as shaky as I used to be, and other people are saying that I sound different, that I am talking much clearer. I am feeling much stronger physically.

R Tesch

Getting the right nutrition is very important now that I've found this product, I can tell my body is working much better. I've tried other herbs and natural products over the last twelve years and gotten only marginal results. But RiSoTriene has really made a big difference. I'm very impressed with it

K LaBrenz

I have an eighty-two-year-old father whose health has been really poor. One day I called him, and his wife told me he'd been taking RiSoTriene and loved it. He started with just a teaspoon twice a day, but he felt so much better that he decided to take a teaspoon every few hours.

In just a few days he seemed like a different person - his energy was up, he was eating more than ever before, and even his voice was stronger. The best part is that he and his wife can go out and do things again.

L. Barnard

I fell in love with me again because of RiSoTriene. I’m not sure what happened, but from the first day I ate RiSoTriene, my mood improved. I was happier, I no longer craved food and my energy was "there".

Merina H

My husband and I started on the RiSoTriene about six weeks ago. We have to be honest and say that we did not really expect anything life changing, but we decided to try the product because we are both interested in keeping good health. After a few weeks, my husband noticed that he had not been experiencing his usual headaches. He owns a very stressful business and used to take a minimum of eight aspirin a day. The last and most important thing I want to mention is our overall health. We have not had a cold or flu symptom this season! Yea! RiSoTriene!

Scott and Patty M.

I am so glad to have known about RiSoTriene - it works wonderfully. I wish everyone would know about it. I still can't get over how it works for my eyes and my well being in general.

Zina A

Ever since grade school, I have had a problem with severe headaches. They would occur two to three times a week and last an entire day at a time. I took everything I knew of - both over-the-counter and prescription drugs - but nothing seemed to work. Then during high school I was told that I had the early signs of hypoglycemia and would need to watch my diet. The older I got, the worse my symptoms became - they were usually triggered by caffeine or too many carbohydrates.

I started taking RiSoTriene when it first came out on the market. Within an hour I noticed a difference in how I felt. Gradually the intensity and duration of my headaches have decreased. Before trying RiSoTriene, I was having a hard time building muscle when I worked out. Now I take RiSoTriene with me when I exercise and I have already noticed considerable improvement in my overall tone and definition. It has even made a difference in my strength and I don't even have any more huffing and puffing when I run.

I used to drink a pot of coffee per day, and I could eat a whole bag of chocolate candy in one sitting. Now I take four or five spoonfuls of RiSoTriene daily and both cravings have gone away. What's more, it provides a real boost in energy - but it's a natural type of high. I no longer need the boost caffeine used to give me. I drink one cup of coffee in the morning because I enjoy it, not because I need the energy, and candy just doesn't taste as good anymore.

RiSoTriene is incredible. If you're not taking it, you should be.

M. Harper


Blogging, is a contraction of ‘web logging’ (presenting on the web) the thoughts and experiences that one has on a particular topic. Blogs allows us to gain an armchair understanding of others’ experiences. Learning from others is one of the best ways to learn because:

  1. Pain is the great teacher. But, in this case, we can potentially avoid having our own painful experiences - that is, we don’t have to experience the negative (and often painful) experiences that others have experienced from their choices. Instead, we can learn vicariously and avoid the causes of their bad experiences, and do things differently.
  2. We can have positive experiences - we can learn from the good experiences of others and maybe even improve on their experiences, by fine-tuning several people's good experiences with the counsel of our own wellness professionals.

Wisdom is the ability to make good choices. Ironically, wisdom comes from making bad choices and "learning not to do that" again; and also from making good choices, and learning to do those good things, again and again.

Whenever possible, the wisest people learn from other people’s hard-earned wisdom.

  • How lousy it would be if we could not share our experiences. What if no one shared which plants were poisonous and which ones were good to eat, or which foods increased oxygen content in the body, hastened cellular repair, etc.
  • Wise people don’t learn exclusively from their own experience. As much as possible, they learn from others’ experiences.
  • Caring people share what they have learned. We hope that our blogs will make you wiser and save you from having to learn only by your own experience.

One word of caution: one must also consult with personal wellness professionals who know you well before embarking on any health regimen. It is not wise to embark on health changes without such health consultation.

Blog entries are given under the First Amendment guaranteeing and protecting free speech/right to express one’s opinion.

These blog entries/product reviews/opinions/experiences are the free speech statements of those individuals who are sharing them. They are presented for anecdotal, entertainment and educational value ONLY and are not to be construed as scientific studies, product labeling, claims or representations of what others may expect to experience.

Individual experiences are disclaimed as follows:

  • The opinions and experiences of these individuals must not be relied upon in predicting potential results for anyone else. If you do act on ideas or experiences of others presented here, you do at your own risk. We accept no responsibility as we have warned you to consult with wellness professionals who know you well.
  • The website owners have not "vetted" these stories or experiences.
  • The reader must understand that scientifically speaking, user experiences may be missing important data that only properly conducted scientific studies could reveal. User experiences and anecdotes are also subject, by their nature, to many errors to which scientifically derived data is not.
  • We are making these experiences available only in the above disclaimed context.

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