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Vegan Proteins in a blender

What Our Vegan Powders Are:

They are pure, organic, non-GMO, high-quality proteins from hemp or sprouted brown rice with added coconut, cacao, and, or lucuma powder. They contain no phytates that is in some vegetable proteins.

  • Two of the proteins, Hechoco and Richoco are combined with Cacao and a small amount of Organic Coconut Sap. Adding coconut sap improves the flavor and adds minerals and other nutritional benefits.
  • The protein source of Hechoco is organic hemp seeds.
  • The protein source of Richoco is sprouted brown rice.
  • Our third vegan protein is comprised of sprouted brown rice with with Cupuacu, Lucuma and a little Coconut sap.

Why Should You Consume Our Vegan Proteins:

You should consume them for their perfect amino acid profiles, easy and clean digestion, no harmful toxic byproducts, and a taste you will want again, and again.

  • The ingredient proportions in our Organic Vegan Proteins have been perfected over the last decade by Rishi and with customer feed-back.
  • The highest quality, Organic, non-GMO growers have been sought out and exclusively sourced.
  • These foods are picked at the peak of ripeness and nutrient content for full access to the nutrients they pull from Mother Earth and intertwine with energy of the the sun.
  • The combinations of flavor, just enough sweetness and extra minerals of Coconut sap have been ideally proportioned through much testing on thousands of clients.
Here's a little more about these three superb varieties of Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan Protein Powders:


Sprouted Rice + Cacao + Coconut Sap
  • The lyophilized, powdered, Organic Sprouted Rice in Richoco is very high in assimilable protein. It contains all amino acids. It is made from extracts of organic rice sprouts that are non-destructively freeze dried immediately after sprouting. It has the highest protein content of any of our vegan proteins.
  • It is flavored with just enough Organic Cacao and mineral rich Coconut Sap to make it taste great in water or other liquid, or it can be mixed with other food powders such as GPS, Beet Root, Organic Young Coconut, etc.


Hemp Seeds + Cacao + Coconut Sap
  • The lyophilized, powdered, Organic Hemp seed powder in Hechoco is fabulously nutritious. It contains large amounts of assimilable, heart-healthy fatty acids and gastrointestinal healthy fiber as well as 98% assimilable amino acids. It contains all amino acids.
  • It is flavored with Organic Cacao and mineral rich Coconut Sap. It tastes great and packs antioxidants, minerals, protein and fat into an almost perfect bundle. It mixes well in water or other liquid, and does great when included with other food powders such as GPS or Organic Young Coconut.


Sprouted Rice + Cupuacu + Lucuma + Coconut Sap
  • Starting with lyophilized, powdered Organic Sprouted Rice protein harvested at the peak of nutrient content, two antioxidant and protein rich fruits are also added — Cupuacu and Lucuma. Also, mineral rich Coconut Sap is added.
  • The result is our premier, amino acid, fatty acid, antioxidant and polyphenol rich powder that can be added any liquid to increase its protein, nutritional and anti-aging value. It's delicious and powerful!

Which of the Above Vegan Proteins Should I Choose?

  • They are all fabulous choices, and alternating between them is probably the best choice.
  • The most popular choice for people focused on overall nutrition is Hechoco because in addition to protein, it has significant amounts of fiber, essential fatty acids and antioxidants.
  • The best tasting one and the one with the most protein is Richoco. It has a couple grams more of protein per serving.
  • Of course, people who don't want chocolate flavor, prefer Ricocu. It has a delightful flavor due to its inclusion of Cupuacu instead of Chocolate (Cacao). It also has the benefits of the unusual nutrients in exotic fruits Cupuacu and Lucuma.

Health Benefits From Eating Organic Vegan Proteins:

The main health benefit from eating Organic Vegan Proteins is improved cardiovascular health as compared to getting proteins from dairy or flesh of animals, fish and poultry. The reason it is better for cardiovascular health is that the damaging molecule homocysteine mostly enters one's body as a result of eating meat. High levels of homocysteine are linked to early development of heart disease. In fact, a high level of homocysteine is a risk factor for virtually all chronic disease.

In addition to eating vegan proteins for maintaining overall tissue, skin, hair, nail and organ health, sprouted rice protein is very high in the vitamins, phytonutrients, and minerals. Hemp protein is particularly high in essential fatty acids which help protect cell membranes and cardiovascular linings.

You Are What You Eat — Which is Why We Recommend Organic Vegan Proteins

'Rishi'; - Gunter TernesRishi Ternes, owner of New Earth Super Foods, left the study of medicine in Germany, came to the U.S. and turned his life over to the pursuit of nutrient dense food and seeking to understand the ability of food to transform health. He believes that “we are what we eat” and that “food should be our medicine”. Rishi owns a Super Food Cafe and Health Transformation Center in Arroyo Grande, California. He continues to search the world for foods that enable to the body to repair itself. As Rishi says, “the nutrients that your body needs are in the foods you aren’t eating.”

Rishi seeks out farmers and food suppliers that are progressive, meaning they are adding minerals and trace minerals to their soils, farming organically and harvesting their foods at the peak of ripeness. Rishi then ensures that those foods are juiced and freeze dried immediately before nutrient loss.

Food is the way of health not vitamins!

Organic Vegan Proteins fits with the “first rule of health” which is that food should be our medicine. Organic Vegan Proteins also fits with our second rule of health, which is that food engenders health, not vitamins. The United States has among the worst health statistics of all industrialized nations, yet the people of the United States consume more vitamins that the rest of the world combined. That means that you will eventually find, as so many others have already found, that your health will never really start to improve until you give up on vitamins and turn to food. It's time to turn to food!

Organic Vegan Proteins Ordering Form

Comparative Retail Price: $30 to $40 per pound.
Our Price: Richoco - $24, Hechoco - $25, and Ricocu - $30, per pound


Vegan Proteins

Richoco nutritional facts

How to Use Richoco Vegan Protein Powders


Take one to three tablespoons per serving.

Mix in any liquid.

May be consumed with or without other foods.

Hechoco nutritional facts

How to Use Hechoco Vegan Protein Powders


Take one to three tablespoons per serving.

Mix in any liquid.

May be consumed with or without other foods.

Ricocu nutritional facts

How to Use Ricocu Vegan Protein Powders


Take one to three tablespoons per serving.

Mix in any liquid.

May be consumed with or without other foods.

Organic Vegan Proteins - Frequently Asked Questions

Is Whey Protein Better for Building Muscles than Vegan Protein?


Studies show that rice protein gives equal results in terms of athletic performance and muscle building. Whey protein advocates usually believe that greater muscle building or athletic performance results with whey protein, but studies do not bear this out. Rice protein and hemp protein, both have ALL amino acids. Our organic vegan protein avoids potential allergies that come with whey protein such as casein and lactose and also do not have chemicals such as antibiotics, hormones and drugs routinely given to livestock.

What is the Nutritional Profile of Sprouted Rice Protein?

Organic Sprouted Ricesprouted brown rice powder

Sprouting increases the nutrients, polyphenols and vitamins already present in rice seeds, creating a true super-food. Our sprouted rice protein is virtually 100% assimilable and is a great source of Vitamin E, B-Vitamins and magnesium. Here are the relative percentage content of amino acids (asterisks indicate essential amino acid):

  • Alanine - 5.8
  • Arginine - 8.2
  • Aspartic Acid - 9.0
  • Cystine - 2.2
  • Glutamic Acid - 18.0
  • Glycine - 4.6
  • Histidine* - 2.4
  • Isoleucine* - 4.5
  • Leucine* - 8.3
  • Lysine* - 3.1
  • Methionine* - 2.9
  • Phenylalanine* - 5.7
  • Proline - 3.7
  • Serine - 5.1
  • Threonine* - 3.8
  • Tryptophan* - 1.5
  • Tyrosine - 5.5
  • Valine - 5.9

What is the Nutritional Profile of Hemp Seeds (Nuts) Protein?

hemp seedshemp powder

Technically, a nut, Hemp seeds are incredibly nutritious. About 25% of their calorie content comes from fat and 25% from protein. Our hemp protein powder is 98% assimilable and is a great source of phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron and zinc. Here are the relative percentage content of amino acids (asterisks indicate essential amino acid):

  • Alanine - 4.7
  • Arginine - 11.4
  • Aspartic Acid - 10.7
  • Cystine - 2.0
  • Glutamic Acid - 17.6
  • Glycine - 4.8
  • Histidine* - 2.7
  • Isoleucine* - 4.5
  • Leucine* - 6.8
  • Lysine* - 3.8
  • Methionine* - 2.6
  • Phenylalanine* - 4.7
  • Proline - 4.6
  • Serine - 5.0
  • Threonine* - 3.9
  • Tryptophan* - 1.1
  • Tyrosine - 3.3
  • Valine - 5.6

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