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Cardio Pro

Cardio Pro™ Supplies Cardiovascular System Tissues with Nutrients They Can Use to Improve Their Integrity and Function

What Cardio Pro™ Is?

It is a synergistic combination of nutrients that play a key role in helping the human heart and other cardiovascular tissue to repair itself. It is not a drug nor in any way is it drug-like. Instead, it provides significant amounts of several natural ingredients that the body can use to improve its function and health in all tissues, and, especially so with cardiovascular tissues.

Why You Should Consume Cardio Pro™:

You should consume Cardio Pro™ to help ensure that your cardiovascular system is able to maintain itself in an optimum state. Its ingredients enable increased tissue repair rates and replacement tissue formation..

Unlike products that have many listed ingredients on their labels, but not enough of those ingredients to help one's body accomplish significant repairs, Cardio Pro has significant amounts of its key ingredients. It was designed to enable the body to be able to accomplish significant tissue remodeling improvements everywhere, and especially so in cardiovascular health, in as short a time as possible.

Cardio Pro™ includes:

  • L-Lysine (as L-lysine monohydrochloride) - is critical in the collagen formation of cardiovascular linings. Studies show that supplementing with significant amounts of Lysine (at different times than Arginine) and taking proline and mineral ascorbates at the same time as Lysine, gives a huge boost to collagen formation in cardiovascular wall tissues. In other words, Cardio Pro gives the body the Lysine it needs and the ample of other co-factor nutrients so that it can get to the task of restoring the health of its cardiovascular and other tissues.
  • L-Proline - along with L-lysine and Vitamin C, L-proline enables collagen molecules to form. This is crucial to the strengthening of artery walls and for helping to avoid toxicities and deficiencies that can result in atherosclerosis. The amount of L-Proline included in Cardio Pro has been shown to be significant in studies regarding cardiac remodeling.
  • Nutri-K™ Vitamin K2 (as menaquinone-7) - Vitamin K is essential for cardiovascular health because it helps the body place minerals in bones rather than in soft tissue or plaque adhering to vascular walls. We use the strongest and longest lasting form of Vitamin K.
  • Vitamin C Ascorbates — Vitamin C is essential to collagen formation. Without it, the body waits for Vitamin C to become available before it can make collagen. On top of that, although causation hasn't yet been proven, numerous studies show that Vitamin C consumption correlates to reducing plaque deposits into arterial linings. While others wait for scientific proofs that may be many decades away, others are taking action now to find out what Vitamin C ascorbates can do for their own personal cardiovascular health. A person is as old as their arteries are damaged. And, unfortunately, for most modern people, their cardiovascular blockage from plaque build-up is roughly equal to their age, 50 years — 50 percent blocked, 70 years — 70 percent blocked, and so forth. There are numerous studies that are starting to show the value of Vitamin C in cardiovascular health, especially the ascorbate and flavonoid types of Vitamin C.
    • Magnesium Ascorbate - And, not only is the ascorbate (Vitamin C) good at helping one's body in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system, so also, is the magnesium. This ingredient scores on both accounts because magnesium correlates well to cardiovascular health and cardiovascular tissue integrity.
    • Potassium Ascorbate - similar benefits of magnesium ascorbate, except that it is potassium instead of magnesium bonded to Vitamin C. Most people are deficient in both magnesium and potassium. So, by using potassium ascorbate and magnesium ascorbate, one will have truly significant amounts of Vitamin C and good amounts of these important minerals. Potassium is especially important for energy which is created in the cells via the sodium-potassium energy pump.
    • Cardio Pro also contains bioflavonoids (as hesperidin from citrus peels) - The flavonoids present in citrus fruits have been shown to be highly beneficial to the cardiovascular system by supplying additional nutrient tools that the body uses in controlling free radicals.

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Cardio Pro Powder

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How to Use

  • Mix one scoop of Cardio Pro in 8-10 ounces of water to make a serving.
  • Take a serving once or twice daily.
  • It is best to take between meals or on an empty stomach to get maximum absorption.

  • Embla Arginine - boosts human growth hormone and nitric oxide and helps repair damaged endothelial cells (cardiovascular linings) so that the arteries are more elastic (young). If you want to anti-age, this will help you do it!
  • Vitamin D3 - is a critical hormone/vitamin. If Vitamin D3 is not sufficiently supplied to the body its absence will undermine virtually every aspect of health including cardiovascular, bone, immune, lung and cognitive. Don't let your body be short supplied.
  • Vitamin K2 - Vitamin K2 is under-supplied in a majority of people, and its lack results cardiovascular calcification.

Cardio Pro - Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Unique About Our Cardio Pro?

Cardio Pro is unique in that it provides ENOUGH of the needed nutrient tools so that the body can actually do the job of remodeling the cardiovascular walls to make them stronger and more integral (to help erase pitting and other injuries to cardiovascular surfaces in which plaque can deposit.)

It is is our observation that many product manufacturers focus on having labels that mentions wonderful ingredients, but their product don't provide enough of each of those ingredients for the body to accomplish much.

That's why Cardio Pro ought to be considered by anyone seeking to undo any type of cardiovascular damage. It is a significant product. It fits the model of "help the body to help itself".

This is one of the most favorably mentioned products by our customers. They tell us that that is has dramatically changed their cardiovascular health. (Of course, your results may vary.)

What Studies and Scientific References Are There Regarding the Components of Cardio Pro?

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