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Cellfood® Oxygen Gel

Cellfood® Oxygen Gel is a Great Way to Increase Skin Health by 1 - Oxygenating the Skin, 2 - Antioxidizing the Skin, and 3 - Feeding Trace Minerals Directly into the Skin!

What Our Cellfood® Oxygen Gel Is:

Cellfood Oxygen Gel is a topical gel for delivering Cellfood® (oxygen, hydrogen, and mineral nutrients) to the skin. The Cellfood® ingredient is combined with Aloe Vera and Lavender blossoms. Because CellFood™ Oxgyen Gel absorbs into the skin, it transfers its oxygen, hydrogen, minerals, and healing botanical extracts powerfully and deeply into the multiple layers of skin.

Why You Should Consume Our Cellfood® Oxygen Gel:

Skin receives more oxidative damage than any other body tissue due to its exposure to sunlight and airborne toxins. Cellfood® has a proven ability to reduce this oxidative damage. Its minerals and oxygen are readily absorbed. So by putting CellFood® in a nourishing skin gel, one health giving redox (reduction and oxidation) reactions both internally and externally. CellFood® Oxygen Gel is long-lasting and effective at making the skin healthier. So, the general reason to consume Cellfood® Oxygen Gel is to be more youthful in appearance and to generally have healthier skin via the daily routine of applying Oxygen Gel to your skin.

 • renews skin texture
 • promotes a youthful complexion
 • restores skin's natural balance
 • softens and smooths dry skin
 • reduces uneven texture
 • refines oily skin
 • revitalizes skin's moisture
 • is for all skin types

woman applying oxygen gel to face
  • Virtually everyone loves the benefits of having younger, tighter, healthier skin.
  • As with every tissue in the body, health is the end result of continuous detoxification and nourishment.
  • CellFood® Oxygen Gel provides the most important detoxification and nutrification elements — minerals, oxygen and hydrogen.

Until you experience Oxygenating Skin Care, you won't know what it's like for your skin to feel wonderfully alive!

Ask anyone who's recently used this unique formula and they'll likely say theri skin began feeling smoother and younger from the very first application.

Here is a list of what you need to know about Cell Food ® Oxygen Gel:

  • The CellFood®  part of Oxygen Gel is the most important ingredient. It enables redox (reduction and oxygenation) reactions which are the foundation of what gives life — so that skin cells can detoxify, maintain, and heal.
  • CellFood® does this by splitting water molecules into atoms of oxygen and hydrogen. Both the atoms of two atoms hydrogen and the single atom of oxygen that occur in each split reduce free radicals. The oxygen atom reduces singlet oxygen free radicals in the skin into oxygen molecules. This improves skin oxygenation. The two hydrogen atoms reduce singlet oxygen free radicals into water molecules that hydrate the skin.
  • CellFood® also provides highly assimilable minerals directly into the skin to help repair skin molecules.
  • Our CellFood® Oxygen Gel product also furnishes to the skin Aloe Vera and Lavender Blossoms extracts.
  • Aloe Vera gel from the Aloe Vera plant has significant skin and wound healing properties. In fact, it has been used for thousands of years to heal skin.
    • The first way that Aloe Vera heals the skin is by increasing collagen production in the skin.
    • Aloe Vera also changes the composition of collagen, increasing collagen cross-linking — promoting smoother skin and healing of any wounds in the skin. Scientific studies have shown that the Aloe Vera can increase the flexibility and reduce the fragility of skin.
  • The extract of Lavender blossoms is useful to improve skin health because it unclogs pores and reduces inflammation that is normally seen as blotchy or red skin.

Cellfood® Oxygen Gel Ordering Form

Comparative Retail Price: $40.00
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Cellfood® Oxygen Gel


CellFood® Oxygen Gel contains Purified Water, Aloe Vera, CellFood® Proprietary Blend, Lavender Blossom Extract, Glycerine (Kosher), Polysacharide Gum, and Dehydroacetic Acid.Deuterium Sulfate, Ionic Trace Mineral Blend, Trace Enzyme Blend, Trace Amino Acid Blend. CellFood® Oxygen Gel is hypo-allergenic, gluten-free, non-oil, no fragrance added.
CellFood® Oxygen Gel is paraben-free. Never tested on animals. All ingredients are highest quality. Formula is completely non-toxic. Note: may vary in texture/consistencey, or may settle during shipping.
Cellfood® Oxygen Gel

How to Use

At bedtime: Cleanse face well. Lightly glide fingers over the Gel and apply a small amount over face and neck, concentrating under eye area. Skin forms as the Gel dries. Nutrients feed the skin overnight, while restoring ideal moisture balance.

In the morning: Wash face, and apply a light film of Gel. Nutrients feed and protect the skin all day. Skin firms as the Gel dries. Cellfood® Oxygen gel can also be used on non-facial areas requiring revitalization.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cellfood® Oxygen Gel

Can you explain more about the ingredients used in CellFood® Oxygen Gel?

  • Aloe Vera - A remarkable plant prized internationally as a natural skin moisturizer and softener for healthy or damaged skin.
  • Glycerine - A natural humectant, glycerine attracts moisture to the skin making it softer and more resilient. It adds silkiness and aids in moisture balance.
  • Lavender Blossom Extract - Extracted from the Lavandula angustifolia, it is believed to bring a calming and soothing to the system.

Cellfood® Oxygen Gel is manufactured by NuScience Corporation in an FDA-compliant, GMP-certified facility. All of these descriptors are true about the manufacturing and final status of this product:

  • No animal testing
  • No fragrance added
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Non-oily
  • Paraben-free

How Long will Cellfood® Oxygen Gel last?

Cellfood Oxygen Gel comes in a 2 ounce jar which will last up to several months, depending upon use.

Do you have some examples of Customer Feedback regarding Cellfood® Oxygen Gel Complex Supplement?

“I recently began using Cellfood Oxygen Gel, and am very impressed. I never had skin issues until my mid 30s and have had no real success with products off the shelf or from the doctor. A friend of mine was using your skin care product and I noticed her face cleared right up. I inquired as to what she was using and the fact that her complexion was radiant— and then bought some for myself, and got the same results! Even my teenage boys used it and their faces cleared up— it was wonderful! Thank you!”

   JD— Winnipeg, Manitoba

“I use the Oxygen Gel on my skin, and it has become a lot smoother. I’ve also used it on my crow’s feet and they’ve almost disappeared in a little less than 3 months.”

   MG— Big Pine, CA

“I’ve lived with numerous skin problems for my entire adult life— and have lived with a certain degree of embarrassment as a way of life. I’ve spent thousands of dollars for treatments that seemed promising, but had no lasting effect. Your Cellfood Oxygen Gel has given me clear skin for the first time since I was 12, and I can’t describe my gratitude to you. My husband looked at me yesterday and said that my face was ‘truly beautiful.’ Need I say more?”

   AD— Corvallis, MT

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