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MAL-X - Extremely Special Distillation of Melaleuca Alternifolia and Artemsia Annua

MAL-X Capsules

MAL-X Assists Your Body To Stay Healthy in a World Filled With Pathogens

MAL-X is a valuable tool for everyone’s home, medicine cabinet and survival cache. It is powerful assistance to your immune system in doing its job of seeking out and destroying pathogens that enter one's body. Here’s what it will do:

  • Bolster your immune system in the immune system’s all-important job of defending you against bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites.
  • Support your immune system in its job to protect you against earth’s worst killer and health reducing microorganisms (viruses, fungi and bacteria).
  • Help your body when facing MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) bacteria and many fungi and viruses that are sometimes an unsolvable problem for modern medicine. Please note that MAL-X is a fantastic, supportive tool that assists your immune system so that your immune system can naturally overcome these harmful microorganisms.

MAL-X Is Also an Extremely Potent Anti-Oxidant

  • Mal-X has an ORAC rating (free radical quenching) of 1,850 TE umole/gram — which is 36 times more powerful than astaxanthin.
artemesia annua melaleulca alternifolia

MAL-X's Composition

MAL-X consists of a 98 compound extract of Melaleuca Alternifolia (tea tree) oil created through a proprietary distillation method that leaves out the 44 toxic compounds of the natural extracted oil of the Melaleuca Alternifolia. This proprietary distillation technique allows our product to be used internally, with awesome benefits as regards bolstering the immune system to be able to clear the internal body of numerous unwanted microorganisms. An extract of Artemisia Annua is also added, giving additional immune-boosting, microorganism killing benefits.

MAL-X Summary

  • MAL-X is a proprietary extract of Melaleuca Alternifolia with Artemesia Annua extract. The latter is the source of anti-Malaria drugs.
  • The product called MAL-X contains 98 compounds extracted from the original 144 compounds present in the oil of the Melaleuca Alternifolia (tea tree) shrub plus an extract of Artemisia Annua Leaf.
  • Tea tree oil has long been known to Australian aborigines for its ability to prevent infection.
  • Western scientists learned about it only a century ago, but, because of toxic elements in this oil, Melaleuca Oil never received medical support, except for topical application.
  • Recently, distillation techniques have been discovered for removing those toxic elements, By using these techniques, MAL-X does not contain any of the toxic compounds of Melaleuca Oil that previously limited its internal use.
  • We live in a world where contagion are evolving (such as MRSA, Avian Flu, SARS and Corona Virus). Unfortunately, that means anyone of us may be unlucky enough get a life-threatening infection. Everywhere, pathogenic microorganisms exist. Even a hike into the woods, or a cruise vacation, could result in you picking up a DNA-evolved flu virus, Lyme's spirochete or West Nile virus that could alter your life forever.
  • With MAL-X in your medicine cabinet and your emergency supply, you will not have to worry nearly so much about the microbes in this world. MAL-X is destined to be one of the most important additions to your repertoire for staying well and sickness-free that you ever learned about. In fact, with it in your life, your last sickness episode may very well have been your last. MAL-X enables you to live in this world without so much worry about microorganisms.

Mal X History

Deemed “a medicine cabinet in a bottle,” tea tree oil is one of the most commonly used and versatile essential oils in the land of all essential oils. You have probably seen in it in a wide variety of products from soap, to shampoo, to facial cleansers. It really is a gem of an essential oil. We proudly use it here at Wake Foot Sanctuary in some of our products and of course, in some of our foot soaks and we love the cooling effect it has on the skin. It also has a wide variety of uses and if you have never experienced tea tree oil and are curious as to what it smells like, it has a slightly astringent and eucalyptus-like aroma.

This essential oil has a rich history dating back to aboriginal times in Australia. The tea tree Melaleuca alternifolia, is found in and native to Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. The name was coined by the British explorer Captain James Cook. He noticed the indigenous people used the leaves to make a tea that smelled like nutmeg. Captain Cook saw this traditional practice and coined the name “Tea Tree”. But one must note that this tree is not the same as the tea plant that is commonly used to make black tea.

Tea tree oil comes from the leaves of the tea tree. In addition to making tea, the aborigines used to crush the leaves and extract the oil which was then inhaled to treat colds and coughs. They also used it topically for healing the skin. Sailors also used to brew beer with the leaves.

More recently, during WWII, Australian soldiers would carry tea tree oil in their first aid kits because of its effectiveness in treating wounds. It was so popular during that time that anyone who was in the business of producing tea tree oil was exempt from the drafts so they were free to keep producing tea tree and ensure a large enough supply for hospitals and first aid kits.

If Your Immune System Could Use A Boost... Then Read On:

MAL-X Works in a World of Things That Don't Always Work


Throughout earth’s history, the greatest destroyers of mankind’s wellness have been the smallest living things — viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites. Even with modern, thrilling medical advancements, the best and strongest antibiotics and anti-fungals are ineffective against many microorganisms. Antibiotic resistant and human engineered microorganisms are down-right scary.

Continuing mutations in viruses such as SARS and Corona Virus, and resistant pathogens such as MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and flesh-eating bacteria mean that medical science may fail to help you in your critical time of need. That’s why Paradise Nutrients offer MAL-X — a new, amazing, natural supportive tool that assists your body to stop the proliferation of pathogens. Learn more about MAL-X's key characteristics below:

  • MAL-X significantly boost the number of CD4 (helper cells) and CD8 (killer cells) of your immune system helping that body with broad-spectrum immune system assistance against earth's worst killer microorganisms (viruses, fungi and bacteria).
  • It also has an ORAC rating (free radical quenching) of 1,850 TE umole/gram (which is 36 times higher than astaxanthin) thus helping to protective native tissues of the body.
  • MAL-X assists the body in maintaining an internal environment that is free of pathogenic microorganisms has been demonstrated through numerous scientific studies.
  • MAL-X ingredients have undergone rigorous clinical trials and approvals, including approval by the TGA (Australian authorizing arm of the government).
  • Although the mechanism of action of MAL-X is not yet completely understood, its safety has been irrefutably shown and “in-vivo” tests show that it helps to make your immune system more powerful. The human body coupled with MAL-X can become an amazing anti-microbial killing team.
  • A warning, however — with MAL-X in one's life, one can hope to experience some exciting health improvements, but one needs to understand and be ready (depending on one's unique situation) to experience a die-off (toxic buildup) reaction as the microorganisms in one's body die and their dead bodies become toxins that have to be eliminated from the body. If one is not expecting this sudden toxic load, it can be quite disconcerting.

Modern Medical Science, Why Do We Need an Immune Boosting Product Like MAL-X

  • Microorganisms often kill people (in fact, they’ve killed more people than all human wars combined).
  • And the even larger damage is that chronic infection that weakens or discomforts the body, either temporarily or permanently.
  • Modern pharmaceuticals often have very bad side-effects (IE, damage that they do to one's health), especially to the kidneys.
  • MAL-X doesn't do any damage and is extremely helpful in assisting the human body to conquer invading pathogens.

If the body is freed from chronic or acute infections of microorganisms, then the body can function at a higher state of well being.

Here's why:

  • Ongoing damage to tissues by these microorganisms and their toxic microorganism secretions and wastes is stopped.
  • The constant need of the body to expend energy to fight against the toxic wastes excreted from these inhabiting microorganisms is ended.

That's why we urge you to supplement your body with MAL-X in order that your body can gain a higher level of energy and health by becoming free of chronic infection.

Positive MAL-X Study Outcomes

To establish the fact that the 98 distilled compounds of Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil had antiviral activity the following encapsulated strains have been studied (see graphs below)

  • Corona Virus (SARS group)
  • Herpes Simplex 1 and 2
  • Avian A type H1N1
  • Avian A type H1N1 (Spanish flu that killed 50 million people)
  • Avian A type H5N1 (Bird flu Vietnam Strain)
  • Dengue Fever Virus (all 4 strains)

In all test cases MAL-X ingredients killed these strains “in vitro” and for Dengue patients “in vivo”. Sun Yat-sen University in Southern China is working on further “in vitro” and “in vivo” studies against H1N1 and H2N3 Avian strains. Independent testing laboratories around the world have found MAL-X to have:

  • No side effects
  • Immune system boosting properties
  • Anti-viral properties
  • Anti-bacterial properties
  • Anti-fungal properties
  • Anti-mold properties
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Proven effectiveness against multi-drug resistants microbials such as MRSA and Multi-Drug resistant Tuberculosis in individual patients


Bottom line: If you are in an immune crisis of any kind, MAL-X is a terrific way to support your body.

MAL-X Capsules — Aboriginal Knowledge Combined With High-Tech Distillation and Purification Techniques

A process was discovered for removing monoterpenes from the tea tree oil that has been used for centuries by aborigines of Australia to combat infection. Not surprisingly, this process was discovered in Australia. The marriage of aboriginal experience in surviving without modern medicine plus the fantastic capabilities of modern purification techniques has produced an extremely valuable product.

The table below shows the test results for the determination of the minimum inhibitory concentrations (shown as a percentage) between standard Tea True Oil (an ordinary Melaleuca Alternifolia oil extract) and the extract containing only 98 compounds (CFJ1) that is utilized in MAL-X. The minimum inhibitory concentration is the lowest concentration of a substance needed to stop growth of a microorganism. Results are also shown for the solvent Tween 60, tested as a control to eliminate it from being a contributor to antimicrobial activity. The red shaded areas highlight the lowest concentrations, showing that in many cases, the removal of the toxic elements of Melaleuca oil increases its effectiveness, but that in no case, did the removal of the toxic compounds stop its ability to inhibit pathogen growth.

table showing malx in vitro results

Study of the Immune System Boosting Properties of MAL-X

Our immune system is an internal scavenging system that is constantly protecting us from viruses, bacteria, fungi toxins and genetically altered cancer cells. Every day we're exposed to millions of harmful organisms and our bodies are constantly under assault and fighting off invading microorganisms and harmful chemical compounds. In fact, many viruses and bacteria can multiply and create billions of new viruses or bacteria in the body every day. So, a healthy immune system is extremely important to our health and wellbeing. MAL-X Support has been shown to be a natural growth enhancer of infection fighting white blood cells including Lymphocytes (T-Cells and Natural Killer Cells), Monocytes and Eosinophils (parasitic infections) and Neutrophils (Bacterial and Fungal infections). The below graph shows the increase in immune cells occurring with the use of MAL-X for only five days.

increased immune cells from supplementation with Mal-X


MAL-X Capsules Ordering Form

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mal-x supplement facts

How to Use

Swallow one or more capsules daily, with or without food. Capsules can be opened and mixed with food.

  1. For general immune boosting, we recommend one capsule in the morning and one in the evening.
  2. For hastening recovery from an already existing infection, we recommend two capsules in the morning and two in the evening.
  3. For maximum help in recovery from an existing infection, we recommend three capsules three times a day.

MAL-X Capsules - Frequently Asked Questions

Is MAL-X safe to take?

Answer: It appears to be completely safe.

  1. Tests carried out independently by toxicologists in Australia and Indonesia have shown the safety of MAL-X for human topical (external) and internal use.
  2. It is approved by the Australian Therapeutics Goods Administration TGA as a listed over the counter medicine and is approved by the USA FDA for use in foods as an additive with no upper limit required.
  3. Extensive clinical tests have proven MAL-X to be “literally non toxic”. This means that it presents no toxicity in the advised doses.

Does MAL-X cause any side effects?

Answer: None have been detected, but as with any product, there is always a chance that someone will develop an allergic reaction to MAL-X. If you use MAL-X and start having symptoms typical of allergic reaction, please discontinue use and contact your physician.

At what age can MAL-X be taken?

Answer: MAL-X is not recommended for infants under 2. Also, dosages should be limited for children between the ages of 2 and 7. For specific situations, please refer to the label on the product or this website for more details.

In what form is MAL-X available?

Answer: MAL-X ingredents could be delivered in multiple forms, but only one format is available today, which is capsules. Other formats may come in the future.

What does MAL-X do?

Answer: MAL-X does two main things.

  • It helps the body in the battle against microorganisms by providing natural ingredients that act as tools for the body to use in fighting infection. In this regard, it is a natural supplement like other herbs and vitamins and proteins, etc. Its abilities to help the body in the battle against disease causing microorganisms are fantastic.
  • It also helps in the battle against free radicals, with an ORAC rating of 1,850 units per gram, or 617 ORAC units per capsule. By fighting free radicals, it helps the body in regard to quenching inflammatory processes.

So as to not downplay its potential to help the body too much, you should know that MAL-X has been extensively researched in regard to helping the human body against diseases for which current treatments are proving ineffective, expensive and/or severely restrictive. These include: all forms of influenza, dengue fever, tuberculosis – particularly multi-drug resistant TB and HIV.

With the available research, there is little doubt, that MAL-X will be useful in bolstering the Immune System's capacity to deal with many other diseases. These applications will be explored progressively as resources and further research become available.

What Does MAL-X claim to cure?

Answer: In today's regulatory environment, cures may be claimed only in regard to drugs, surgeries, radiation, and the human body, itself. Therefore, MAL-X does not and cannot cure anything. What it does, is to delivers biological tools to the body that the body can utilize to boost its own anti-microbial and healing function.

Does MAL-X cure HIV?

Answer: Referring back to the regulatory realities of today, MAL-X does not claim to cure HIV. It merely boosts the immune system and assists the body to better respond to HIV. It has no side effects and could be realistically considered by anyone looking at options for helping the immune system cope with HIV.

Does MAL-X cure the Flu?

Answer: Again, referring back to the regulatory realities of today, MAL-X does not claim to cure the flu. It merely helps the body in the body's own mission to kill all invaders. Preliminary studies have shown that the ingredient in MAL-X have been able to stop the growth of all virus types that cause influenza. So far, no flu virus has been found to be resistant to the way in which MAL-X helps the body. It appears that flu-type viruses cannot build up immunity to the combination of MAL-X and the body's own immune system capabilities. In spite of these studies, no claims for cure are being made. Since, there are no side-effects to its use, however, it is recommended as a way to help your body deal with the flu.

Does MAL-X cure Avian Flu?

Answer: Again, MAL-X is not an approved drug. Therefore, we are not going to claim that it will cure anything, let alone something as fearful as the Avian Flu. That said, MAL-X has shown great promise in studies down with the virus group which causes avian influenza and its possible derivatives. It is believed that if MAL-X is taken at the onset of the clinical physical signs MAL-X will likely be able help the body's immune system to respond more effectively and to possibly reduce the time to stop the growth of this virus. Since, it has no side-effects, it is definitely worth considering by anyone who might become exposed to these viruses. Again, we do not claim it to be a cure.

Does MAL-X cure Dengue Fever?

Answer: No claims are being made that MAL-X will cure Dengue Fever. It is known, however, that in studies performed, the ingredient in MAL-X was able to kill all four types of viruses which cause Dengue fever. The body’s ability to use the tools in MAL-X was shown to be very effective against Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHR) and Dengue Shock Syndrome (DSS). In “vivo” studies have shown that for some individuals, the ingredient in MAL-X was able to speed the time to recovery from over 6 weeks to under 5 days. In spite of these promising tests, no claims are being made that MAL-X will cure anything. Again, however, since there are no side-effects, one would have nothing to lose by taking this product, and seeing if one’s immune system could be strengthened with it.

Does MAL-X cure Tuberculosis?

Answer: Again, no claims are being made that MAL-X will cure anything. In the research done so far, it has been observed that MAL-X was able to help the body to overcome and kill the bacteria which causes Tuberculosis. In particular, it was shown to be successful in this regard with Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis in all subjects tested. But, again, no cure is being claimed. One would, however, have nothing to lose, by trying MAL-X.

Does MAL-X cure Cancer?

Answer: Obviously, we have to answer no. The exploration of MAL-X in helping in terms of cancer prevention and recovery is in its very early stages. Individual case studies show significant promise for certain types of cancers. However, such tests are no where near enough data to proclaim a cure or a benefit for the masses. Tests by the USA National Cancer Institute have been successful in live Cell Liners killing of:

  • Breast
  • Lung
  • Prostate
  • Colon
  • Stomach
  • Leukemia
  • Necroma
  • Ovarian
  • Renal
  • Prostrate

Again, such positive study and laboratory outcomes are only indicators of a need for additional research. At least, MAL-X can do no harm if taken supplementally and we absolutely will not raise any one's hopes with more positive statements than this: since it cannot do any harm and might possibly help, we recommend everyone consider it.

Can MAL-X be used with pets?

Answer: Yes... preliminary studies have shown that MAL-X aids older dogs who suffer from arthritis and rheumatism by relieving pain and discomfort. Simply take one 150 mg MAL-X capsule and sprinkle content over the dog's food once a day. Other studies are underway to observe if animals’ life quality can be improved by improving their immunity response.

Testimonials About MAL-X

Please note that these testimonials are not to be relied upon as being examples of what anyone else can expect. They are purely anecdotal, and have not been vetted for other possibilities as to the good results. They are offered for education and entertainment only.

For my entire life (nearly 60 years), I have been plagued by cold sores. Everytime that I eat too much sugar or get run down... the cold sore cycle begins. There are normally a few days where I feel tingling and growth on my lips, then the skin raises, and then the area finally becomes a nasty cold sore that makes me miserable for periods of time up to a week. There are few things that I hate worse in life than cold sores, I a have been plagued with them for decades. As a result of have tried many remedies.

Last time, however, with MAL-X in my medicine cabinet, when I started to have a cold sore after eating too much Christmas candy, fudge, egg-nog, etc. and the cycle had started and reached the point that I knew I would have a bad cold-sore within another day, I tried MAL-X. I took 3 capsules in the evening and went to see a movie with the family. By the time the show was over, so was the attack of the cold sores. The raised painful skin of just a few hours before was gone. Just to make sure, I took three more capsules in the morning... no cold sore developed and I have used the same tactic ever since with the blessed result of no cold sores ever again.

An Australian woman in her late 20’s suffered from Herpes Simplex 1 for years. This resulted in painful and unsightly blisters on the periphery of her mouth twice a month. Starting in mid-2011, she was put on a regiment of taking 150 mg of the ingredient in MAL-X per day. Since the start of this regimen, she has not suffered a single outbreak. This indicates that the ingredient in MAL-X was possibly able to help the patient’s general immune system to overcome the Herpes Simplex 1.

My husband brought me a new product to try a few weeks ago... saying, you’ve undoubtedly got Candida, so I want you to try this. It was MAL-X. I started taking four capsules a day... and after a couple of weeks, patches of abnormal skin, mole-like or Psoriasis-like, or cancer-like, whatever, they are... have been drying out, breaking apart and disappearing.

My own personal story is quite amazing...

Due, I think, to breathing in considerable amounts of Asbestos powder years earlier (before its dangers were publicized), over recent years I'd noticed that my breathing had become quite shallow and even I struggled to walk up a small hill. I have never had Asthma but on a good day I could only blow 300 on a peak flow meter. The Police give up trying to breathalyse me as I can't save enough air in my lungs. Not that I had been drinking I might add. Haha!

Well all that changed when I began taking MAL-X five weeks ago now. My first reaction was like a full blown head cold which lasted a few days yet no aches or pains in the joints or even a sore throat. I stopped sleeping in the evenings watching TV. Then I noticed that I could expand my lungs and breathe deeper. My sinuses have now drained and my Candida has also disappeared. What a wonderful improvement from a totally natural product.

By taking four capsules daily (2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon) at the first sign, neither my wife or I has had a cold or flu in over the last 13 years.

For the past five years I have been so sensitive to EMF, perfumes, food additives, pesticides, etc. that my life has been a living hell. Doctors told me that my headaches, brain fog, nausea, muscle and joint pain, and general weakness had no physiological cause, i.e. that it was “all in my head”.

I haven’t been able to go near to anything electrical, or even be inside a house that has electrical power. This means that I have basically camped out inside homes with the power turned off. It makes for very cold winters. Just walking across a park that had used pesticides or herbicides on its grass would put me down for weeks.

I had tried removing dental metals from my mouth plus hundreds of cleansing supplements, cranial adjustments, chiropractic adjustments, magnetic therapy, etc., all to no avail.

Finally, a wellness coach who agreed to help me at no charge, recommended that I take MAL-X... and from within a few hours of the first capsule, things began to change in my body and head. Now, after five weeks, I feel good most of the time... I can be around electronics, I can be in my home with the furnace on (thank goodness because the weather has turned cold). I am at least 50% better than I was five weeks ago... and have hope for the first time in year.

Research into Ingredients of MAL-X

Main Ingredient of MAL-X is Melalecua Alternifolia Concentrate (MAC) — Melaleuca alternifolia Concentrate Inhibits in Vitro Entry of Influenza Virus into Host Cells

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