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Gly Control

Gly Control — Hi-Tech Nutritional and Herbal Support of Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

What Our Gly Control Is:

It is the best of the best Ayurvedic herbs from thousands of years of traditional use for supporting healthy blood sugar levels as well as scientifically designed nutrients that help the body's cells improve their insulin sensitivity.

Why You Should Consume Our Gly Control Capsules:

The main reason to consume this product is help avoid the number one cause of human aging and deterioration, namely glycation and blood sugar damage of one's cells and tissues. The quest for healthy aging begins with healthy blood sugar levels and insulin responses. Along with dietary choices that favor low insulin levels, this product will help one avoid cellular and tissue glycation. This is your single best strategy for living long and healthy.

Scientifically speaking, maintaining blood sugar at the low end of normal is the smartest thing anyone can do to maintain optimum health.

  • If medical doctors were asked to name the underlying condition that creates most disease, some of them (unfortunately, not most of them) would answer correctly – high blood sugar . It's not in our minds enough that high blood sugar creates most other diseases.
  • And before one has a clinically diagnosable high blood sugar condition, one has already become a sugar burner, which leads directly to excess fat storage and virtually every other health challenge.
  • 90 million Americans are in the sugar burning mode, or fat storing mode, which is a precursor to Type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance or high blood sugar, which are essentially synonymous.
  • High blood sugar hastens aging and disease processes (IE, deterioration of cells) through glycation (cross-linking of proteins).
  • High blood sugar affects otherwise healthy people. In fact, those who have high blood sugar early in life, live an average 16 years less than those who don’t have high blood sugar.
  • In other words, high blood sugar is a great destroyer, both of life and quality of life. High blood sugar is to be avoided as much as scurvy, rickets or beriberi. That's why we offer this product to help everyone to maintain normal blood sugar levels. Along with excellent nutrition, this is a fantastic supportive product.

Since elevated blood sugar and associated glycation are the number one cause of loss of health in our modern era, it was important for Progressive scientists to come up with a truly effective product for helping the human body maintain optimal insulin signaling to extend healthspan and optimal physical functioning. Our glycemic support product takes advantage of scientific research into herbs that many world cultures have known for centuries. This is the ultimate product to help you extend both your number of years of life and the number of years in which you enjoy vibrant health.

Here are some of the important herbal ingredients in our Glycemic Support Product

(Please note disclaimer at bottom of page. Studies referenced must not be construed as product claims. They are presented only for educational value.)

    Gymnema Sylvestre
  • Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf Extract — this Ayurvedic medicinal botanical has been used for over 2,000 years by Ayurvedic practitioners with persons exhibiting symptoms that today we associate to high blood sugar. The leaves of Gymnema sylvestre perform two significant functions relative to healthy blood sugar. First, they suppress blood glucose by helping prevent its absorption from the intestines. Secondly, they are insulin-tropic, i.e. they promote insulin secretion. Through these two actions, Gymnema sylvestre may be a valuable aid in support of healthy blood sugar levels. Scientists think its active ingredients (Gymnemic acids) protect the cells of the pancreas from free radical damage, so allowing them to regenerate and produce insulin more effectively. Studies have shown that Gymnema can also reduce glucose absorption from the intestine, so helping to regulate blood sugar levels. A recent Harvard study indicates the Gymnema lowers blood sugar levels in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics. A recent King's College, London, study states that Gymnema acts by increasing cell permeability, therefore reducing insulin resistance.

  • bitter melon
  • Bitter Melon — has been used for hundreds of years by Chinese health practitioners but has just been recognized recently by Western scientists as being useful in glycemic support. Four compounds in bitter melon perform a very similar action to exercise, that is they move glucose transporters to the cell membrane surface, a very important action for helping blood sugar to be removed out of the cell. The consumption of bitter melon can help your cells move glucose to your liver and muscles and get it out of the bloodstream. It contains significant amounts of Vitamins A and C, which helps it neutralize free radicals.

  • Goat's Rue
  • Goat’s Rue (also known as French Lilac) — scientists first learned that Goat’s Rue could have blood sugar lowering effects in 1920. Metphormin is derived from this flowering plant. Scientists have also learned that Goat's Rue helps blood platelets from clumping together, inhibits microbial growth and promotes weight loss. It is also anti-aging. In Europe, it has been given to cows for centuries to increase their milk production.

  • Cinnamon
  • Cinnamon Extract — according to U.S. Department of Agricultural scientists, the consumption of cinnamon helps to decrease glucose levels in the body as well as reduce oxidative stress. It does this by increasing insulin sensitivity so that blood sugar leaves the bloodstream more quickly. This is important for losing weight and managing blood sugar. Cinnamon is also thought to boost metabolism because your body uses more energy to process the spice than it does for other foods.

  • Eclonia Cava, Seanol, Phloratannin Algae Extract
  • Eclonia Cava (Seanol®-Phlorotannin Alga Extract) — Ecklonia cava is a brown algae found off the coasts of Japan, Korea, and China. When consumed as a dietary supplement, Ecklonia cava has been shown to improve health in a variety of ways. It contains phlorotannins, a class of compounds with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Eclonia cava studies show that it has helped in lowering cholesterol, blood sugar, blood sugar, blood pressure, joint inflammation and asthmatic responses. It has also been shown to improve sports performance.

  • zychrome
  • Chromium (Chromium dinicocysteinate or ZyChrome) — is a unique chromium complex consisting of chromium, niacin, and L-cysteine. Preclinical and clinical studies support the safety and efficacy of CDNC while lowering oxidative stress, vascular inflammation, and glycemia for those with high blood sugar. Reports conclude that Chromium dinicocysteinate supplementation lowers insulin resistance and insulin levels by reducing blood levels of TNF-α, insulin, and oxidative stress in type 2 diabetic subjects. Studies show 30% improvement in both as compared to chromium picolinate.

  • bis glycinate oxo vanadium
  • Vanadium (bis-glycinate oxo vanadium) — Vanadium helps decrease blood sugar. In fact, taking vanadium along with a blood lowering medication might cause one's blood sugar to go too low, so blood sugar should be monitored if one is taking medication. Vanadium is a micro-nutrient found naturally in mushrooms, shellfish, black pepper, parsley, dill, grain and grain products. It is not known how much vanadium the body needs; the typical diet provides less than 30 micro-grams daily. It's possible that most people are deficient. Studies with bis-glycinate oxo vanadium have been particularly encouraging in regard to maintaining normal blood sugar.

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Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 Capsule
Servings per Bottle: 60
Ingredient Per Serving
Gymnema Extract (leaf) 500 mg
Bitter Melon Extract (10:1) 450 mg
Goat's Rue Powder
Gallega officinalis (Aerial parts)
180 mg
Cinnamon Extract (bark) (Cinnulin PF®) 125 mg
Ecklonia Cava Extract (algae) (95% Phlorotannin) (Seanol®) 10 mg
(as chromium dinicocysteinate)(ZyChrome®)
200 mcg
Vanadium (as Bis Glycinato Oxo Vanadium) 50 mcg
Other Ingredients: hydroxypropyl methyl-cellulose (vegetable capsule), monostearate glyceryl, rice flour.

Gly Control® – Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Take Gly Control®

Gly Control® is recommended for the following types of people:

  1. Those who wish to live as long as possible. Studies show that lowered levels of blood sugar and insulin are the most predictive factors in regard to longevity. Gly Control® is unmatched in regard to lowering blood sugar and insulin.
  2. Persons with normal blood sugar who wish to keep them that way.
  3. Persons who are desirous of lowering blood sugar.
  4. Persons suffering from inflammation.
  5. Persons who wish to avoid glycation damage.
  6. Persons desiring to lower Leptin levels.

What Are the Bad Short Term Effects of High Blood Sugar

  1. Elevated Leptin levels which put one in the sugar burning mode
  2. Feel tired and weak
  3. Be thirsty
  4. Urinate more
  5. Be more susceptible to infections (that’s because the body can confuse blood sugar with Vitamin C and reach for the wrong tool in fighting infection)
  6. Dehydration
  7. Electrolyte Imbalance
  8. Loss of balance

What Are the Bad Long Term Effects of High Blood Sugar

  1. Eye disease
  2. Blindness
  3. Kidney disease
  4. Kidney failure
  5. Dialysis
  6. Nerve disease
  7. Amputations
  8. Heart disease
  9. High cholesterol
  10. High blood pressure levels

Studies and Research About The Ingredients in Gly Control®

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