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fibroblast growth factors - Teloyouth

Our Fibroblast Growth Factor Product Contains Carefully Dried Avian Egg Blastocysts Plus Powerful Supportive Ingredients

What Our Fibroblast Growth Factor Product Is:

It is a fibroblast growth factor supplement with additional strategic ingredients designed to help boost stem cell replacement of damaged tissues and cells in the body.

Why You Should Consume Fibroblast Growth Factors:

The basic reason is to reverse the aging process in your body. So far as scientists have learned stem cells are the only way to reverse aging, and that's why Fibroblast Growth Factors do, namely, they stimulate and/or call for stem cell differentiation and replacement of damaged cells in one's body with newly formed, perfect cells, and they stimulate and call for greater production of stem cells in the body.

One can pay for expensive stem cell injections, or one can utilize our Fibroblast Growth Factor product at a fraction of the cost. But, there is no other way to overcome DNA degradation than getting stem cells to recreate perfect new cells.

Egg Anatomy

What are Fibroblast Growth Factors? should be the question in your mind, now.

They are specialized molecules that are responsible for life in the first instance. They are "the engineers" (polypeptides, oligopeptides, etc.) for creating new life. FGFs exist in all germinal cells. Germinal cells are called blastocyst, endosperm, embryo, zygotes, and basement membrane molecules.

Our FGFs source is Norwegian 9.5 day-fertilized chicken eggs. Before fertilization, a hen egg blastocyst is just a small tiny speck (group of cells). The number of blastocyst cells (FGFs) grows exponentially after fertilization. The blastocyst in this image is the white spot on the left side of the yolk.

Before fertilization a germinal disc (blastocyst) consists of only eight cells. Once fertilized, during the next 9.5 days, germinal cells multiply into more than sixty thousand fibroblast growth factor cells. Starting from the 9th day, these FGFs (life-engineering molecules) create the tissues, organs that become a new living creature. From the 9th day, it takes only twelve more days of stem cell differentiation and activation for a baby chicken to be created and hatched.

  1. What Fibroblast Growth Factors do is to stimulate stem cell creation and activation.
  2. While in a situation of "egg development", FGFs stimulate creation of life,
  3. but with an an already existing life (such as a human supplementing with them), FGFs stimulate stem cell repair or replacement of damaged cells.

FGFs may be the best way yet discovered to stimulate cells, tissues and health to return to a youthful, perfect condition. Two doctors independently discovered the amazing health value of fertilized avian germinal cells. Continue reading to learn more:

discovers of fibroblast growth factors - John R Davidson and Bjodine Eskeland
  • The first discovery of FGFs was in 1929 in Canada. Dr. John R. Davidson wondered if the germinal cells of fertilized eggs could help human health and found that yes they could, documenting many miraculous health recoveries. It took a lot of work back then (before machine extraction) to extract the little tiny germinal tissue (a lighter-colored, circular spot of tissue, 2-3 mm in diameter, attached to the egg yolk). Unfortunately, before his discovery became widely known, he died and his work went with him to the grave.
  • The second discovery of FGFs took place in Norway, when just prior to the year 2000, Dr. Bjodne Eskeland, independently realized the human health value of avian egg blastocysts. His discovery achieved market traction by 2012 when the commercial Fibroblast Growth Factors product was created for public use. Since then Fibroblast Growth Factor products have helped thousands of people to attain improved health and faster recovery from exercise or trauma. In 2006, Dr. Eskeland published "Fertilized Tissue Extract: Norway's Anti-Aging Miracle". The mechanisms of action behind health improvement from extracts of fertilized eggs is that the germinal cells with their fibroblast growth factors attract and direct stem cells in the creation or replacement of defective cells, restoring correct cellular and tissue function.

How Fibroblast Growth Factor Products Are Made?

Fibroblast Growth Factors are derived from fertilized hen eggs. Fertilization activates germinal cell growth (the germinal cells or blastocyst is the white spot attached to the egg yolk). After fertilization, fibroblast growth factors multiply at exponential rates, eventually increasing in mass by a factor of more than 8,000 times the initial mass. During incubation, FGFs and other nutritional peptides increase to peak concentrations, creating a powerful and unique combination of amino acids, glycopeptides, and oligopeptides (aka Fibroblast Growth Factors).


These fertilized eggs are incubated for nine days reaching at that time a point where that maximum Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) content is achieved. After nine days, the levels of FGFs decline as the future chicken begins to rapidly develop.

It takes large numbers of fertilized chicken eggs (sourced from a Salmonella free area of Norway) to create our Fibroblast Growth Factor capsules. Even with the the fertilized germinal tissue increasing from .0002 grams to 1.53 grams it still requires many dozens of fertilized eggs to create one bottle of Fibroblast Growth Factor capsules.

The blastocysts with their peptides and fibroblast growth factors are machine extracted. This material is then carefully dried and encapsulated. Some other ingredients that assist the Fibroblast Growth Factors to assist cellular rejuvenation throughout the body. Due to the stem cell replacement of damaged cells that can be accomplished with Fibroblast Growth Factors, this is truly a breakthrough opportunity for creating renewal and youthing that was not possible previously.

The Numerous Nutritional and Health Benefits of our Fibroblast Growth Factor Products Include:

  • Increased apoptosis and renewal of cells — when cells are renewed more frequently, the result is a "younger", more perfectly functioning body. This is the mechanism of action and the main benefit — changing out damaged cells for undamaged ones.
  • Less Stress — fibroblast growth factors help bring about the renewal of those tissues (such as enterchromaffin tissues) that secrete neurotransmitters. This results in more youthful hormone levels which is felt as improved stress response, and can be validated by observation of reductions in markers of physical stress, including a reduction in cortisol levels (stress hormone). Huge reductions in Cortisol result from FGF supplementation.
  • Improved Memory — results from renewal and youthing of brain cells. Thus, regular consumption of fibroblast growth factors helps to improve brain function and activity.
  • Increased Stamina and Energy — again, increased cellular renewal from consumption of fibroblast growth factors helps to make youthful cells out of old cells. This helps one to have increased stamina and energy and promotes faster workout recovery.
  • Better skin and eye health — likewise, fibroblast growth factors help skin cells to renew resulting in healthier skin and eye tissue.
  • Better focus and clarity in thinking — other benefits of fibroblast growth factor consumption include improved emotional balance, enthusiasm and sense of capability, plus increased alertness and improved focus.
  • Improved muscle and tendon tone and strength — a major benefit of fibroblast growth factors is in regard to muscle building and improved workout recovery.
  • More Restful Sleep — lowered cortisol levels allow more restful sleep.
  • Feeling better overall — regular use helps improve the overall sense of well-being, increased DHEA production and increase libido/sexual desire.

What Are the Ingredients In Our Fibroblast Growth Factor Product:

  • Fertilized Tissue Extract — is the main ingredient source, This Fertilized Tissue Extract is the source of Fibroblast growth factors. There is twice as much FTE in our product as in any other FTE product created previously. FTE has a full complement of signaling molecules that "activate" our stem cell pool as we did in our mother's womb and in our youth. A new-born baby has 200 times more stem cells than an 80 year old person, which is why babies heal so quickly, have a sharp memory, possess beautiful skin, and stay energetic. Put simply, FTE with Fibroblast Growth Factors is one's best bet to reverse aging, sleep better, feel happier, get younger, leaner, and achieve 100 years or more of healthy living.
  • Aloe Gel — Our aloe vera gel extract is the highest quality, most bio-available, immunomodulatory aloe vera available. It is unsurpassed in biological activity. By itself, this one ingredient, has the ability to stimulate an increased release of our body’s stem cells dramatically (200- 300%).
  • Chaga MushroomsChaga mushroom is one of the most medicinal foods and overall tonics known to man. Its healing properties were known by the Siberians as the “Gift from God” and the “Mushroom of Immortality,” by the Japanese, and by the Chinese as the “King of Plants”. Today we know why due to its phytochemicals that have been shown to strengthen and reinforce the immune system, boost the regulatory function of the endocrine system and demonstrate very unique and powerful radio-protective properties. They are most promising as a shield from the massive and pervasive radiation bombardment from the 5G technology we are now experiencing. Also, the vast amounts of melanin found in Chaga extend its health benefits far beyond simply protecting the human body against radiation. Recent studies propose that the biological role of melanin is responsible for generating the majority of the body’s energy due to its ability to both protect and convert sunlight and ionizing radiation into metabolically useful energy.
  • Marine collagencollagen peptides are the glue that holds your body together. They are most prevalent in the connective tissue structures like your skin, hair, nails, bones and joints. Collagen is loaded with amino acids, especially glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. Your body uses these specific amino acids to make more of its own collagen. It supports glowing skin, flexible joints and a vast number of other whole-body benefits. Our Marine Collagen contains zero carbs, so it won’t kick you out of ketosis during intermittent fasting.
  • L-Arginine — is a powerful neurotransmitter that helps blood vessels relax, and as a result improves circulation. Evidence shows that L-arginine is converted in the body into a chemical called nitric oxide that causes blood vessels to open wider for improved blood flow in the arteries of the circulatory system and may improve symptoms of congested arteries, chest pain or angina, and coronary artery disease. L-arginine also stimulates the release of growth hormone, insulin, and other substances vital to the body. There are many studies regarding the efficacy of L-Arginine and like all of our ingredients has a GRAS status (“Generally Regarded as Safe”) with a long list of clinically proven benefits.
  • Rhodiola Rosea — is surprising in its versatility within the nervous system as shown in its ability to help the body adapt to stress by affecting the levels and activity of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. These are powerful neurotransmitters (signal molecules) found in different structures in the brain influencing the central nervous system. It appears that Rhodiola inhibits the breakdown of these chemicals and facilitates the neurotransmitter transport within the brain. In addition to its impact on the central nervous system, Rhodiola can increase the chemicals of the cardiovascular system that provide energy to the muscles of the heart and prevent the depletion of adrenal hormones induced by acute stress supporting the endocrine and musculoskeletal System. At a time of increasing emotional stress due to political, economic and social pressures as well as heavier workloads and greater exposure to environmental stressors such as an increasingly toxic environment and rising health care costs, it’s worth considering such a multipurpose nutrient in your daily routine.

How to Supplement with Fibroblast Growth Factors

  • The more Fibroblast Growth Factor one consumes, the better results.
  • We recommend consuming from two to sixteen capsules daily (usually, in divided doses, and always on an empty stomach. One should wait half an hour before consuming other food or protein supplements.
  • Goals (No medical guidance intended; for any health concerns, consult a health care provider):

Take two capsules of FGFs in the morning and two before bed (requires one bottle per month)

Start, by taking four capsules in the morning and four before bed... increase gradually to a maximum of eight in the morning and eight before bed and stay at this dosing level for 6 to 9 months. (requires four bottles per month)

Take 12 to 16 capsules in place of dinner. Eat food for only six hours in each 24 hour period. (requires 3 bottles per month)

Fibroblast Growth Factors Ordering Form

120 Capsule Count Bottles
$110 per bottle



Fibroblast Growth Factors

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 4 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 30
Proprietary Blend 2,800 mg
FTE (Egg Albumin), Chaga (Inonotus obligus), L-Arginine Hydrochloride, Rhodiola Rosea Root, Marine Collagen and Aloe Vera Extract (Gel)
fibroblast growth factors - Teloyouth

How to Use

Take two to sixteen capsules in one or two divided doses.

For example: 1 to 8 capsules in the morning, and one to two capsules in the evening. Click here to see additional ideas for dosing.

Take with a glass of water on an empty stomach.

The more capsules that one can afford to take the greater the stem cell activation results that one will experience.

Fibroblast Growth Factors - Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should Fibroblast Growth Factors Be Consumed On An Empty Stomach?

In order to get the most benefit, our Fibroblast Growth Factor capsules should be consumed when stomach acids are not in the stomach. Otherwise, stomach acids may damage the Fibroblast Growth Factors (FGFs) that are in Fertilized Tissue Extract.

  • In the beginning Dr. Davidson injected the fertilized tissue extract into his patients to ensure that the FGFs would be able to reach the bloodstream intact and capable of generating the most health benefit possible.
  • Since then, it has been found that when consumed on an empty stomach the benefits are fully derived without the need for injections. But, to get the most out of Fibroblast Growth Factors, it is best to wait up to two hours until previously eaten food has left the stomach before taking Fibroblast Growth Factors supplements and to wait 30 minutes before eating anything else (so that Fibroblast Growth Factors can move to the bloodstream ahead of incoming food). If this is impossible, then just take Fibroblast Growth Factors whenever you think of it and you'll still get some benefit, albeit not as much benefit.

Is This a Stem Cell Product?

Yes and No. It contains no stem cells, but it stimulates the production of and directs the action of stem cells in the body. The fibroblast growth factors work in a human being much the way as they do in an egg embryo — namely, by engineering and directing stem cells to come to a needed area and differentiate into the type of cell that is needed. In the case of an existing life, instead of pre-embryonic life, Fibroblast Growth Factor rejuvenation instead of cellular creation. They attach to damaged cells and cause them to go through a process of apoptosis (cell death) and then cell creation or renewal, where a stem cell differentiates into and replaces the damaged cell (except without the damage), becoming a perfect version of the old cell.

Can Fibroblast Growth Factors Assist One in Regard to Athletic Training?

Yes. A double-blind placebo-controlled study was carried out at the University of Colorado, Denver. The study’s main purpose was to test the effect of Fertilized Tissue Extract in developing muscle strength and muscle mass. In addition, a number of subjective conditions, for instance energy levels, stamina and general health, were also measured.

  • Virtually all of the participants who took part in the study and had taken Fertilized Tissue Extract for six weeks experienced a significant increase in physical energy, stamina, muscle strength and subjective health. In fact, every one of the participants in the study said that Fertilized Tissue Extract was the best natural athletic supplement they had every tried.

Why Can't I Just Eat Fertilized Eggs to Get Similar Benefits to Taking Fibroblast Growth Factors?

There are two reasons that won't work.

  • First, you would have to eat dozens of eggs per day to get the needed amount of FGFs.
  • And second, all the additional components of the eggs, the yolk and white portions have so much protein in them, that they would stimulate the release of gastric juices into your stomach which would damage the FGFs you are trying to get into your blood stream (IE, it would digest them into amino acids and destroy the "magic" of the FGFs.

One of the key discoveries in regard to Fibroblast Growth Factors was learning how to extract the high molecular weight FGF substances from fertilized, partially incubated eggs at the critical stage of development so that they would not be accompanied by a huge mass of material that would need to be broken down by gastric juices. The bottom line is that eating fertilized eggs could be a good thing to do, but not even one one hundred thousandth as good as consuming Fibroblast Growth Factors separately.

Can I Consume Fibroblast Growth Factors If I Am Allergic to Eggs?

No — is the simple answer. Possibly, is the complicated answer. In order to attempt this, one would need to start to consume Fibroblast Growth Factors at a very low amount (1/64th of a single capsule per day) and slowly increase the amount consumed until reaching a normal dose, allowing one's body to get used to it and not create an allergic response. A few people have successfully done this over a period of a year or more and were pleased they had done so. We don't recommend this without working with your own knowledgeable health professional.

Fibroblast Growth Factors Testimonials

Caution: Testimonials must not be relied upon as being predictive in nature. Fibroblast Growth Factors is not designed to diagnose, treat or improve any medical condition. It is only a "food component" or "nutrient" tool that the cells of body can utilize, but as with any tool, many other factors exist that cannot be predicted. Individual results can and will vary. Anyone with a health challenge should be consulting with their personal physician for health advice.


Improvement in finger movement with no pain: I started to take eight capsules per day (four in the morning, four right before I go to bed). About 20 years ago, my little finger on the right hand was seriously injured, and I always had some aching inside the finger. When I started taking these Fibroblast Growth Factors, I began to feel the pain in the finger again. The aching lasted for ten days. Then the finger was moving completely fine with no pain at all. The aching that never went away for 20 years went away in 10 days since FGFs! My face is no longer sagging, and now I have bright, radiant skin and look so much happier. I am so glad to find this product and highly recommend to everyone. — Rosa, 62, U.S.A


Pup back to life: This product works with pets!! It saved my friend's 15 years old dog, Coco. Coco got into an accident - got shut in the door and was injured severely. He couldn't eat, walk or breathe properly and my friend took him to the vet, said Coco did not have much time left. He was in so much pain, and there was nothing much we could do. Because I've taken FGFs for a year - heard that it was safe to feed the pets as well, so I gave some to Coco. I gave four capsules every day, and just in SEVEN days, Coco was recovering so dramatically. He was vibrant and could eat and breathe normally. We gave him FGFs for another three months, and he became much healthier, running around just like before the injury! Coco looks even much younger nowadays, w/ leaner body shape and whiter fur. — Coco (My Friend's Puppy) 15, U.S.A


Collagen Booster for My Skin: In April of 2018, I met a friend I have not seen for almost a year. I was surprised to see her skin shiny, bright, and youthful. I asked her what the secret was. She told me she was taking some supplement. That's how I started to take these Fibroblast Growth Factors. I started taking 4 capsules in the morning 4 before bed. Then, about a month later, I began to take 12 capsules/day. First thing I noticed was that I was not feeling tired anymore. Before, I had no energy in my body now I do. I was so skinny with very little muscle. The supplement helped me gain muscle and look healthy. Then I heard from my daughter and the people around me that my skin got bright, radiant, and I look much healthier.... my face is no longer saggy and I can see my skin is firm and bright in the mirror every morning. — Hyeja 65, U.S.A.


Sleep Improvement: I was taking too much medicine in August 2017, and that got me in trouble. Around the same time, I found these Fibroblast Growth Factors and started taking two capsules in the morning and two in the evening. Soon I increased my dosage to 4 in the morning, 4 in the afternoon, 4 in the evening from October 2017. After a couple of months, people around me asked if I had Botox in my face. It was a nice surprise because my original skin used to be dry and sallow and looked tired. I used to have a wig because because my hair was falling off. Now it's growing back. My hair stylist says that I have lots of baby hairs and the hair is visibly thicker. My eyelashes are back too! — Sharon, 69, U.S.A.


I worship this product. Works so fast and well: I am a female working professional in the early 30s. I don’t remember ever sleeping soundly through the night. I work for long hours and I dream about the work and I used to wake up every 2-3 hours through the night. I have been searching for a solution for such a long time but every supplement I took did not completely help me to get over with my everlasting fatigue. Then Fibroblast Growth Factors came to my life and saved me. On the first day, it was Saturday, I took 8 capsules and went to sleep. I woke up at 10:30 am without waking up not even once during the night. My first reaction was like “WTH...” then I walked outside to check the time in the kitchen and Oh yes it was 10:30 am. I used to be a person who cannot sleep later than 7 am because I just couldn’t as a light sleeper. And then... that feeling when you wake up in the morning, you just feel great to be alive..... I felt that FINALLY. I’ve been taking FGFs for 2 months now and I absolutely recommend this product to those who are suffering from sleeping! — - Emma, 31, U.S.A.


Pet Mobility: My little Charlie suffered from a injured hip and could not run or jump up a curb and only after one week of chewing eating these Fibroblast Growth Factors, Charlie was jumping and running like I’ve never seen before!!! Thank you so much. — Rock, 58, U.S.A.


Energy is returning: I will turn fifty in just a couple of years. I work in a somewhat stressful environment where there are always tight deadlines and impossible demands. After two decades, it finally took a toll on my sexual appetite. Within a few weeks of taking Fibroblast Growth Factors, I felt so energetic. I felt the changes in my testosterone level. It sounds unreal, but it feels like I got my 20’s libido back! Now, I even work out, and I have started building my muscles again. I don’t need to take a few days of resting in between my gym days because I don’t feel fatigued and my muscles recover quickly from the previous day. — Sam, 47, U.S.A


Knee pain gone: I was unable to function because of knee pain. My doctor said I had a torn torn meninscus. In six weeks of using this product, my pain was gone and full range of motion back. — Susan, 65, U.S.A

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