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PXP (Polysaccharide EXtremely Small Peptides)


PXP Enables Greater Cellular Repair and Maintenance and Protection From Free Radical Assault

What Our PXP Products Are:

PXP products are products that recharge yor body with energy! They consist of proprietary, extracts of uncommon, very powerful strains of rice grown in the pristine Siam Valley of Thailand.

PXP is available in either Forte or Royale product versions. PXP Forte is extracted from several strains of rice that are especially rich in polysaccharides, especially beta glycans while PXP Royale is extracted from purple rice strains that are rich in anthocyanins plus beta glycans. These extracts are mechanically nanosized and hydrolyzed through patented, proprietary processes to create the final product. Both PXP types contain no gluten. It takes 65 pounds of original brown or purple rice to make one pound of PXP.

The Forte PXP version was the first PXP product to be brought to market. It was introduced initially in Mexico and then eventually brought to the U.S.

About a decade later the Royale version of PXP was perfected and brought to market. They are now marketed worldwide.

Why You Should Consume Our PXP Products:

  • You should consume PXP Forte to give your cells more energy with which improve and accelerate the healing of tissues in your body.
  • You should consume PXP Royale to help improve your body's ability to withstand free radical assaults.

What is Unique About PXP:

What is unique about PXP is that its glyconutrients are able to pass through cellular membranes without active transport — saving cells tremendous amounts of energy in getting nutrients to assist in their life processes and giving the mitochondria an energy source that does not involve a loss of energy (active transport) in order to produce energy. Obtaining energy without the huge energy losses entailed in normal food metabolism is a hugely valuable.

Here is Why PXP Can Get Into Cells and Mitochondria Without Active Transport:

  1. The polysaccharide peptides and anthocyanins of PXP rice grains are seen by the body's cells as highly desirable food substances. The cells recognize them and invite them into the cells through specialized pores (openings).
  1. Very importantly, PXP food particles are nanosized through a unique, mechanical hydrolyzation or nanonization process that makes the particle size extremely small without damage to them. Chemical hydrolyzation techniques cannot make food particles so small without damaging them. The PXP particles become so small that they can enter specific membrane pores easily without waiting upon cellular transport queues (IE. active transport).
  1. Because these polysaccharide peptides and anthocyanins can pass through the cellular and mitochondrial membranes without active transport they are immediately able to go to work to make cellular energy and protect cells from free radicals.
It Takes 65 Pounds of Brown Rice to Make One Pound of PXP

The polysaccharide peptides (Beta Glycan-rich parts) of the rice are utilized. The processing that is done yields a product that supercharges your body with energy!

A Key to Healing Is More Mitochondria Energy Output!

Mitochondria - source of energy

Human cells are powered by cellular engines called mitochondria. All cells have at least one mitochondria and heart cells can have thousands of mitochondria.

Energy is produced in mitochondria by burning fuel (sugar, carbohydrate, fat, or ketones) in the presence of oxygen. The energy output from mitochondria is fundamental to cellular life. Without adequate energy, cells cannot maintain themselves, detoxify themselves, heal themselves, or function optimally in any way. Having ample mitochondrial energy is often the missing ingredient that prevents the good life one would want to have. PXP has a dramatic effect on mitochondrial energy output.

It Takes Energy and Nutrient Resources to Make Energy

Food has to undergo a lot of processing (which uses up already stored energy and nutrients) before the foods nutrients, water, and fuel in food can be extracted and additional energy become available to the body's cells. More than 90 percent of a food's potential energy can be used up in this processing (digestion and assimilation).

  • Energy has to be expended to break foods down through chewing and digestion into small particles of food
  • It takes energy to produce enzymes to turn those small particles of food into usable food molecules (molecules that the cells will accept).
  • Energy also has to be expended to move food through villi membranes into the blood.
  • It takes energy to get food particles to move against gradient pressures from the blood into cells through cell membrane receptors.
  • It takes energy to get food particles to move through the cell into the mitochondri within each cell.
  • Finally, it takes energy to burn food particles inside the mitochondria to make energy.

The unbelievable genius of PXP is that it eliminates the energy costs of assimilating its food nutrients and thus yields huge amounts of energy inside cells to be used in maintenance and healing and other cellular processes!

Human Cells Run Out of Energy Just Like Cellphones.

Your cells contain tiny powerhouses or batteries called mitochondria, and like your cell phone, they need to be recharged several times a day.

Unfortunately, due to poor diets, stress, bad cooking methods, low energy food, and pre-diabetes, most people are suffering from Cellular Energy Deficiency. Therefore, nutrients that quickly recharge your mitochondria can give you the advantage you need to stay healthy and look younger.

When We are Sick or Old, Getting Enough Energy from Food to Heal Our Bodies Is Difficult

As we age so does our digestive system. Then add some stress and a poor diet, and one can see why most people are deficient nutrients and energy. A consequence of this is that millions of people have pre-diabetes which causes the cells of the body to power down or lose energy. When your fasting blood sugar levels go over 85, a percentage of the sugar starts causing glycation throughout the body. PXP Forte can support the body’s anti-inflammatory and blood sugar control mechanisms by neutralizing free radicals and recharging the body’s cellular batteries for optimum health.

The only real way for old or sick people to heal is to sleep more, heal their guts, and metabolism, and eat PXP.

Sleep lowers energy requirements every where in the body and sends energy to the mitochondria for cellular maintenance and healing. PXP lets your cells gain energy and heal while awake! Keep reading to understand this concept.

  • Normally, during waking hours, priority for energy utilization is not given to maintenance and detoxification because of the bottleneck in active transport processing of fuel and nutrients into cells and the greater need for energy to be used by other life processes during waking hours.
  • During sleep, however, less energy is required for those other processes, and then energy utilization is available for healing and detoxification.
  • That is the reason it is so important to sleep well and sufficiently, so that cells cell can have access to energy for healing and cellular maintenance activities, including detoxification.
  • Unfortunately, many people simply do not sleep well enough for healing and cellular maintenance to happen. Their bodies never truly get healed or maintained back to a condition where optimal function can occur. PXP gives such people a great opportunity, by making available extra energy to be spent on healing during all the hours of the day. PXP does away with the old adage that you only heal when you are asleep. So, PXP can be a life-changing opportunity.

Here's a true experience from a PXP Forte user:

I’ve been taking PXP Forte for 11 years now. The struggles I had with cholesterol, blood sugar, Hyper-tension, low energy and alcohol are gone. The doctor took me off all my meds several years ago. I now have younger looking skin and lots of energy. At 70 I feel like I’m 50 again. I don't know for sure if the PXP was the reason why all those blessings came to me, but I will never be without this product. Jose M., Chicago, IL

rice fields in Siam Valley, Thailand

PXP begins as special strains of organic, highly nutrient rich rice that is grown in soil that is free from pesticides, herbicides and chemicals in the Siam Valley, Thailand — which particular area is one of the most unadulterated and fertile areas in the world. This particular Siam Valley is a leader in crop rotation: cabbage, soybeans, rice and peanuts; and natural soil-ammending fertilization techniques. No motor vehicles are allowed in this area nor is it allowed to utilize chemical fertilizers.

PXP is comprised of polysaccharide (glyconutrients) polypeptides (long chain proteins). Polysaccharide peptides are also called functional sugars or glyconutrients or beta glycans, each of those terms being synonymous.

Via a highly specialized, proprietary processing method, beta glycans (polysaccharide peptides), and in the case of Alpha PXP Royale, anthocyanins, are extracted from the rice kernels. These food molecules are mechanically hydrolyzed (physically made smaller via nanotechnology or alphaglycanology) into alpha polysaccharide peptides or alpha glycans. As such they have the healing properties of beta glycans (normal polysaccharide peptides, such as found in oatmeal, aloe vera, rice, etc.) plus unique properties related to energy production within cellular mitochondria.

The reason that PXP makes energy creation almost effortless is that PXP is recognized by cellular and mitochondrial membranes as a valuable food and it has been nanosized so that it passes easily through those membrane pores without active transport.

f either of the above conditions did not exist in PXP, IE, if the food particles were not very small enough and recognized as a priority food by the cell (meaning membrane pores exist to allow them to freely enter), then active transport would be required, and PXP's unique benefits would not exist.

transport requires the expenditure of energy to bring foods through through cell membranes into the cell interior and through mitochondrial membranes into the mitochondrial interior. Active transport takes up a large percentage of the energy that is eventually obtained by metabolizing food fuel. And, active transport results in delays in obtaining that energy. Thus, PXP is very special, especially for persons needing healing of trauma or chronic injury!

How a Pore Sees Things

One way to picture this in the mind is to imagine a colander which represents the receptors (pores) of the cell or mitochondria membrane, which you fill with marbles. The marbles, which represent Beta Glycans (normal sized polysaccharide peptide molecules), are too large to fit through the holes of the colander. Now imagine filling the colander with sand, which represents Alpha Glycans. The sand is so small that it is able to fit right through the holes. This is the difference between an Alpha Glycan and a Beta Glycan!" Alpha glycans enter directly into the cells and cellular mitochondria without going through the normal active transport cycles.

The mechanism of action behind PXP is that the alpha glycans enter the mitochondria without having to go through the active transport cycles. Therefore, a huge energy savings results. Instead of a cell having to spend 34 to 35 units of energy to gain 36 units of energy, which is a net gain of only 1 or 2 units, all 36 units of energy can be gained.

With the abundance of stress, toxins and insufficient sleep in most people’s lives, the cells of the body often do not have surplus energy with which to initiate repair processes, or to respond adequately in situations of disease, overexertion, invasion of microbes or free radical assault. PXP can very well be the only thing besides restorative sleep that can create large enough amounts of excess cellular energy for healing to take place at a rate that will really make a difference.

The efficiently and quickly obtained energy from PXP is able to provide energy for cellular healing to occur during waking hours, whereas normally cellular repair is reserved for sleep time, when energy is not needed for other tasks. (During sleep, cells go into "idle" mode for most cellular functions and so, there is "leftover" energy that can be used for healing.) With PXP, even while awake, energy is available quickly and easily allowing cellular healing to proceed all day long without waiting for sleep, and while awake while other tasks are being carried out.

PXP's polysaccharide (glyconutrients) polypeptides (long chain, sugar-bonded proteins) are also called functional sugars or glyconutrients or beta glycans, each of those terms being somewhat synonymous. Via a highly specialized processing method beta glycans (polysaccharide peptides) are extracted from the rice kernels. These food molecules are mechanically hydrolyzed (physically made smaller via nanotechnology or alphaglycanology - these terms also being somewhat synonymous) into alpha polysaccharide peptides or alpha glycans. As such they have the healing properties of beta glycans (normal polysaccharide peptides, such as found in oat meal, aloe vera, rice, etc.) plus unique properties gained from small size, which improve energy production in the cellular mitochondria.

Additional to energy gain, PXP Forte supplies the cells with an abundance of other nutrients that cells can use to maintain themselves or heal themselves.

PXP Forte Summary

PXP changes the energy equation because it provides cells with fuel at no cost for obtaining that energy (other types of fuel need to be actively transported into the cell at a high energy cost) and active transport processes become bottlenecks. With PXP, more energy will be available to heal and detox than can be had in any other way.

Alfa PXP Royale — is a Peerless Alpha AnthoCyanin Superfood

PXP Royale is made from specially processed strains of purple rice from Thailand.

These rice strains are chosen because of their high concentration of anthocyanins, which give these strains of rice their purple color and which offer numerous benefits, chief among which is the most powerful free radical protection of any food substance on earth.

The Purple, short-grain heirloom rice used in Alpha PXP Royale is known as Forbidden Rice, since only ancient Chinese emperors were allowed to consume it. It is packed with powerful nutrients of many types.

The purple color, which comes from the presence of powerful phytonutrients known as anthocyanins, is the key to its powerful and unique free radical quenching ability.

Purple rice has more proteins than white rice, and can have up to between 7 and 8.5 g of nutrients for each 100 g of rice, compared to only 5 grams in other rice strains.

Anthocyanins are potent free radical scavengers. But, PXP Royale, incorporates alphaglycanology technology, whereby the food particles are reduced to nanosized particles. These food particles are so small that they have free access to cross through cellular and mitochondrial membranes and deliver their fuel and antioxidant molecules, WITH NO LOSS OF ENERGY due to active-transport (such as is necessary with all other foods).

Nanosized anthocyanins (or alpha anthocyanins) are among the most powerful antioxidants on earth, especially in regard to scavenging or quenching the hydroxyl free radical which is the most destructive of all free radicals.

purple rice from which PXP Royale is made close up of purple rice kernels purple rice fields

Free Radical Assault on our Molecules is a Main Cause of Aging and PXP Royale Counters Those Assaults!

At a recent Longevity Expo in Las Vegas, attendees were offered a free aldehyde test. 3,800 people had this test done. An aldehyde test reveals the amount of aldehyydes in saliva which corresponds to free radical activity. Many were surprised to see how much free radical degradation had occurred in their bodies. Those receiving the test were asked to describe their diet and supplements that they were consuming regularly. The results were tabulated and it was found that only seven persons had virtually no free radical activity in their bodies. Four out of those seven were PXP Royale users.

The reason that PXP Royale is so adept at quenching free radicals is because the Anthocyanins in the purple rice from which PXP Royale is made are nanosized and freely able to enter cells and mitochondria (without energy losses from active-transport). PXP's anthocyanins are among the most powerful of all antioxidants and can easily neutralize the most dangerous type of free radical known as the hydroxyl free radical.

PXP Powder Ordering Form

Comparative Retail Price: $275.00
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PXP Nutrition Facts:

Supplement Facts
Serving size: 5 grams (rounded teaspoon)
Servings per container: approx. 90
Amount Per Serving %DV
Calories 20  
Total carbohydrates: 4.1 g 0%
Total protein .5 g 0%
Ingredients: Per Serving
Proprietary Blend 4,950 mg *
Polysaccharide peptides from specific strains of Brown Rice Flour, Short Grain Rice Flour, Fragrant Rice Flour
Spirulina 50 mg *
Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
*Daily Value not established.
PXP Forte

How to Use

We recommend taking a teaspoonful one to three times per day in water. It doesn't mix well, so use a blender or shake very hard in a blender bottle. It can be mixed in tea, or other beverages (except milk or milk derived beverages).

PXP Forte will enter the body most quickly if consumed by itself, and the very slowest when mixed in milk or milk products.

Supplement Facts
Serving size: 5 grams (rounded teaspoon)
Servings per container: approx. 90
Amount Per Serving %DV
Calories 20  
Total carbohydrates: 4.1 g 1%
Total protein .8 g 2%
Ingredients: Per Serving
Proprietary Blend 5,000 mg *
Hydrolyzed Short Grain Purple Rice Flour **
Hydrolyzed Long Grain Purple Rice Flour **
Hydrolyzed Long Grain Purple Rice Flour **
Hydrolyzed Fragrant Purple Rice Flour **
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
**Daily Value not established.
PXP Forte

How to Use

We recommend taking a teaspoonful one to three times per day in water. It doesn't mix well, so use a blender or shake very hard in a blender bottle. It can be mixed in tea, or other beverages (except milk or milk derived beverages).

PXP Royale will enter the body most quickly if consumed by itself, and the very slowest when mixed in milk or milk products.

PXP - Frequently Asked Questions


PXP is 100% all natural and pure. It is hypoallergenic and contains no dairy, wheat, gluten, sugar, chemicals, fillers, binders, artificial colors, artificial flavors, additives, or preservatives and is not genetically modified. (non-GMO).


rice fields Thailand from which PXP comes

PXP comes from the Siam Valley of Thailand. This is a region of the world that is known for having some of the most fertile soils ever found due to thousands of years of natural organic mineral accumulation. No pesticides, herbicides and chemicals are used. Siam Valley is a leader in crop rotation: cabbage, soybeans, rice and peanuts; and natural soil-ammending fertilization techniques.

Selected fractions of rice grains

PXP is made with native strains of specifically selected fractions of rice grains that are harvested at the prime growth stage of life and at their highest nutrient content. Mechanical nanonization equipment is utilized to reduce the particle sizes to nano.


PXP is made by using a proprietary and innovative process of technologically advanced bioactivation, nanonization, and mechanical hydrolysis known as Alphaglycanology. This proprietary process extracts vital nutrients from the select rice grains and reduces the particle size for enhanced absorption to obtain the most bioavailable essential nutrients necessary for supporting the cellular energy production process.

100% absorbed and utilized

The polysaccharides & polypeptides in PXP are the only known Alpha-Glycans (a type of polysaccharide peptides), which means the structures are so small that they can be assimilated 100% by the body and therefore, be totally absorbed into the cells. Beta-glycans, which are larger in size, cannot be totally assimilated into the cells. Beta-glycans come from many sources, some of which include: yeast, barley, oats, mushrooms, aloe vera and rice germ. It is the proprietary process used to manufacture PXP that assures PXP possesses the functional characteristics that are needed in order to be recognized by the body’s cells and enter cells without active transport.

Fueling the Mitochondria Without Active Transport Losses of Energy

PXP is readily assimilated, getting inside the cellular mitochondria without active-transport cycles and utilized by the mitochondria as fuel. It’s presence in the mitochondria results in energy creation.

It also contains nutrients, in addition to fuel. In this way it works to enhance the body’s natural healing process by allowing the mitochondria to produce ATP (cellular energy) without the normal loss of energy that results from active-transport cycles.

When cells have additional energy and additional ready-to-use functional sugar and vitamin nutrients the DNA and cell membranes, and other cell organelles can repair themselves. This repair might otherwise not be possible. It also allows cells to have the energy to attend to house-cleaning or detoxification chores that might be left undone without the availability of excess energy.


Yes, very much so. Just mix PXP with distilled water or a little saline solution to form a paste. Apply the paste to the affected area and cover it with a gauze bandage if necessary. PXP can be applied several times a day. It is very beneficial for cuts, burns, abrasions and various skin disorders. Its epithelial growth factors stimulate healing.

  • Enhances and Promotes Healing
  • Enhances the Immune System
  • Helps Fight Emotional Stress
  • Improves Energy Level
  • Improves Overall Mental Vitality
  • Promotes Toxin Elimination
  • Helps in Increasing Attention Span
  • Assists Digestion and Metabolism
  • Improves Elimination
  • Promotes Circulation to the Brain
  • Enhances Hormonal Function
  • Helps to balance sleep patterns
  • Fight free radicals
  • Improves Vitality
  • Improves skin, nails, and hair condition

Don't Cook It!

The best way is the one that you will do consistently. However, the most results (if you can do it this way) is to take the product on an empty stomach about 1/2 hour before eating. This allows the PXP to be most efficiently utilized and to improve digestion of the meal to follow. Nevertheless, you can also sprinkle PXP on salads, cottage cheese, cereals, etc. Do not cook it, however.


The better time of the day is the one that works with your lifestyle. You can schedule a time or not because it doesn't matter... anytime works, with food works, without food works. We believe it’s simply better to take PXP anytime you think of it rather than seek a "best" way. As General Patton used to say, "A good plan executed immediately with violence is better than the best plan tomorrow." In other words, just do it.


Definitely! Even healthy people as well as animals and all living things on earth are continuously bombarded and exposed to free radical damage from UV radiation and toxins in the air, water and foods. Also, metabolism of food, itself, creates huge numbers of tissue damaging free radicals. So, supplementing with PXP helps to constantly repair from the negative effects of toxins and free radicals, and thus promote better health.

Varies based on need

One to four servings are recommended per day. The recommended daily serving size varies depending on weight, size and the presence of injuries or disease. For instance, a healthy small child (or small animal) might take only 2 gram servings, while a serving size for an adult human would be 5 grams and a serving size for a horse would be 10 grams.

Persons or animals with digestive issues, fatigue problems or any obvious stresses could take 3 to 4 servings per day until the undesirable symptoms have subsided. Healthy people and animals only need 1 to 2 servings per day.


PXP does not cause any interaction with drugs, supplements, or foods. However, it does improve the assimilation and utilization of the foods, supplements, and any medications being taken simultaneously. This means there may be a need to modify the amount of medication and/or supplements being taken.

Note: Consult with your health professional in regard to adjustment of medications and supplements.


Yes, possibly, it could. A healing crisis is when the body’s natural defense system begins waging war on the impurities in the body by trying to purge them. Very often, cells don’t have the energy to begin this process, similarly, as a person may not have the energy to tackle some major needed project in his/her life, and may keep putting it off. So, when the cell’s energy levels are suddenly higher due to PXP arriving in the cell, the cell feels capable to do some ‘house cleaning’ and will begin that detoxification job.

When this happens, people who are quite toxic may go through a minor to major healing crisis. However, this healing crisis will usually last a few short days, as the impurities are expelled into the blood stream, and when over, the body is much healthier. Improvements in health will be extremely noticeable

Salient description points regarding PXP's ability to increase energy production in the Mitochondria

  1. PXP supplies nearly everything except oxygen and water for creating ATP energy packets. It directly targets the mitochondria (power plant) of the cell to create ATP (cellular energy packets).
  2. PXP does not have to be actively transported across cell membranes. Active transport process consumes up to 35 units of ATP energy in order to make 36 units of ATP, netting only 1 ATP, while PXP allows all 36 units to be netted.
  3. PXP contains all of the essential amino acids, (making it a source of all proteins that could be needed for making repairs).
  4. It also contains all of the essential fatty acids (GLA, ALA, LA, SDA, EPA, DHA, and AA)
  5. and all of the essential functional sugars
  6. as well as an abundance of vitamins and minerals.
  7. All the above, makes it powerful at bringing about repair of inferior or damaged tissues throughout the body.

Siam Valley, Thailand
No motor vehicles or chemical fertilizers allowed in the valley.

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