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Individual Opinions/Experiences:

  • I Love This Blend of Nutrition
    II love this blend of nutrition!! Nice job you guys!! ALOHA!!
    Brad I. Hawaii
  • More Stable Blood Sugar
    It was May 2004; one day before my fortieth birthday when we got the news that devastated our lives.  My daughter Taylor, twenty-one months old at the time, was just diagnosed with Type 1 (Juvenile) Diabetes. At the time of her diagnosis, Taylor's blood sugar was dangerously high at 897!
    She was rushed to Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital in Orlando and placed in the pediatric ICU.  Over the course of the next ten days, the doctors worked to stabilize Taylor, and my wife and I learned everything we could to better care for our daughter.

    Since leaving the hospital in May of 2004, Taylor's blood sugar levels have been extremely unstable.  She can peak in the 400's only to have her sugar level drop into the low 30's forty minutes later.  Until recently, Taylor was getting up to 7 shots a day (she has already had 1,990 shots and her finger has been pricked 3,240 times since the middle of May 2004 when she was first diagnosed.  At that rate, should would have had 40,825 shots and her fingers would have been pricked 65,700 times by the time she is 18.)

    But luckily, we have found something that is helping. Upon learning of the plight of our daughter, a friend introduced us to Seven Essentials... Taylor absolutely adores the taste... and, we love the results.  Taylor has been drinking Seven Essentials twice a day for eight weeks now, and incredibly, her blood sugars seem to be stabilizing.  Gone are the days when her blood sugar levels drop a whopping 360 points inside of 40 minutes.  Gone are the unexplainable peaks into the 400's.  Taylor's numbers have consistently been in the 190 to 240 range.  In fact, we have even started reducing the number of shots Taylor gets on a daily basis.

    Is Seven Essentials a diabetes cure?  No.  But, what it is doing is helping us manage Taylor's Type 1 diabetes better.  It is helping keep her blood sugars stable, allowing us to reduce the number of shots Taylor needs during the day.

    If you, or someone you know has Type 1 diabetes like my daughter Taylor, I urge you to give Seven Essentials a try.  You have nothing to lose... except, maybe a few insulin shots during the course of your day. Sincerely,
    Tim C. - father of a Juvenile diabetic and Seven Essentials believer.

  • Normal PSA
    My husband had a PSA test result of 17 and prostate surgery was suggested by the doctor as being a possible course. After eating Seven Essentials for six months, his PSA went to 1 and we are thrilled.
    Peggy A..

  • I am a Seven Essentials Addict
    I am quickly becoming a Seven Essentials addict.  I mix about 1/2 scoop Chocolate Seven Essentials with about 3/4 C. low-fat yogurt and about 1/4 C. sliced almonds.  It is better than ANY Chocolate pudding I have eaten.
    Sharon E.

  • I have suffered from painful Rosacea for many years. As a result of doing three Eight Day Cleanses during a period of 40 days, I lost 35 pounds permanently . My legs no longer swell like they used to. I no longer experience the pain that I used to have in my face, scalp, nose, ears and I have nearly weaned myself off of taking daily antibiotics in order to help control the Rosacea.
    Susan C.


Individual Experiences:

  • I Swear By Seven Essentials -
    I Started taking Seven Essential shakes almost a year ago. I have noticed a significant difference in my health since then. At first, I took the shakes for a diet. I dropped ten pounds for vacation and then I continued to use them for health purposes. Previous to Seven Essentials, I had been hospitalized 3 years in a row and was always getting sick. Some of the things I have been hospitalized for are dehydration from the flu, pneumonia, and other viruses of unknown origin. I am thankful to say this is the first year in a while I have not been put in the hospital. If I do get a mild cold it only lasts for a few days and that is such an amazing thing for me. I swear by Seven Essentials and will continue to take it everyday! Thank you!!!!
    Lindsay S.
  • Lower Blood Pressure Without Medications
    I have had high blood pressure for many years and been taking medications for it. After a few months of eating Seven Essentials, my blood pressure has stayed much lower and I am now off of all my medications.
    Byron F.

  • Immediate Results - Including Greater Happiness & a Younger Looking Body
    I saw a result almost immediately with eating Seven Essentials. I had more energy and didn't feel the need  to eat chocolate  or stuff myself with the wrong things. Seven Essentials supplies all the nutrients that the body is crying out for. After that I suppose it was a couple of months for my face to start going back to it's old shape and my arms firming up, also my breasts.  It’s nutrition also seems to have strengthened my nails and thickened my hair so that it doesn't fall out like it used to.  I have also stopped taking St. John's Wort to pep me up, I just don't need it any more.

    I have been taking it now since May last year, 9 months, and feel 20 years younger.   So I face every day in a much happier state of mind.   I don't care what anyone says, if you look good, you feel good and ready to face the world, and because I have had a second chance at the age of 58,  I really appreciate it.

    Anne J

  • Makes Me Feel Better
    I’m a long term multiple sclerosis sufferer. I can’t afford to eat Seven Essentials very often, but, I order a canister every four or five months. While that canister lasts I feel better than I do at any other time. I wish I could afford it all the time. It is simply the best food supplement I have ever known.
    Melvin B.
  • karenae7More Energy
    I’m 33 years old, and one year ago I had no energy, I ached all over, and I was 25 pounds overweight. I felt at least twice my age. I felt terrible! I was diagnosed with [unnamed condition] by my Neurologist. He told me that exercise and nutrition were my only hope. I left his office and went to the health food store, where the owner recommended Seven Essentials. He said to drink it twice a day and it would increase my energy and provide the vitamins that my body was lacking. I started drinking it every morning with lots of water, within six months I lost 23 pounds. It has also helped with the stomach problems I’d had for years. Last year I could hardly walk across the street and now I walk two miles and bike. I feel so much better. I haven’t gone a day without my Seven Essentials; I take it everywhere I go. People tell me that I must eat really well because my skin and eyes look great, but my “diet” hasn’t changed much. Because Seven Essentials is so filling and it provides my body with the nutrients it needs, I just eat less now. I know it’s my Seven Essentials that makes me look and feel better than ever. I love to tell people about Seven Essentials because it truly has helped me feel better and enjoy life again! Thanks for Seven Essentials!!!!!!! Sincerely,
    Karen A.(Picture Barry and Karen, Hawaii, 2006)

  • Depression Help
    When I first got on Seven Essentials, I had been struggling with depression for 10 years. I had been on and off Prozac for that entire period.  I was always trying to find a way to get off it for good.
    I was also on allergy medication for chronic year round non-specific allergies.  I was the annoying kind of person who always sounded stuffy had a never ending runny nose.
    I was 47 years old, took vitamins from another company and worked out every morning.  So I was not really expecting to see a whole lot of results with the Seven Essentials. After just one week, I felt so much better.  After a month, I tossed out all my prescription medications. I know I'll never be depressed again.

    Jennifer C., New York



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