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Double Helix Water:

  • IS a newly discovered phase of water that is the substance of which Traditional Chinese Meridians (meridians are energetic pathways in the body) are believed to be made.
  • IS essential to the flow of the flow of subtle energy (chi or qi) through the body
  • IS able to repair the body’s chi pathways, after they have been damaged, just by drinking it or rubbing it on the skin.
  • IS able to assist with pain relief and inflammation relief that cannot be experienced through other modalities.
  • IS A MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH in restoring human function to its optimum capabilities.

An Interview With David Gann about Double Helix Water - Part 1

An Interview With David Gann about Double Helix Water - Part 2


An Interview With David Gann about Double Helix Water - Part 3



The Stable Water Clusters known as Double Helix Water are created through a pressurizing process that surrounds a charged particle to convert ultra-pure water into these unique helix shaped stable water clusters.

They are made at D&Y Laboratories in a Class 100 Clean Room that is complete with the latest technology including an atomic force microscope (the most advanced microscope existing today) and a custom designed water purification system that can produce the ultra pure water that is needed for creating Double Helix Water.

Double Helix Water is backed by scientific breakthroughs over the past 17 years and has been the subject of major university studies worldwide including a double blind study at UCLA that found that these Stable Water Clusters stimulate the body’s immune system’s response capabilities.


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Double Helix Water
Double Helix Water
(endorsed by C. Norman Shealy)

double_helix_water2meridiansDouble Helix Water is a new, high-tech supplement in the category known as energy medicine. The high-tech, water molecules of which it is composed represent a completely new and amazing discovery of science.

When drunk on an empty stomach, the Double Helix Water molecules disperse throughout the body and fill in gaps in the subtle energy matrix of the body, allowing:

  • Energy to flow correctly
  • Inflammatory hot spots in the body to be balanced
  • And pain (in some cases) to be rapidly alleviated

The Double Helix Water supplement consists of polar charged, double helix, solid-state-at-room-temperature, water molecules suspended in highly purified water. These molecules are believed to be the substance of which the subtle energy grid the human body is comprised.




The above thermographs are from a female subject in her sixties. She had arthritis for more than ten years and had tried several different treatments without relief until using Double Helix Water. Infrared images of her hands (the area of her greatest discomfort) were taken before she drank the Double-Helix Water™. This is shown on the left and then another set of pictures, as shown on the right, taken thirty-minutes after drinking, clearly, showing a dramatic change in temperature (energy balancing).


double_helix_water_book_200The inventors of Double Helix Water, David L. Gann and Shui-yin Lo, have written a fascinating book about this discovery and why they believe that Double Helix water is the substance of which the energy matrix of the human body is comprised. Chinese healers have long been aware of the human body’s energy grid, matrix or subtle-energy meridians, as it is variously known, and have mapped them extensively, and also learned how to fix damaged meridians with acupressure, acupuncture, homeopathic remedies and herbs... while Western scientists have simply scoffed.


Despite not being well understood, energy healing is one of the fastest growing realms of wellness and scientific pursuit and Double Helix Water is the simplest way to prove for yourself that it is real!

Additional Before and After (20 Minutes Later) Thermographic Images Showing Effects of Drinking Double Helix Water

Double Helix Water was discovered when Western scientists took up the task of identifying how an “invisible” energy matrix could exist in the human body. They discovered, through expensive, tedious, Atomic Force Microscope investigation, bipolar, solid state water molecules that line up end-to-end to form circuitry in the body. They, now, theorize that drinking Double Helix Water enables an optimized flow of subtle energy flow through the body, as subtle energy pathways repair and optimize themselves with the help of this supplement.

Repairing the subtle energy grid enables both electromagnetic energy to be more quickly balanced in the body (eliminating hot spots) and biochemistry to work more optimally. Take a look at these thermographs showing what has occurred with some subjects within 20 minutes of drinking Double Helix Water.




Live Blood Analysis - Before And After Drinking Double Helix Water

This picture shows the dramatic effect that drinking Double Helix Water has on red blood cells that are sticky (or clumped together), which is quite common with the Standard American Diet.

In this picture, just 20 minutes after drinking Double Helix Water, the clumping has stopped.

This is believed to be a result of Double Helix Water helping unbalanced energy and electrical charges in the body, to be rapidly moved out of areas of imbalance in the body.


dhw-dna20-webSummary: The inventors of Double Helix Water believe that they have identified and have learned how to create a new phase of polarized, solid-state at room temperature water particles (pictured to the right) that line up end-to-end and form energy meridians in the body, the presence of which enable balanced electromagnetism in the body, optimum energy flow, toxin elimination and healing opportunities that may not have been possible previously.

How to Use: To use Double Helix Water, one mixes 50 drops of Double Helix Water per gallon of distilled water and drinks one to four cups daily on an empty stomach (the more that is consumed, the faster Double Helix Water works, in other words, four cups a day is better than one cup a day in terms of helping the body to improve its functioning). Food may be eaten 15 minutes after consuming the Double Helix Water.

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